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Blasphemous 2 How to defeat Eviterno, the first of the Penitents

Whether you're drawn to Blasphemous 2 due to its stunning art style, gripping combat, or brutally challenging boss encounters, it's undeniable that th...

Chantal Da Silva Sept 01, 2023
Blasphemous 2 How to defeat Eviterno, the first of the Penitents

Whether you're drawn to Blasphemous 2 due to its stunning art style, gripping combat, or brutally challenging boss encounters, it's undeniable that there is a limit to how much punishment you can endure. Eviterno, the First of the Penitent, is here to test that limit and push it to the edge.

Some bosses are disappointing. Then there are boss enemies like Eviterno, where you wish all bosses were like him because he is undoubtedly the most challenging and demanding boss of them all, surpassing even the final boss of the game.

Eviterno, First Of The Penitents Overview

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Eviterno, First Of The Penitents

If you dozed off during some of the recent boss fights, don't say a word. Eviterno is here to wake you up and demand your tears. He offers an epic three-phase encounter that will surely make you long for simpler times.

Eviterno is by far the most challenging boss encounter in Blasphemous 2, and there is no comparison at this point. As a result, your reward in the form of Tears of Atonement and Marks of Martyrdom is astronomically high, making it seem worthwhile to invest the time and effort to defeat him!

Eviterno, First Of The Penitents Rewards

Tears of Atonement


Marks of Martyrdom


How To Beat Eviterno, First Of The Penitents In Phase One

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Eviterno, First Of The

Phase number one against Eviterno is the easiest of them all, featuring only four attacks that you need to watch out for. One of them has a massive vulnerability built-in for Eviterno, which you can exploit to your advantage. This encounter is long and very challenging, so try your best not to use bile flasks here (easier said than done, we know).

Fire Orb

Eviterno's first attack in phase one involves summoning a gigantic fireball and then hurling it towards you. Run away from the spot where the ball will land, wait for it to touch the ground, and then perform a double jump followed by an air dash towards Eviterno.

If you time it correctly, you will narrowly skim over the explosions that follow the ball and can pass through without taking damage. You can start attacking Eviterno immediately after the air dash, which we recommend!

Snake Orbs

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Eviterno, First Of

Next up are his snake orbs. Basically, he will hurl two stacks of six balls towards you, intertwining and resembling a pair of snakes moving towards you. He will perform this action three times in a row after teleporting behind you each time.

You can slide underneath them, air dash through the middle of them, or time it correctly to air dash through them. However you choose to deal with them, make sure to hit him once or twice after each dodge to start reducing his health early on!

Red Lightning

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Eviterno, First

Red Blitz is another one of his attacks in his first phase. He sends vertically aligned beams of red lightning towards you, forcing you to air dash through them to avoid taking damage.

We recommend attacking him only after he has fired the last beam of the red lightning. Otherwise, you will likely sustain significant damage here, which can be problematic in the later stages of the encounter!

Orb Clusters

Our final attack is the one you should pay special attention to, and that is Eviterno's bullet cluster. In this attack, he will fire a group of four bullets at you. There will be three red bullets and one green bullet, with the green bullet being your secret weapon.

If you hit the green bullet with your weapon, it will be hurled back towards Eviterno and has a high chance of hitting him. When the green bullet touches Eviterno, he will be temporarily stunned, allowing you to execute multiple uninterrupted attacks on him.

When he is in this stunned state, we strongly recommend vigorously striking him with the Veredico (whip) and using the prayer Debla of the Lights to inflict significant damage to his health!

How To Beat Eviterno, Last Desecrator In Phase Two

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Eviterno,

After Eviterno's health is completely depleted, he will draw the sword from the corpse in front of his throne, regenerate his health, and become absolutely unbearable. This phase is not fun. I'm just warning you in advance.

In this phase, Eviterno has approximately eight attacks, with two of them being combos. Essentially, you can consider them as one long attack since he always follows a specific pattern with his attacks. However, that doesn't make this part of the encounter any less annoying, so let's dive in!

Broadslash Combo

To initiate phase two, Eviterno will almost always use his wide swing combo. He will move towards you before executing a wide swing with his sword. Once he starts moving towards you, perform a double jump and air dash behind him.

After that, he will teleport behind you and perform a quick strike with his sword. This can also be avoided by jumping. Do not perform an air dash here, as you will otherwise get caught by the subsequent attack that concludes the combo.

To conclude this action, Eviterno will swing his sword with tremendous force over his head and strike it down on the ground, creating blood shockwaves to the left and right. Immediately after the previous attack lands, perform a double jump and then execute an air dash over the shockwave to avoid taking damage.

