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Baldur's Gate 3: How to Find Ansur, the Bronze Dragon

No secret rests beneath the earth of Baldur's Gate 3 as deeply as the one that slumbers directly beneath the city itself: the dragon beneath the Wyrmr...

Fay Watson Sept 03, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3: How to Find Ansur, the Bronze Dragon

No secret rests beneath the earth of Baldur's Gate 3 as deeply as the one that slumbers directly beneath the city itself: the dragon beneath the Wyrmrock, the heart beneath the gate: Ansur. This is a quest often overlooked by many, yet it is worth discovering, for it holds unique secrets that may be hiding right before our very eyes.

Unearthing it shall not be a venture for the faint of heart. For those who meticulously explore every nook and cranny, a reward awaits within the clutches of Ansur, one that is worth every endeavor in the form of a captivating tale as well as material wealth. Allow us to guide you on the path to awakening the one true dragon of Baldur's Gate.

How To Begin The Ansur The Dragon Questline


To officially commence this quest, you must accept it from Duke Ravengard. This implies that you must have saved him by: [Please provide additional context or information about how to save him.]

  • Making a deal with Mizora
  • Breaking him out of the Iron Throne

Once Duke Ravengard is in your camp, engage in conversation with him, reconcile the differences between him and Wyll, and accept his quest to find Ansur, the slumbering dragon beneath Baldur's Gate.


Read the book he has given you to obtain all the necessary clues in order to uncover the secrets of Ansur and continue your quest.

Before you leave the camp to embark on this adventure, we strongly recommend that you make the following preparations: [Please provide the specific preparations you would like to mention.]

  1. Bring Wyll for special dialogue and hints.
  2. Bring Gale. He solves one puzzle for you entirely for free.
  3. Prepare Globe of Invulnerability. Gale can do this or any other wizard or sorcerer.
  4. Prepare at least one lightning damage spell or attack for an impending puzzle. We highly recommend Shocking Grasp to preserve spell slots.

How To Find And Enter The Wyrmway


The book given to you by Duke Ravengard contains the clue you need: the prison of Wyrmrock and two lamps that must be struck by lightning.

However, it does not mention that there is another secret route you can take instead. This leaves you with two options: [Please provide the options or choices you would like to mention.]

    Follow the intended path through Wyrm's Rock Prison, potentially facing the guards.

    Sneak your way in with a transformed druid (as a cat) or a spellcaster in gaseous form through a pipeline on the beach outside of Wyrmrock (western side).

By going through the pipeline, you avoid any potential conflict with the prison guards and can regroup your party by simply proceeding until you pass through the iron gate door on the other side, then reuniting at the campsite. Respawn with your intact group.

You can reach the pipeline in the same way as the rear entrance of Wyrmrock Prison. However, instead of going right (east) towards the rear entrance, head towards the west side of Wyrmrock and locate the pipe protruding from the rock on the beach.


Follow the route outlined in the book through the prison to discover the secret wall leading to Wyrm's Way at the far-western edge of the map. It can be found on the left side of the dead-end path between two dragon torches.

To reach that location, you may need to fight against the guards. Invisibility won't work, as you need to expose yourself to cast your lightning spells. Therefore, it is best to eliminate all of them in advance, or at least as many as possible.

Although Greater Invisibility allows you to cast spells while remaining invisible, it requires a Stealth value of 15+ each time, which potentially makes you vulnerable to attacks.

Once you have neutralized the guards, utilize Shocking Grasp or a similar attack that deals lightning damage on each of the dragon torches. If successful, the torch should turn blue in color.


The wall will open when both torches have been struck by lightning and are burning with a blue flame.

The pipe from below leads to the same area as the wall (right in front of it), so both paths ultimately lead to the same location.


Follow the main path through the iron gate to reach a room adorned with wall paintings. They are not crucial, but you can examine them with a History check to gather additional background information.

Either speak to the statue or interact with the door to trigger the statue's dialogue.

To enter the Dragon's Sanctum, state:

I am worthy. Open the way.

How To Complete Ansur's Trials


Within Wyrm's Way, there are four trials that you must complete in order to open the grand door leading to the Dragon Sanctuary and Ansur himself: [Please provide the specific trials you would like to mention.]

Justice (southwest)

Courage (east)

Strategy (northeast)

Insight (northwest)

Once all four trials have been completed, the door will open, granting you access.

Player Runs Across Invisible Path In Wyrmway To The Trial Of Insight Door In Baldur's Gate 3

All paths to the trials appear to be straightforward, except for the path to Enlightenment. To the left of the Balduran statue and the large sealed doors, there seems to be an abyss.

Indeed, this is an invisible path that you can safely cross. True Seeing can make it visible, but you don't need to see it to walk upon it, as the path leads directly from the edge to the door.

How To Complete The Trial Of Justice


The Trial of Justice will tell a story through each painting on the wall. Read them all to recognize a tale of a man who stole to help the helpless and hungry.

