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Baldur's Gate 3: The Top 10 Versatile Weapons

Baldur's Gate 3 is an endless world full of possibilities, so it's only logical that the selection of weapons is equally diverse. Furthermore, given t...

Duncan Robertson Sept 10, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3: The Top 10 Versatile Weapons

Baldur's Gate 3 is an endless world full of possibilities, so it's only logical that the selection of weapons is equally diverse. Furthermore, given the unknown dangers lurking around every corner, it's important to be prepared for anything. That's why it's worthwhile to carry versatile weapons with you.

This type of weapon allows players to switch between using one or both hands, slightly altering the damage depending on their choice. For the most part, versatile weapons adhere to the same damage guidelines as one-handed weapons, dealing 1-6 damage, or two-handed weapons, dealing 1-8 damage. However, with the aid of equipment features, these weapons become even more versatile.

10 The Watchers Guide


Who doesn't like to have an advantage on their attack rolls? This weapon may not be extravagant, but it's easy to acquire and provides a tremendous boost at the beginning. Within the Dark Crypt lies this spear that comes with the promise of death, granting the wielder an advantage on their next attack roll if they missed their target on the first attempt.

During a phase where you are still learning the game, experimenting with different group formations, and just settling in, having an advantage can contribute to a smoother progression in battles.

9 Mourning Frost


If you choose to make your way through the underworld instead of taking the mountain pass, then this Quarterstaff might be just what you need. It also helps that this weapon is crafted by finding items in various locations within the same environment. As a result, the usual damage is increased by +1, and an additional 1d4 cold damage is added.

What makes it particularly attractive, though, are all the additional features, including the spell Ray of Frost and the ability to chill targets. "Chilled" is excellent if you have a character who focuses on spells with cold damage, as it doubles the damage for two rounds.

8 Faithbreaker


If you're someone who enjoys exploring every little corner of the map, the Faithbreaker might be the right weapon for you. It's less about the enemies and more about being a great tool when dealing with cracked walls. With an initial damage of 1d8+1, which increases to 1d10+1 when wielded with both hands, these walls don't stand a chance.

Furthermore, if you've decided to embrace the Brand of the Absolute, this weapon comes with a special equipment feature. Absolute Power allows you to deal an additional 1d6 force damage and has a chance to push the target back by 5 meters. Compared to other weapons, it may seem simple, but sometimes simplicity is the best solution.

7 The Sparky Points


One of the biggest mistakes players make is overlooking items that grant charges to attacks. This is mostly because it's a mechanism that isn't really explained in the game, and people tend to look for the strongest or most versatile weapons when selecting their gear. In fact, weapons like The Sparky Points do exactly that. This rare trident releases two lightning charges when it deals damage.

Here it is really advantageous to think a few steps ahead. If you manage to reach five charges - with each round losing one charge - you will inflict an additional 1d8 lightning damage on your next attack. Even if you don't reach five charges, simply having one charge gives you +1 to attack rolls and adds additional lightning damage.

6 Intransigent Warhammer


Anything that helps enemies go prone is your best friend. Especially when it aims to defeat multiple enemies at once. Throughout Baldur's Gate 3, it becomes increasingly unlikely that you will only fight against one opponent. With the Impulse Blast, nearby creatures are forced prone after you kill a target or score a critical hit.

This weapon is excellent for your powerful tank types. They can use the hammer with one hand and hold a shield with the other, leading the attacks and leading the rest of the team into battle to take out the enemies that have been left on the ground.

5 Pale Oak


One of the worst feelings in combat is when you're ready to execute your perfect plan, only to be foiled by vines. Vines not only ensnare you but can also make the terrain difficult and restrict movement. However, with the Pale Oak, all of that becomes irrelevant. Additionally, you also gain the spell of Faithful Guardian Vine Summoning, meaning you can be the one thwarting their plans.

The only problem here is that this item is connected to the quest "Investigate Kagha," which can easily be overlooked in the first act. This quest must be completed before you rescue Halsin and before you make a decision about which side you are on.

4 Staff Of Arcane Blessing


If you need a little boost during combat, this staff could be just the thing for you. The Staff of Arcane Blessing is found in the Arcane Tower after you've made your way up and dealt with the boss, which doesn't necessarily have to end in a fight. When used in the main hand only, you can bless up to three creatures with it. This grants them a bonus of +1d4 to attack rolls and saving throws.

Along with this weapon also comes the blessing of Mystra, which grants an additional bonus of 1d4 to saving throws and weapon attacks. At the same time, your spell attacks receive an additional bonus of 2d4.

3 Creation’s Echo

The Underworld is full of monsters and some indispensable items, including the Echo of Creation. This weapon is easy to find as you can buy it from Omeluum after completing his quest. What makes this weapon an indispensable item is the feature of Elemental Resonance that comes with it.

Perfectly suited for your diverse spellcasters, you will become immune to the damage just inflicted in relation to the following types: acid, fire, lightning, radiation, and necrotic. The effect also lasts for two rounds, which can be really helpful in balancing the health between characters during combat. Instead of healers having to decide who lives and dies, this weapon provides the bearer with a small buffer zone through this resistance.

2 Vision Of The Absolute

Blinding is a great way to gain an advantage in combat. It not only restricts the visibility of your enemies but also makes them easier to hit. Additionally, they are more likely to miss you or your companions when they attack. The fact that the "Vision of the Absolute" is relatively easy to find in Act 1 and offers the chance to blind is amazing.

It also deals additional piercing damage of 2d6 against creatures with multiple eyes. However, this aspect may not be particularly useful in Act 1 unless you encounter a beholder. Act 2 is a whole different story, and this is a great weapon when facing the Dridder Kar'niss.

1 Adamantine Longsword

This weapon is associated with a small hurdle if you want to craft it, but the effort is worth it. There are various items you can craft in the Adamantine Forge, but for this weapon, you will need a longsword mold with mithril ore to forge it. If it is your first time forging a weapon there, be prepared because it triggers a boss fight once you add lava.

However, once this weapon is in your possession, all hits against an object are critical. It also bypasses the resistance to slashing damage, which becomes more common throughout the quests. And as if that weren't enough, it adds another enchantment to your weapon. It may take some battles, but don't be discouraged. The reward is something you don't want to miss.