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Baldur's Gate 3: Where to Find Halsin in the Goblin Camp

Only a few companions from Baldur's Gate 3 can claim to have been added to the game due to their popularity, but Halsin can definitely make that claim...

Isaiah Colbert Aug 29, 2023
Baldur's Gate 3: Where to Find Halsin in the Goblin Camp

Only a few companions from Baldur's Gate 3 can claim to have been added to the game due to their popularity, but Halsin can definitely make that claim. The passionate demand from fans during Early Access led to him being transformed from an NPC into a companion character.

With his captivating personal story in the second act and his involvement in the game's infamous "Party of Five," Halsin is a companion you don't want to miss. Unfortunately, when you arrive in the Emerald Grove, you will discover that he has been kidnapped by goblins, and navigating the goblin camp in the Broken Sanctum can be challenging.

How To Start The Quest To Rescue The Druid Halsin


After the crash landing of the Nautiloid, you find yourself in a vast, open world that offers an overwhelming number of areas to explore.

While you will be able to explore the Overgrown Ruins dungeon or recruit various companions before tackling the main storyline, you will ultimately discover that all paths lead to a fierce conflict between goblins and adventurers in the Emerald Grove.

After successfully defending the grove against the goblin attack and gaining access to it, you will quickly learn from various sources that Halsin, the First Druid of the Emerald Grove, has been captured by goblins. This will initiate the quest to rescue the druid Halsin.

His disappearance has caused great unrest in the grove. His replacement puts the tiefling refugees at risk, and - perhaps most importantly - he is your best chance to find a cure for the Illithid parasite in your head. Regardless of your motives, however, finding Halsin is likely one of your main objectives in Act One.

Where Is The Goblin Camp


The goblin camp (X: -74, Y: 446) is located far to the west of the Emerald Grove. To reach it, you will likely have to pass through the Devastated Village, a village that has been overrun by goblin raiders.

After reaching the goblin camp, you have the option to deceive the goblins, use your parasitic powers to intimidate them and gain unrestricted access, or slaughter them all. Regardless of your choice, you should make your way deeper through the camp towards the Broken Sanctum.

If you are playing as a Drow, you will have the opportunity to bypass most of the social checks with the goblins, as they will be afraid of you.

The entrance to the Broken Sanctum is through heavy oak doors located north of all the festivities of the goblin group.

The Shattered Sanctum: Alternative Entrance

Alternatively, you can also access the Broken Sanctum through the Underdark by entering through the Selunite Outpost and climbing upward.

Be warned, the Underdark is a dangerous place with many challenging monsters. You may also upset some of the inhabitants of the goblin camp by doing so, which could result in missing out on certain storylines.

Where To Find Halsin In The Goblin Camp


Once you enter the Broken Sanctum, proceed north until you reach a large hall where Priestess Gut is branding goblins.

After entering the hall, immediately turn right into the first corridor and continue until you come across a section with wooden scaffolding. Shortly after, you will encounter a wooden door - this is the entrance to the Worg Pits where Halsin is held captive.

This video shows you exactly how to find Halsin in the Broken Sanctum, starting from the waypoint of the goblin camp.

Note that you will encounter a major battle in this room, so make sure to rest beforehand.

How To Free Halsin


When you find Halsin, he will be in bear form and being pelted with stones by a pair of goblin children. You have the choice to put an end to his torment or participate in it.

Regardless of which option you choose, Halsin takes advantage of the opportunity to break free from his cell and attack the goblins who had been holding him captive.

To recruit him, you will need to defend Halsin and assist him in this battle. While the goblins in the room are manageable, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Keep an eye on the two Worgs in the cages, who will eventually break out to join the fight.
  • The goblins will attempt to run off to fetch help. If you don't want them to alert the whole camp, make sure to prevent them from doing so.
  • Similarly, note that the Beastmaster goblin will summon beasts to help them in the fight. Be careful of their spider familiar, which can exert crowd control through webbing and poison its foes.

What To Do After Freeing Halsin


Although Halsin is grateful for your assistance, he has prior commitments to the grove and will not be able to support your cause until he has eliminated the threat of the goblin camp.

If you haven't already killed all the individuals in the goblin camp, Halsin will ask you to eliminate his three leaders: Dror Ragzlin, Priestess Gut, and Minthara, to ensure that the goblins do not harm any more people.

You can ask him to temporarily join your group to assist you in the remaining battles, or you can request him to hide while you handle it on your own.

If Halsin is with you, the goblins will immediately become hostile towards you, making it impossible to use stealth or deception while clearing the goblin camp. Choose wisely!

Killing The Goblin Leaders Without Freeing Halsin

If you kill all the goblin leaders and return to the grove without freeing Halsin, do not worry! Halsin will break free from captivity and take care of his tormentors on his own.

Eventually, he will return to the grove where you can speak with him.

This will also occur if you choose to betray the location of the Emerald Grove to Minthara and then defend the grove with the tieflings and druids.

Similarly, if you refuse to help Halsin with the goblin leaders, he will transform into a mouse and return to the grove to warn the others. However, you can still choose to help the grove and recruit him later on.

How To Get Halsin As A Companion


After successfully killing all the goblin leaders or defending the grove against the goblin raiders, Halsin will express his gratitude and agree to join your group on the journey to the Moonrise Towers to seek answers.

That being said, unfortunately, you won't be able to convince him to join your group at this time.

You need to complete the "Lift the Shadow Curse" questline of the second act in order to properly recruit Halsin as an official companion.

This questline is extremely long and involves multiple interconnected quests that are related to the main storyline. It is also easy to miss out on it, so make sure you work towards it before completing Shar's Sanctum and entering the Shadowfell!

If all goes well, however, you will have the First Druid in your party long before you set out for Baldur's Gate in the third act.

Needless to say, however, if you choose to side with the goblins and help the raiders destroy the grove in the first act, Halsin will be less interested in joining your group - and in fact, one day he will appear in your camp to kill you. In this case, he cannot be recruited anymore.