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Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Romance Minthara

While there are numerous love stories within Baldur's Gate 3, none are as profound as the unique romance with Minthara. She is a formidable True Soul ...

Duncan Robertson Sept 11, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Romance Minthara

While there are numerous love stories within Baldur's Gate 3, none are as profound as the unique romance with Minthara. She is a formidable True Soul with an unrestrained devotion to the Absolute, until you appear. Although she adheres to the instructions of her deity, you have the ability to persuade her to seek solace elsewhere.

Be forewarned that pursuing Minthara comes at a steep cost. You will have to sacrifice several allies to win her heart and lead your character down a dark path. However, you will not be alone, and when the time comes, Minthara is more than willing to accompany you on this journey.

Where To Find Minthara


In the first act, you will encounter Minthara at the Goblin Camp. There, she follows the instructions of the Absolute and needs to know the location of the Druid Grove.

Engage in conversation with Minthara and disclose the whereabouts of the Druid Grove to her. She will receive the information favorably and pledge a reward to you once the Grove has been cleansed.

You must return to the camp and rest before the assault on the Druid Grove can commence. You will speak with Zevlor and confront him, affirming your loyalty to the Absolute and to Minthara.

How To Raise Minthara's Approval


Unlike other companions, Minthara does not have an approval meter at the beginning. Your relationship status will be determined by how much she desires to kill you, hopefully not to a significant extent.

Until you can recruit Minthara, you must employ creativity to impress her.

Sharing the information about the peculiar artifact with Minthara is not a wise idea. It will make her suspicious of you and cast doubts on your faith.

There are straightforward ways to ensure that you are on Minthara's good side:

  • Follow the Absolute's commands
  • Be obedient and receptive to orders
  • Side with the goblins
  • Be assertive in conflict

In order to avoid angering her or losing the opportunity with her:

  • Do not side with the tieflings and druids
  • Do not deny the Absolute's power
  • Do not be indecisive
  • Do not act cowardly or weak

By adhering to these guidelines, it will be easier later on to engage in a romance with her once the Druid Grove is eradicated.

How To Raid The Druid Camp


Once you have allied yourself with Minthara, you must return to the camp to rest. Settle any pending matters in the Druid Grove, for it will not be there tomorrow.

This is your final opportunity to choose between the druids and Minthara. If you embark on this path, you will be excluded from certain quests and companions, as they will not survive the assault on the Grove.

Upon arriving at the Grove, you will be invited to assist the tieflings in their defense. Seize the opportunity to reaffirm your alliance with Minthara and betray both Zevlor and the druids.

Obey Minthara and open the gate, for that is the only way for this romance to progress.

How To Get Minthara In Your Camp


It can be a tough fight, but once you have eliminated all the tieflings and druids, Minthara will want to celebrate at the camp. Speak with her and choose the following dialogue options to ensure that you can spend the night with her:

  • First choice: It's been a privilege to fight alongside you.
  • Second choice: Open your mind.
  • Third Choice: Accept the change.

After the celebration at the camp, Minthara will meet you. You must talk to her to unlock the romance scene. You need to select these options for the scene to begin:

  • First choice: Yes, I'm yours, Minthara.
  • Second choice: Do as she says.
  • Third Choice: I want you.

By doing so, you will unlock the scene and spend the night with Minthara.

Enjoy the moment while it lasts, for once it is over, Minthara will confront you about not hearing the voice of the Absolute in your presence.

If you play as the Dark Urge, you have the option to kill Minthara after the romance scene. In doing so, you will snap her neck and sever all interactions with her in your future.

After The Celebration


When Minthara confronts you about it, tell her that she should go pray. This will temporarily appease her curiosity and allow you to leave the encounter alive, although it will not be the last time you will see her.

If you were to tell her about the artifact here, she would be suspicious, but her feelings would contradict each other. She would have additional dialogue lines emphasizing that you must prove your devotion, but overall, following the same steps.

Later, while you are sleeping, Minthara will hold a knife to your throat. The Absolute has commanded your death, but Minthara spared you.

Without telling her about the artifact, Minthara will send you to Moonrise, where both of you will be in the presence of the Absolute.

You must recruit her in the second act for her to officially join your camp as a party member. It is practical to have her by your side, considering that you have sacrificed three other potential companions (Wyll, Karlach, and Halsin).

All companions who remain with you will show disapproval towards Minthara and the actions taken in the Druid Grove.

Minthara's path is not for the faint of heart. There are difficult decisions that need to be made, and it will not get any easier.

For those who wish to serve the Absolute or experience what it's like to play as an evil character, Minthara's route is the perfect way to further develop the story.