After dodging the shockwave and landing, Eviterno will enter a longer recovery phase where you can land three to four solid hits on him. We recommend always taking advantage of this opportunity as it is rare. Trust us on this.

Overhead Slam

Next is his overhead strike. Eviterno leaps through the air towards you and then delivers a devastating overhead blow, causing micro-explosive blood bursts from the ground.

When you see him leaping, you can either start gliding forward to pass beneath him or you can use a well-timed double jump and air dash to go over him just before he lands. Both methods are excellent as they will position you directly behind him.

Once you are behind him, you can land multiple hits and even use a quick Debla of the Lights prayer to cut off a significant portion of his health!

Oval Slash

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat

Next is his Oval Slash, which is often mixed into his attack rotation when you have brought him down to almost half health. This attack can be quite annoying as Eviterno will jump into the air, briefly outline the perimeter of the attack, and then strike.

You can either time your jump and try to get into the center of the Oval Slash to avoid taking damage, or you can start spamming your dodge movement to hopefully slip out of the range in time before getting hit. Both methods are risky and very difficult to execute, but we recommend trying with dodging.

Anyway, you cannot hit him during this attack, so just focus on avoiding damage, as this attack is one of the most painful ones!

Blood Projectiles

Blasphemous 2 How To

Perhaps his least threatening move in the second phase is his blood projectile, where he basically throws a Bleeding Wonder at you. Simply jump over it to avoid taking damage. If you double jump towards Eviterno and perform an air dash, you will also be able to land one or two hits!

Rising Slash Combo

Finally, his last attack in phase two is his ascending slash combo. He initiates the attack series with a devastating swing of his sword, lifting his entire body off the ground as he swings it upwards. Dodge away from him to evade this attack, and then jump to create distance.

Next, he will perform an aerial slash move where he covers a wide area in front of him with a wide downward strike. Continue your evasion as you did with the previous attack, and then prepare yourself for the final part of the combo.

After these attacks, Eviterno will conclude the combo with an overhead slam, which you will handle in the same way as before. However, since this is part of a combo, he will be much closer to you. Nevertheless, you can still perform a double jump and land behind him with an air dash, putting you in the same advantageous position!

How To Beat Eviterno, Last Desecrator In Phase Three

Blasphemous 2 How

When Eviterno has lost about 3/4 of his health, his third phase begins. Fortunately, he no longer regenerates health in this phase. This phase largely resembles the second phase, except for a bizarre section that initiates it, transporting you into a pitch-black room with phantoms of past bosses you have defeated. Fun times!

During the pitch-black room sections of this phase, you cannot inflict any damage on Eviterno, so avoid the phantoms and him at all costs during this time!

Phantom: Lighting Dash/Plungin Flame

Blasphemous 2

After Eviterno summons a wild whirlwind around himself, you will be transported into a pitch-black room. Your first two opponents will be the phantoms of Orospina and Lesmes.

First, focus on Orospina as she will execute her lightning sprint and charge at you with her lightning-infused rapier. Perform a double jump and glide over her, then sprint towards the left corner of the arena and glide beneath Lesmes' ground slam.

Phantom: Flame Cyclone/Fury Spikes


After you have avoided Lesmes' ground slam, he will summon a series of flame whirlwinds, and Infanta will join in by firing his rage spikes. However, if you have managed to reach the far left corner, both attacks will completely miss, and you will avoid taking any damage entirely!

Phantom: Spiked Pillar Ceiling

Next up is Benedicta, who will drop a series of spiky pillars from the ceiling onto you. She will start from the side where she is positioned, which will be the far right side. So make your way towards her, but avoid the first spiky pillar that drops.

After the first spiky pillar falls, quickly slide under the second one as it begins to sink. Then simply stand idle until the rest follows, to avoid taking any damage!

Phantom: Charging Spear

Our final phantom is Odón, who charges at you and then performs a wide strike with his lance. Simply perform a double jump just before he reaches you, then execute an air dash over him to dodge the attack and avoid taking any damage!

Eviterno: Oval Slash

From here, continue your path to the left after successfully evading Odón's attack, as Eviterno appears in the middle of the screen and performs an Oval Slash. By staying in the far left corner, you will completely avoid the attack, and the environment will return to phase two!

Repeat Phase Two

After emerging from the pitch-dark room, Eviterno will resume what he was doing in phase two. Everything is handled exactly as before, and he doesn't gain any new attacks here. Just do what you did to reach this point, and you'll be in the clear!