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Best ship weapons in Starfield

In Starfield, there are numerous hostile spacecraft that utilize the same routes as you do. These ships transport dangerous pirates, bounty hunters, a...

Gina Vivinetto Sept 14, 2023
Best ship weapons in Starfield

In Starfield, there are numerous hostile spacecraft that utilize the same routes as you do. These ships transport dangerous pirates, bounty hunters, and other threats, and they are all heavily armed and prepared to relentlessly attack you and your crew. To survive, you will need solid defensive capabilities as well as offensive strength.

One of the best ways to defend yourself is by equipping your ships with the best weapons available in the game. If you know which ones they are. There is a variety of ship weapons that cause different types of damage. For example, laser weapons are useful against enemy shields, while ballistic weapons destroy their hulls, and particle beams affect both. Those are the ones you should be looking for.

8 PBO-100 Auto Neutron Beam

Starfield Best Ship Weapons

This B-class weapon deals 15.40 damage per shot and fires rapidly in succession. As a particle beam weapon, the PBO-100 is most effective against shields and hull targets.

However, one issue with a weapon like this is that the energy consumption can be very high and may prove problematic when your supplies are low. However, this problem can be resolved if you have a solid B-class reactor on your ship.

7 PBO-175 Auto Helion Beam

Starfield Best Ship

The PBO 175 Helium Beam is a powerful B-class particle weapon. The weapon boasts an impressive range, a firing rate of six, and deals an impressive 19 points of damage to hull and shields.

It costs 23,600 credits to acquire, and the downside is that it requires a spaceship design rank of four. However, this weapon is still a solid choice as it reduces combat time by damaging both enemy hull and shields simultaneously at the same damage level.

6 KE-42 Cannon

Starfield Best

As you can probably tell from the name, the KE-42 Cannon is a ballistic weapon designed to inflict heavy damage on enemy ships. This impressive piece of weapon technology deals an impressive 31 points of damage to the enemy ship's hull every time it is fired, with a firing rate of 2.5.

As you may already know, this weapon is weak against enemies with strong shielding for their ships. However, when combined with an excellent shield-penetrating weapon, you have an almost unbeatable arsenal in your hands. So choose the partner weapon wisely.

5 Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser


The Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser is a fantastic shield-piercing weapon that makes your arsenal nearly unbeatable when combined with the KE-42 Cannon. It's a deadly combination.

The laser inflicts shield damage of 32 and fires at a rate of 2.5. It quickly takes care of pesky enemy shields, leaving their hulls exposed and ready for destruction.

4 Atlatl 270B 68

The Atlatl 270B is another extremely destructive ballistic weapon that effortlessly cuts through enemy ships. This weapon hits like a truck, with an amazingly high hull damage of 68, an additional damage value of 68 for explosive projectiles, and an impressive range of 4000 meters.

Unfortunately, it only has a fire rate of one, but it can also be upgraded to a 270C if you have access to a Class C reactor. All in all, this is a devastating weapon that can take down any enemy ship you set your sights on.

3 PB-30 Electron Beam

The PB-30 Electron Beam is another brilliantly balanced particle weapon with a solid fire rate and balanced statistics for hull damage and shield damage.

It is a Class A weapon with a hull damage and shield damage of 13, a fire rate of 3.49, and a maximum energy requirement of three, which can be powered by a Class C reactor. This weapon is also affordable and costs a ridiculous 2,860 credits. A bargain for such a balanced weapon.

2 PBO-30 Auto Electron Beam

The PBO-30 automatic electron beam damages both the enemy hull and shield, although not as strongly as some of the other entries on the list, but it compensates for that with high speed.

The weapon inflicts nine damage to both the enemy hull and shields, but it also has an impressive fire rate of 6.65, making it a relentless and overwhelming weapon when combined with the right ship equipment.

1 Vanguard Obliterator Auto-Projector

The Vanguard Obliterator Auto-Projector has both hull and shield damage of 11. The weapon inflicts this damage with a fire rate of 6.65 and a range of 3000 m. Even better, the Obliterator will only cost you 11,280 credits for such an impressive weapon.

A unique feature of the Obliterator is its maximum energy of two, which allows you to stack the weapon's capabilities and inflict even more significant damage. Combined with its impressive fire rate, range, and pricing, the Vanguard Obliterator Auto-Projector is arguably the best ship weapon you can have in Starfield.