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Baldur's Gate 3: How to Free Hope (Guide)

Hope is a recurring theme in Baldur's Gate 3. It is not only a person but also the namesake and true owner of the most infamous estate in Avernus. If ...

Hope Bellingham Sept 16, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3: How to Free Hope (Guide)

Hope is a recurring theme in Baldur's Gate 3. It is not only a person but also the namesake and true owner of the most infamous estate in Avernus. If you decide to enter the abode of one of the boldest devils in Avernus, you will be faced with a choice: Do you turn away from Hope or dare to set her free?

Freeing her from Raphael's devilish grasp will not be an easy task, but the reward will surely be worth it. With Hope by your side, anything is possible—even defeating one of the most challenging and infamous bosses in Baldur's Gate 3.

How To Begin Hope's Quest


Hope's quest will become available automatically once you enter the entrance of the House of Hope. She will approach you at the main doors and engage in conversation with you.


"Maybe I can help you be free of whoever's hurting you."

You can use any available check to ask questions about the House of Hope and, most importantly, the location of the Orphic Hammers. This item is the key to her liberation.


If you successfully speak with Hope and offer to free her, she will give you a debtor's disguise that allows you to freely roam around the House of Hope without being attacked.

From here, to advance Hope's quest, you will need the Orphic Hammer. There are two ways to obtain it:

  1. Made a deal with Raphael in exchange to eventually give the Crown of Karsus
  2. Stolen it from the Archives


If you haven't stolen the hammer yet, Hope will appear again in front of the Archives in the West Wing to give you a clue (with a successful Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma check) on how to deceive the Archivist.

You need to obtain the invitation for the Boudoir from the Archivist through deception or pickpocketing and find the secret password in the Boudoir to unlock the hammer.

How To Enter Hope's Chamber


There are two methods to enter Hope's chamber.

Method One

The first and most obvious way is to enter the metal trapdoor located in the floor of the East Wing of the House of Hope. You will need to pass a Strength check (DC 10) to open it.

Once inside, you can press the button located to the right of the door to unlock it and proceed further.

Method Two


A second secret entrance is located on the balcony between the Boudoir and the Outer Portals room.

From the balcony, jump through the crumbling corner onto a rocky ledge. There, you will find a green opening in the ground labeled "Passage." Interact with it to enter the chamber.

If you have stolen the hammer, you will need to enter Hope's chamber after battling multiple debtors and dodging burning magma orbs.

In this case, using the second secret entrance is the easiest option as it bypasses an entire corridor of encounters.

How To Defeat The Beholders And Destroy Hope's Chains


In the room with Hope, there are two Beholders and several smaller Imps.

The Beholders themselves pose a problem as they have the ability to perform up to three attacks in one turn. They can deal significant amounts of damage while also paralyzing their enemies.

However, the real problem lies in the map itself and the ability that the Imps possess: Eldritch Blast - Repelling Blast Invocation. With so many platforms and clear gaps between them, these Imps can exploit the terrain to plunge your party into instant death.

Due to the upcoming real battle, we recommend saving as many higher-level spell slots as possible.

While it may make this battle more challenging, it is definitely better to increase the difficulty of this fight compared to the actual boss of the House of Hope.


Focus on taking out the smaller devils first. Defeat them all, and then turn your attention to the Beholders. If you have someone with freedom of movement, it can be a useful spell to free your allies from paralysis in case they fail their saving throw.

Once the Beholders and imps are all defeated, you can then focus on freeing Hope.

Use the Orphic Hammer on the two large crystals on the north and south sides of the room. Once they are destroyed, the magical chains binding Hope will disappear.

Speak with Hope. After commenting on her appearance, you can now leave the house together with Hope.

What To Do With Hope After Freeing Her

When Hope is freed, she will temporarily join your party. She is a level 10 Dwarven Life Cleric.

While it is indeed handy to have an additional healing member in your team, Hope's true ability lies in her unique spell, "Lift Guest Status." With the ability to cast it twice, Hope can remove any creature (except Raphael) from the House of Hope.

If you fail to convince Yurgir to join your group, Hope can completely banish him from the house and avoid a fight. This is a major bonus and a game-changing opportunity for the battle.

Can You Keep Hope?

You cannot keep Hope in your group after the House of Hope is completed. She will remain in hell.

However, her tremendous influence alone in the fight against Raphael is worth having her in your group and taking the steps to free her.