If Wyll is in your party, he will provide you with the clue to solve the puzzle: [Please provide the specific clue you would like to mention.]

The answer lies somewhere in the middle of two extremes.


Dispel the shadows in the center of the room by casting "Remove Curse" (recommended) or "Greater Restoration" on the shadow of the judge in the middle.

Then hover the cursor over each of the names of the paintings. You will discover that each one represents a depiction of the thief's fate.


Follow Wyll's advice and take the painting titled "The Cell." Proceed to the empty, larger lectern on the opposite side of the circle.

Cast and place "The Cell" on this empty lectern. This will complete the trial and ignite the Flame of Balduran.

How To Complete The Trial Of Courage

The Trial of Courage is a straightforward combat trial where a character must survive for four rounds while holding a torch. You cannot drop the torch, which means you will lose a valuable weapon slot.

Although the trial is theoretically simple, we have a few tips to help you survive all four rounds: [Please provide the specific tips or advice you would like to mention.]

  • Have a high-AC, tanky support character speak with the Balduran statue to take the torch. Choose someone who would not mind losing their weapon for one fight and who can survive heavy damage.
    • Clerics and barbarians work best here.
  • Keep your party spread out to avoid being pinned by the enemy Raging Vortex attacks.
  • Use Ice or Lightning attacks on the water under the enemies to deal area damage.
  • Use pushing spell attacks like Thunderwave or Eldritch Blast (Repelling Invocation) to knock enemies off the map.

How To Complete The Trial Of Strategy

As you enter the room, you will be immediately obstructed by a wall of crystals, preventing you from progressing. Simply jump over them or sidestep to bypass them and continue forward.

Speak to the statue to learn the objective and initiate the puzzle.

You must checkmate the black king in two moves of chess. If you're not a chess enthusiast, don't worry.

If you bring Gale with you, he will reveal the instant solution to you. Alternatively, of course, we can tell you instead: [Please provide the solution you would like to mention.]

  1. Interact with the white queen on the left. Move her to take the purple pawn across the board on the right.
  2. Use your queen again and move her one diagonal up and left to take the pawn in front of the king.

How To Complete The Trial Of Insight

The examination of insight can initially be deceptively difficult. You might be tempted to catch the flying books, but that's not necessary. You just need to be able to read their titles.

Move the cursor over the books to read the titles of each one.

  • Stedd's Virtues of Unions
  • Suelto's Ethic of Wars
  • Amaps' Memoirs

The standout title here is "Suelto's Ethics of War." With Suelto as an advisor, whom you probably wouldn't want in your peace council, attack him - he's the one all the way to the left among the red figures at the end of the path.

How To The Dragon's Sanctum And Speak With Ansur

With the completion of all four examinations, you can now return to the central room. The large doors will now open for you.

Enter the main chamber of the Dragon Sanctuary and descend.

Speak again with the statue of Balduran to proceed through the next set of doors.

We recommend taking a longer rest at this point to replenish your spell slots, especially if you do not have the required 6th-level spell slot for "Globe of Invulnerability."

In the next chamber, you will see Ansur lying dead on the floor in the middle of the arena. Send one person to speak with him while the others stay behind.

After a dialogue with Ansur, regardless of your decision, he will attack you, and you must defeat the Heart of the Gate itself and its two Myrmidon summons.

Ansur is not an easy opponent with his "Stormheart Nova" attack, dealing 18d10 lightning damage that hits the entire battlefield. The only way to escape it is by leaving the field or using "Globe of Invulnerability."

You could also use spells like "Protection from Energy (Lightning)" or "Demonic Resistance (Lightning)" to mitigate some of the damage.

Regardless of what you decide, as long as you ensure you have a method to deal with his "Stormheart Nova" and reduce his 400 hit points, you will see the light of day again.

Not only will you see this light, but you will also be in possession of two legendary equipment items:

Balduran's Giantslayer

Legendary Greatsword. Two-handed. +3 Enchantment Deals 2d6 + Strength + 5.

  • Giantslayer: On a hit, you can double the damage from your Strength Modifier. Additionally, gain Advantage on Attack Rolls against any creature Large or greater.
  • Giant Form: Gain the ability to increase your size as you would with the Enlarge spell.

Helm of Balduran

Legendary helmet. Medium armor. The wearer cannot be Stunned or hit by Critical Hits.

  • Balduran's Vitality: Heal 2HP at the beginning of every turn.
  • Balduran's Favour: Gain +1 to AC and Saving Throws.

Once you pick up the Helm of Balduran from the altar table inside the building behind Ansur's battlefield, the wall in front of you will open. Outside, you will find yourself back at the beginning of Wyrm's Path.

We recommend using teleportation from here to reach Duke Ravengard in the camp and tell him the truth about Ansur. This will progress your quest and lead to a finale with Wyll, where you can decide his fate. Additionally, you will finally have all the information about the Guardian in the Astral Prism.