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Blasphemous 2 Combat Tips

As a Soulslike game, Blasphemous 2 comes with many expectations, with challenging boss encounters and engaging combat system typically being at the to...

Ali Jones Aug 28, 2023
Blasphemous 2 Combat Tips

As a Soulslike game, Blasphemous 2 comes with many expectations, with challenging boss encounters and engaging combat system typically being at the top of that list. Fortunately, Blasphemous 2 delivers both merciless boss fights and gripping gameplay, leaving genre fans craving for more even after the end credits.

Blasphemous 2 features many systems and mechanics that can and should be utilized. This allows you to tailor your experience to your playstyle or the requirements of specific areas or encounters. However, if you don't properly utilize these tools available to you, it can become a bit overwhelming and frustrating. That's why it's all the more important to learn and explore them.

Using Movement Abilities Wisely

Blasphemous 2 Combat Tips

Movement abilities are a crucial aspect of Blasphemous 2. They allow you to enter new areas, uncover secrets, and collect valuable items to complete quests and other activities in the game. However, these tools will also bring you immense advantages in combat.

Are you facing a big enemy that unleashes devastating attacks with long wind-ups? By combining Ashes (double jump) and Mercy of the Wind (air dash), you can get behind them and unleash multiple attacks without them being able to counter until their attack animation is completed.

There will also be moments where you can utilize your Ivy of Ascension (wall climb/jump) and Protection of the Heirs (angelic rings) abilities to gain more height and overcome a charging boss, or use the Ruego Al Alba's ability to slam the ground, causing massive damage to all targets in the vicinity!

Guarding Projectiles

Blasphemous 2 Combat

With so many options available, it can be easy to forget that you even have a blocking action in Blasphemous 2. You will probably rely on jumping to avoid approaching threats or try to dodge projectiles or smaller threats.

However, blocking is one of the best ways to deal with enemies that shoot projectiles at you or generally perform multiple hits. Although you can dodge them, you might end up sliding right into their next action, as you are very vulnerable after dodging.

We recommend blocking the vast majority of projectiles coming towards you in Blasphemous 2, as immediately after blocking, you regain control of your character. This allows you to reduce the distance between you and your target and go on the offensive again!

How To Make Focused Builds

Blasphemous 2

As mentioned above in a rough manner, in Blasphemous 2, there are many ways to express your playstyle due to the variety of tools and equipment available. Everything from rosaries to prayers to altar paintings of favor can and will be of significant help to you when used appropriately.

For example, if you love the Veredicto (whip), you can align your altar paintings to maximize the damage inflicted by it and make it even stronger. Here is an example of some of the best combinations of altar paintings for the Veredicto:



Resonance Bonus

The Anointed One

Raises Veredicto's Attack by 15 Percent

Increases the Strength of the Veredicto.

The Thurifer

The Fervor required to keep Veredicto's War Censer Alight costs 25 percent less.

The Ecstatic Novice

Increases your Stun Power from attacks by 25 percent.

Increases the Strength of the Veredicto.

The Scribe

Fervor obtained via attacks is increased by five percent.

Cobijada Major

Your HP will automatically regenerate over time.

Increases the Strength of the Veredicto.


Alters the Penitent One's Dodging Skill, making it an almost instantaneous movement.

The Traitor

All weapons have their Physical Damage output raised by ten percent.

Combo doesn't grant a Resonance Bonus.


If your Guilt Level is low, your damage output will be raised by ten percent.

And that's just one example of the altar paintings of favor. There are still weapon upgrades, prayers, and rosaries that you can experiment with to develop a build that suits your current situation or recommended playstyle.

If you find yourself in an area where enemies use specific elemental attacks, equip the corresponding rosary to reduce the effects of that element. Do you notice that the enemies in the region are weak against a particular element? Equip the corresponding prayers and watch them get torn apart by it!

Trying Out Every Weapon


Let's admit it: You're likely to be drawn to a particular weapon and fall in love with it. However, we strongly urge you to give each weapon a fair chance, especially if you're struggling with a boss fight or seemingly making no progress in certain areas.

Each weapon possesses unique actions and abilities that only become stronger and more powerful as you acquire their upgrades and fill out their skill trees.

While you may be forcefully fighting through encounters with the Veredicto, some enemies are much more susceptible to the lightning damage of the Sarmiento & Cenelle or the mystical damage of the Ruego Al Alba, making them the better tools for the task!

Prayers Are Crucial Abilities

Lastly, let's talk about prayers and their ridiculously overpowered properties. A good example of this is the infamous "Bleeding Miracle Quick Verse". It will tear through most enemies you encounter, especially if you have equipped altar paintings that amplify the effects of prayers and increase your mystical damage.

Combine that with the "Debla of the Lights Chant," and you will annihilate most enemies in the game, especially if they are vulnerable to mystical damage. There's a reason why only your fervor is affected upon death, and that's due to the incredible intensity of the prayers.

Prayers will assist you through many difficult and seemingly impossible encounters. Whether it's a boss fight, a combat challenge room, or a challenging dungeon, you can rely on prayers to make things much more manageable and less frustrating!