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Baldur's Gate 3 - Quest "Avenge the Drowned" - Walkthrough

Baldur's Gate 3 has no shortage of outfits that are perfect for #FashionRolls, but few can match the style that the Robes of the Wave Mother offer. An...

Luke Plunket Sept 03, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3 - Quest "Avenge the Drowned" - Walkthrough

Baldur's Gate 3 has no shortage of outfits that are perfect for #FashionRolls, but few can match the style that the Robes of the Wave Mother offer. And as expected, if you want to obtain it, you must complete a long questline and face a major moral decision that tests your conscience.

But obtaining a robe is not the end of the excitement. In one of the most thrilling quest scenarios of Baldur's Gate 3, you will find yourself entangled in a web of innovation, human experiments, wandering fish-men, and an underwater prison break. What more could one wish for?

How To Begin The Avenge The Drowned Quest


To start this quest, you must venture to the far southwestern corner of the Undercity. Enter the building behind the steel foundry, known as the House of the Water Queen.

You will be stopped by Diomira Trellis regarding a funeral. Choose any dialogue option except for the option to end the conversation, and then proceed past her into the next room.


Speak with Allandra Grey, the woman who is leading the funeral. She will ask you what you have brought with you.

Choose any option except for the one stating that you haven't brought any tribute. Continue the conversation respectfully to the best of your ability until you can say:

I'm good at slaying beasts - maybe I could help you.

Ask any questions you'd like and then leave the House of the Water Queen.

How To Find A Hint About The Oil Beast In The Harbour


From the House of the Water Queen, continue north towards the Harbor Docks Waypoint. On the docks next to the waypoint, look at the end of the path to see two people scrubbing the docks.

Speak to the man in the blue shirt, Gowlan. Ask him any questions about the oil he is currently scrubbing.


It turns out that he is the one who found the girl who drowned in the harbor. He will point you in the direction where the oil leads: Flymm Cargo.

From this point, Flymm Cargo is located directly across from the harbor.

To get there, you need to go around the harbor on the north side.

How To Enter Flymm Cargo


There are several ways to enter Flymm Cargo. You can:

  • Lockpick the door on the west side, ground floor.
  • Go through the Counting House and exit the door near the second security desk (must sneak past the guards outside).
  • Jump onto the Flymm Cargo roof on the east side.

We recommend accessing it through the roof as it bypasses the guards and puts you in a favorable position to avoid being caught by the creatures inside.

Lower City Sewers Map Location Of Flyym Cargo Basement Alternative Entrance in Baldur's Gate 3

There is an alternative, very cumbersome and time-consuming method that bypasses both the creatures in this warehouse and the warehouse itself. You can skip this entire section by entering through a secret path in the sewers of the Undercity.

Near several Soot Mephits, you can find a hole in the grating wall labeled "A greasy, stinky climb up...".


On the roof, run to the south side of the building and jump from the southwest corner (the lowest point of the roof) onto the metal fire escape. Pick the lock of the door and enter the warehouse.

Five monstrosities roam the warehouse floor. Sneak in and take them out from your elevated vantage point.

Once all the beasts are dead, you can begin to explore the cargo warehouse.


At first glance, there doesn't seem to be much to find here. However, with a successful perception check, you will notice something under a stack of crates in the northwest corner of the warehouse.

Move the crates aside to uncover a hatch that leads to an area beneath the building. Open it and enter the area.

How To Find The Oil Monster Under Flymm Cargo


When you enter the new chamber beneath Flymm Cargo, you don't have to worry about enemies for now. Explore freely and loot whatever catches your eye.

Venture straight through the:

  • Basement
  • Detention Block
  • Machine Parts Storage
  • Subaquatic Deck

A Hell Iron lies on the ground in the area of the machinery storage. It is located right in front of the door when you enter the area from the prison block, slightly to the right of the path.

On the subaquatic deck, you will see a dwarven man walking around in the middle of the room. Speak to him.

The quest here splits with an important choice:

    You can kill the dwarf man outright.

    You can warn him of the Umberlee worshippers.

    You can have him take you to the Iron Throne.

If you choose the first two options, the quest will be completed. The first option grants you the Robes of the Wave Mother if you tell Allandra Grey what has happened.

Wavemother's Robe: Very rare clothing. 10AC (+1). Wearer has resistance to Fire and Cold damage and can cast Create or Destroy Water for free once per long rest. The wearer also heals 1d4HP at the start of their turn if standing on a water surface.

However, if you don't allow him to take you to the Iron Throne, you won't be able to enter it. It is a prison with several valuable prisoners whom you should try to rescue.

This option does not conclude the questline. However, you will need to convince him through two persuasion or intimidation checks to let you board.

After you return from the Iron Throne, Allandra Grey will appear and demand that you hand the dwarf over to her for judgment.

If you refuse to hand over the dwarf, Allandra Grey and the followers of Umberlee will ambush you. You will have to kill them all.

If you accept, the quest will end. Allandra Grey will give you the Robes of the Wave Mother. Everyone will depart peacefully.

In any case, the quest will end at this point, allowing you to bring all your loot and any liberated prisoners back to the surface.