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Baldur's Gate 3 - Prison Walkthrough of the Iron Throne

While Baldur's Gate 3 may indeed be filled with challenges, you have yet to encounter a challenge as formidable as the Iron Throne. A sixfold trial, w...

Ethan Gach Sept 02, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 - Prison Walkthrough of the Iron Throne

While Baldur's Gate 3 may indeed be filled with challenges, you have yet to encounter a challenge as formidable as the Iron Throne. A sixfold trial, where all odds are against you, will require you to utilize everything at your disposal if you still harbor a glimmer of hope to save everyone in the highly fortified prison of Baldur's Gate.

And although you can make things easier by lowering the difficulty level for an additional two rounds, we have the formula you need to remain true to your difficulty setting. And if luck favors you with the dice, you can do something similar in tactical mode. So buckle up, fasten your water shoes tightly, and keep your potions of swiftness at hand.

Preparation: What To Bring To The Iron Throne


Before you venture into the Iron Throne, there are several items you can collect to prepare yourself and maximize your chances of success. Among these items, the most useful and nearly indispensable one for the rescue of all is: [Please provide the specific item you want to mention.]

Potion of Speed - Gain Hastened condition for three turns, granting double movement speed, an additional action, +2 to AC, and Advantage on Dexterity Saving Throws. After the potion's effects wear off, the user becomes Lethargic and loses one turn.

Additionally, you would like spellcasters or those with items that enable them to cast the following spells:

  • Misty Step
  • Haste
  • Longstrider (optional)
  • Enhance Jump (optional)


Although there are many strategies to save everyone here, this guide will cover what has worked best and most consistently for us.

Furthermore, this guide addresses how to save everyone and acquire all the loot during a standard, balanced playthrough by freeing all prisoners within the first three rounds, spanning a total of six rounds.

You can extend the number of rounds by lowering the game difficulty from "Balanced" to "Story." This will grant you eight rounds instead of six.


Our recommended party consists of:

One spellcaster (WizardGale)

Haste, Misty Step, Ice Storm, Enhance Jump, and Cone of Cold prepared

One healer (Cleric)

Spirit Guardians, Guardian of Faith, Spiritual Weapon, and Healing Word prepared

One melee fighter (FighterLae'zel)

Wearing Boots of Speed (Thula's quest reward) for bonus action Dash. Githyanki comes automatically with Enhance Jump and Misty Step.

One rogue (AssassinAstarion)

Rogues allow bonus action dash and have high-dexterity for lockpicking. Although we used an assassin, a thief would be even better for the additional bonus action.

A druid could even be superior to the cleric or paladin due to their access to "Enhance Jump" and "Longstrider," which reduces the burden on spell slots for other spellcasters.

Furthermore, summoners can be exceptionally useful here, as their summoned creature can assist in dealing with enemies by engaging them in combat or blocking their path.


Before you enter the Iron Throne and shortly after a brief discussion with Gortash via Submersible-Skype, take a moment to pause before exiting the underwater vehicle. Your time will only begin once you open the hatch.

Gather your group and have your spellcaster cast "Haste" on the party member with the highest mobility. If you have your rogue with you, theoretically, they should be the one.

If you have the ability to cast "Longstrider" or "Enhance Jump," we also recommend casting these spells on your party members to the extent that your spell slots allow.

Ensure that all members of your group have a potion of swiftness in their inventory, but do not use them just yet.

While casting these spells, we recommend maximizing the number of rounds by activating the turn-based mode in the lower right corner of your screen and casting all of your spells.

Turn One: How To Split Your Party And Save The South Room Prisoners


On the underwater vehicle, there are four directions, but for this strategy, we will only explore three of them.

Your goal is to save all the prisoners - or at least as many as possible. They are divided accordingly:

  • Two in the south room
    • One cell past the north room with Omeluum (conditional)
  • Two cells of prisoners in the west room
  • Two cells of prisoners in the east room (including Duke Ravengard)
  • Two cells of one prisoner each in the central room

Please note that during the descent, the compass directions will reverse.


In your first turn, send down your hasted rogue and spellcaster first. It doesn't matter whom you choose, but both should use their attack actions to defeat the Sahuagin on the right, alternating between a strike and a spell.

Send one of them to the lever that opens the cell door next to the defeated enemy. Then, to the extent of their movement, send them down the west corridor, with the spellcaster staying in the middle.

Ahead of you are two Sahuagin, and if one of them hits your spellcaster, it will cause your rogue's haste to expire, costing you a valuable full turn. Execute all remaining attacks against the Sahuagin and conclude your turn.

In this corridor, there is a barrel that can explode. If triggered, the doors in the tunnel will close and become locked. If you are outside these doors, you can only open them through a lock-picking check with a difficulty of 25 or by using the levers inside the doors.

If you are outside the doors when they lock, you can only enter by casting Misty Step, Dimension Door, or Knock.


With your two remaining characters (the fighter and the healer), you drink your potions of swiftness.

Have the healer run down the ladder and sprint down the east corridor towards Duke Ravengard. Along the way, there are two enemies, including a powerful Champion Sahuagin. Attack them as you continue running forward.

If your healer is a cleric, we recommend using spells like "Guardian of Faith" or "Spiritual Weapon" to distract the Sahuagin.

Have your fighter run along the north corridor at full speed. Run through the water and, if necessary, use your Action Surge to free both the woman in the chair and the man in the cell (using the lever to the left of the door) in a single turn.

If you are unable to use Action Surge, you will have to do it in Turn Two. This is risky but doable as long as none of the prisoners in that room get caught in a net.

