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Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Romance Halsin

In Baldur's Gate 3, there are numerous potential companions, among them the formidable Archdruid Halsin. You will hear about him early in the game, as...

Hope Bellingham Sept 11, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Romance Halsin

In Baldur's Gate 3, there are numerous potential companions, among them the formidable Archdruid Halsin. You will hear about him early in the game, as part of the first act. Although you will meet him a bit later, it is evident that he possesses significant influence and could prove to be a valuable ally.

Throughout the course of the game, allies can become more than just companions. It is possible that you may feel a stronger attraction towards a particular partner, and each of them has specific requirements to fulfill in order to build a relationship with you. Halsin is exceptionally flexible - play your cards right to pursue both him and another option.

Who Is The Archdruid Halsin?


Halsin is the 350-year-old Archdruid of the Druid Grove in the first act. He is a mighty master of druidic arts with a special talent for shape-shifting, and he prefers to transform into a bear during combat.

Depending on the chosen subclass, he can transform into powerful beasts and unleash incredible spells that inflict immense damage upon enemies.

Recruiting the Archdruid is a worthwhile endeavor that earns you favor with other group members and NPCs from the Druid Grove. For those seeking more than just a professional adventurer relationship, here is what you need to do to win his heart.

Where To Find Halsin


At the beginning, Halsin is not available. He has disappeared after joining Aradin's expedition to find a passage through the Underdark. After being captured by goblins, it is up to you to locate and rescue him.

Embark on your journey to the goblin camp and stealthily make your way into the Worg pens. There, you will come across some goblins harassing a bear trapped in a cage. If you stand up for the bear and tell the goblins to cease their actions, the bear will break free from the cage and initiate the battle.

How To Get Halsin At Your Camp

Once freed from his cage, Halsin will task you with killing the leaders of the goblin camp: True Soul Gut, Minthara, and Ragzlin. You have the option to take them down individually, but if you initiate the fight with Ragzlin, the entire camp will be alerted, and you should prepare for a challenging battle.

You can bring Halsin along to fight against the goblins, as he is a powerful ally. However, there will be no opportunity for stealth, as Halsin's emotions will take over, and he will unleash his powers against the goblins.

After the goblin camp has been eradicated, Halsin will return to the Druid Grove. He will join you at the celebration, but you will not yet be able to spend the night with him. Make sure to fully explore his dialogue options, especially those related to romance.

While there isn't much romance with Halsin in the first act, these actions lay the groundwork for the next steps and the budding relationship with the Archdruid.

How To Recruit Halsin

To permanently add Halsin to your party and make him a playable character, you must lift the Shadow Curse. This questline is of crucial importance as it builds your relationship, frees Halsin from his burden, and aligns with his beliefs.

Once you have reunited Oliver and Thaniel, Halsin will be able to join your group as a party member. Once again, make sure to fully explore his dialogue options to learn more about him and strengthen your bond.

If you do not see a cutscene where the Shadow Curse is lifted while crossing the bridge to Baldur's Gate, Halsin will remain inaccessible. It is crucial that you fully lift the Shadow Curse in the second act for him to become available.

How To Gain Halsin's Approval


Halsin is a humble man. He loves nature and is dedicated to maintaining its balance. Actions taken to protect nature, restore equilibrium, or show kindness (especially towards animals) will certainly earn his approval.

Open cruelty or a destructive mindset will incur penalties. Supporting the Tieflings in all three acts will earn his approval, as well as showing respect for his beliefs as a druid.

Your character doesn't have to be a druid to respect his beliefs. However, acquiring at least one level as a druid allows for a unique perspective in conversations (and potentially unique dialogue options).

How To Get Halsin's Romance Scene


To experience the romance with Halsin, you must enter the camp with him in the third act. If you have fulfilled all the requirements, it's just a matter of time until he wants to speak with you at the camp.

Triggering the conversation with Halsin may require some extended periods of rest, especially if you have gathered many companions.

If you are impatient to reach the scene, try taking several extended rests at the camp without using camping supplies until an exclamation mark appears above Halsin's head.

When you speak with Halsin at the camp, he will reveal that after the Shadow Curse is lifted, he is searching for a new purpose in life. After exploring his soul, he has discovered that he wants you.

You can reject him if you wish, and witness the male druid wither away due to rejection. Alternatively, you can express your interest in him. If you are already in a relationship, he will ask to seek the consent of your partner first.

If you tell Halsin that you are not interested, you can be direct or gently reject him.

In any case, he will honor your friendship, and he will remain in your group.

Some party members, such as Astarion and Shadowheart, have no issue with sharing you with the druid. Others, like Gale and Karlach, will not agree. If your partner desires an exclusive relationship, you will need to break up with them, as Halsin will not proceed without their consent.

Once you have clarified the details of previous relationship agreements, you can spend a night with Halsin.

How To Romance Halsin In Bear Form


An amusing aspect of Halsin is that when his emotions become wild, he becomes wild himself. In the midst of excitement, he transforms into a bear. If you wish, you can even address him in this form.

To reach this romantic scene, you must respond as follows:

First choice:

Any answer will work, except "You're not wrong, this was a mistake." All answers will move the sequence forward, but admitting this is a mistake will put an end to it.

Second choice:

Any answer will work here as well, so choose one that suits you.

Third choice:

After witnessing Halsin's transformation, he'll turn back into an elf. When he apologizes, tell him "Don't apologize. I like it."

Fourth choice:

He'll warn you that it will be intense. Respond with "Yes. Change back again. Let me have the beast... and let the beast have me."

Fifth choice:

Either the first or second options will work. So long as you don't tell him to keep it in mind for another night or outright deny him.

If you follow these steps, Halsin will eagerly transform again and initiate the next step. You will seduce the lovable teddy bear of the group, while a rather horrified-looking squirrel watches from afar.

How To Romance Halsin As Himself


If you prefer to take a more traditional approach in this encounter, you can do so. The only differences to choose this path are as follows:

Third choice:

The first or second option will work here.

Fourth choice:

Tell him that it's something to keep in mind for another night.

Communicating to Halsin that you would prefer not to engage in an intimate relationship with a bear will not affect your relationship with him. You choose the second path and share a moment with Halsin as his true self.

How The Halsin's Romance Impacts The Story


Aside from a potentially humorous encounter, there can be potential consequences. While nobody will leave the group due to this interaction, it is possible that you had to end a long-term romance in Act One and now find yourself without that person.

Although Halsin admits his feelings for you, he will not commit to an exclusive relationship. It is not in his nature, although it does not diminish his feelings for you. You can still add him to your group and embark on adventures with him (and your possible ex-partner) without issues.