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Baldur's Gate 3: Should you align yourself with the Nightwing or Lorroakan?

In Act One, you are introduced to the side quest "Finding the Night Song" in Baldur's Gate 3. However, you can only complete the quest in Act Three. T...

Austin Wood Sept 10, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3: Should you align yourself with the Nightwing or Lorroakan?

In Act One, you are introduced to the side quest "Finding the Night Song" in Baldur's Gate 3. However, you can only complete the quest in Act Three. There is more to the story than just rescuing the Night Song from the Shadowfell, defeating Ketheric Thorm, and reuniting with their beloved Isobel.

In Act Three, you have the opportunity to gain additional allies, both new and familiar, who join you in resolving the Mind Flayer invasion. However, you can also pursue wealth and treasures, albeit at the cost of some companions. The choice is yours, but there is much to consider.

Where To Find Lorroakan


To find Lorroakan, you need to enter the city. Head to the "Enchanted Curiosities Cabinet," the shop Gale wanted to visit. If Aradin is still alive, he will be causing a stir outside. Speak to him, and you will learn that he is here to confront the mage about the Night Song contract.

You can lie to Aradin and tell him that you have found the Night Song, or you can tell the truth. He will demand a share of the reward since he gave you the contract, and you can either agree or convince him to waive it. Aradin will step aside and leave you alone, and you can go inside.

Which Portal Leads To Lorroakan's Tower

Lorroakan tests your knowledge with four portals in Baldur's Gate 3

Once you are inside, go up the stairs where the projection of Lorroakan will greet you. You will need to use your knowledge of the Night Song to progress. Four portals will open, and you can examine the tablets next to them to solve the puzzle.

If you remember, the Night Song is the daughter of Selune. Most people believe that the Night Song is an ancient relic, which is why this puzzle is crucial to weed out inexperienced adventurers.

Interact with the first portal on the left side (the blue one) to enter Lorroakan's tower. When you arrive, you will find the wizard preparing to shoot an apple off his assistant's head.

Your interruption will be met with an interrogation. Lorroakan will question what you know about the Nightwing.

He hopes to achieve what Ketheric Thorm did before by imprisoning Aylin in his tower. With her innate abilities, he will become immortal, and for that, you will be generously rewarded.

Regardless of your answers, you will be left alone to retrieve the Nightwing. The quest will not progress unless you speak with her.

Bring Nightsong To The Tower


Return to your camp and speak with Lady Aylin. Inform her about Lorroakan's plans, and she will be eager to showcase her strength. Lady Aylin will hasten to confront him and set an example.

If Lady Aylin has taken damage during the Moonrise Tower battle, you'll want to ensure she is fully healed before the conversation. It seems she doesn't regain hit points during long rests, so she will need your assistance. After the conversation, she will immediately set off; make sure to heal her beforehand.

Go back to "Enchanted Accessories" and enter through the blue portal. There, you will find Lady Aylin confronting Lorroakan.

During this conversation, Lorroakan tries to calm down the agitated Nightwing. He gives you the signal, and it's time to make a choice.

Siding With Nightsong


Choosing to stand with Lady Aylin is the morally right option. However, it is the more challenging of the two decisions.

You need to confirm that you are standing against Lorroakan, and if you do so, you will roll for initiative.

Fighting against Lorroakan means confronting him, his assistant Krank, and four elemental Myrmidons. Lorroakan also siphons power from these allies, making him hit harder and more frequently. When you strike him, he will retaliate with the power of one of the elementals.

You can expect a long and challenging battle, but it is the right fight to undertake. You will have Lady Aylin by your side. Split your group to avoid area-of-effect attacks and focus on taking out enemies one by one.

If Rolan the Tiefling is still alive, he will be here. If you side with the Nightwing, he will fight alongside you. Although he primarily uses magic missiles, each attack contributes to reducing the health of the Myrmidons.

Krank and Miklaur are the easiest to eliminate, so you will get rid of them first to speed up the turn order. You need to be cautious, but the battle can be won in a few rounds if you are lucky.

After the battle, you can search the tower for magical items. If Rolan survives, he will take over the tower and allow his siblings to live there.

In your time of need, Rolan promises to support you. You will gain additional allies in the upcoming battle and maintain your relationship with Aylin (and also with Isobel).

Siding With Lorroakan


Betraying Lady Aylin makes the battle much easier. There is only one enemy, and that is the Nightwing. You will have all the resources of Lorroakan on your side.

If you did not heal the Nightwing after the Moonrise, it will have reduced health here, which will make the battle faster.

Once Lady Aylin has been defeated, Lorroakan and Rolan will trap her and seal her fate. Lorroakan will dismiss you with your payment and promise to be a powerful ally in the fight against the Mindflayers.

If you betray Lady Aylin, you will lose her as an ally. If Isobel is still alive, you will also lose her.

Who Should You Side With In Act Three?


The decision is up to you and depends on the type of character you are playing. Lady Aylin has already been held captive for a century, and it would be cruel to separate her from Isobel and imprison her in the same type of trap once again.

Lorroakan may be a powerful wizard, but he is not an Aasimar. If you side with the Nightwing, you will gain three additional allies, while choosing to side with Lorroakan means losing a total of one ally.

Doing the right thing means supporting Aylin, but if you are playing an evil character, you may have different plans. In any case, there is plenty of loot to be had.