Be cautious when freeing the prisoner in the chair. If you release them while standing too far back and to the side, they will stand up and completely block your movement. To prevent this, assist them while staying close to the front of the chair (closest to the water).

Turn Two: How To Save The West And East Room Prisoners And Duke Ravengard

Your spellcaster will take care of the two fishy friends in the room. So, send your rogue ahead to activate the levers next to both doors in this room using the bonus action "Dash."

With the doors opened, move your rogue just close enough to still be within range of the Sahuagin's bow shot and move towards the locked door on the north side. Use your actions to shoot at the Sahuagin.

Move your spellcaster further forward and use a powerful spell attack that can hit both Sahuagin and hopefully kill them. If you find it difficult to kill them in this turn, have your spellcaster drink their potion of swiftness now.

Try not to use any effects that could leave difficult terrain here.

This could slow down the escape of your prisoners and potentially cause issues during their escape.

On the other side of the Iron Throne, your healer should sprint and reach the east room. Activate the levers to open the doors of the prison cells and free the prisoners as well as Duke Ravengard.

Duke Ravengard will only be able to move a little in this turn before Mizora interrupts him. Let him attack anything nearby that he can reach before Mizora forces him to kneel.

All remaining actions should be used to attack the remaining Sahuagin.

The fighter can now jump over the water and sprint towards the central room. Here, you have two options:

  • Have the fighter hold the line to protect the prisoners.
  • Send the fighter to dash to the lever of the remaining prisoner in the central room and dash back to defend the southside prisoners on Turn Three.

Turn Three: How To Free The Last Prisoner

With all the prisoners being freed at the start of the third turn, you have confirmed that all the prisoners will successfully escape the Iron Throne, as long as they are not:

  • Killed
  • Caught with a net
  • Blocked by your characters

There is also one final prisoner to be freed in the central room on the way back. You can release them while rushing back with your healer or Duke Ravengard if your fighter hasn't done so already.

All characters except the rogue should make their way to the main hall with breathtaking speed (unless you are rescuing Omeluum, see section below). Use all actions and bonus actions to sprint and use Misty Step to return to the underwater vehicle.

The fighter should position themselves (unless Omeluum is being rescued) between the Sahuagin emerging in the southern room and the fleeing prisoners. Use all available means to slow down the enemy's advance and prevent them from netting.

However, the rogue should focus their attention on the locked door in the western room. Pick the lock (DC 25) and sprint with all remaining actions to the first door on the left. Activate the lever on the right side to enter and loot the chest.

Any remaining movement should be used to get them as close as possible to the next loot room further down the hallway.

Turn Four: Hold Your Ground And Defend The Prisoners' Escape

Unlock the next loot room with the lever on the right side using your rogue, and take the contents of the second chest. Sprint with all actions and bonus actions out of the room and back along the corridor you came from, heading towards the main hall. Ignore the Sahuagin in the hallway.

Instead of using bonus actions for sprinting, you can jump over the crack in the floor to the left of the room. However, the Sahuagin enemies in this part of the Iron Throne are closely packed together.

Taking the right path is still feasible within two turns and carries much less risk of getting caught in a Sahuagin's net.

The rest of your group should have made their way to the central room. If not already done, rescue the last prisoner in the central room (closest to the west corridor).

Your fighter and healer will have exhausted the potion of speed in this turn, so there is nothing more for them to do.

Duke Ravengard needs to continue sprinting towards the underwater vehicle, utilizing the jump as much as possible to increase his movement range.

Your spellcaster should make use of terrain features and slowing effects in the southern corridor, such as:

  • Sleet Storm
  • Ice Storm
  • Hunger of Hadar
  • Spike Growth
  • Web
  • Plant Growth
  • Wall of Ice
  • Wall of Stone
  • Wall of Thorns

Once you have set up the trap in the southern corridor, send your spellcaster to the underwater vehicle.

Turn Five And Six: How To Escape The Submersible

By running and jumping all the way back to the ladder, send all the remaining characters up the ladder except for the fighter, who will stand guard at the bottom until the very last second.

Assist all prisoners who may have been shot or caught in nets along the way.

Keep the Sahuagin at bay with your fighter until the end of their last turn in round six. Then, go up the two ladders to escape as the last person into the underwater vehicle.

With all the characters now in the underwater vehicle, you can bring everyone back to the surface and leave this prison disaster behind you.

Perhaps we should all plan a trip to the House of Sorrow after this event...

Any deceased group members who unfortunately exploded (or imploded; we don't want to judge) inside the Iron Throne can be revived at the camp with Withers.

Conditional: How To Save Omeluum

Omeluum is only available if you have completed his questline before entering the Iron Throne. If you haven't done so in Acts One and Two, he will not be here.

He is located in the area to the right of the southern operations room, down the hallway, and in the first door on the left. Inside, he will be bound to a chair in the far corner.

The strategy of this guide can be changed in order to save Omeluum by instead:

  • Send the fighter on Turn Two down the corridor to get Omeluum and ignore all enemies.
  • Have anyone available on Turn Three or Four save the prisoner in the central room.
  • Teleport with Omeluum using his "Teleport to Submersible" ability on Turn Three back to the ship.
  • Have your fighter either wait in the submersible until the end or send them down on Turn Five and return at the end of Six to hold off the Sahuagin.

With Omeluum in your group, you can now confidently say that you have saved everyone who could be saved in the Iron Throne in six moves. It is definitely an achievement that you can be proud of (and one for which we hope you receive an accomplishment).