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Blasphemous 2 How to Defeat Sínodo, the Song of a Thousand Voices

Blasphemous 2 offers a series of challenging boss encounters and tasks you with defeating 11 bosses before the end credits sequence. While some of the...

Jordan Gerblick Sept 01, 2023
Blasphemous 2 How to Defeat Sínodo, the Song of a Thousand Voices

Blasphemous 2 offers a series of challenging boss encounters and tasks you with defeating 11 bosses before the end credits sequence. While some of them will test your patience with multiple phases or "cheap" attacks, others will go all out as soon as you enter their arena and won't stop until they are defeated.

That's the case with Sínodo, Hymn of a Thousand Voices, one of the most impressive bosses in the game. While they may lack multiple phases or cheap attacks during the fight, they more than make up for it with a bombardment of solid and controlled chaos, making it an endurance test for eternity.

Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices Overview

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Sínodo, Hymn Of The Thousand Voices

In the Abyss of the Severed Tower, the eighth boss awaits you in Blasphemous 2: Sínodo, Hymn of a Thousand Voices. Although they are one of the few adversaries without different phases, Sínodo confronts you directly, without any tricks, and unleashes everything they have from beginning to end.

And precisely for this reason, the rewards in the form of Tears of Atonement and Signs of Martyrdom are higher than ever before if you manage to defeat Sínodo!

Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices Rewards

Tears of Atonement


Marks of Martyrdom


How To Beat Sínodo, Hymn of the Thousand Voices

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Sínodo, Hymn Of The Thousand

The majority of Sínodo's attacks are fire-based, while a few are miasma attacks. Therefore, fill all your rosary bead slots with items that protect you from these effects, or else you'll have to struggle much more than you should!

With that being said, Sínodo only has ten attacks, and although that may not seem like much, they all pack a punch. A heavy one, indeed. But if you have the right rosary beads equipped and know how to handle them, you should be able to convincingly defeat them!

Please note that you must hit Sínodo on the main head to deal damage. Strikes to the body or the side heads will be ineffective!

Flame Clouds

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Sínodo, Hymn Of The

Right at the beginning, Sínodo will unleash its attack called "Flame Clouds" against you. It summons a fireball near you and then releases flame clouds downwards that cause massive fire damage upon contact. You can either roll through the flame clouds or float through them using the Fire Orbs to dodge this attack.

There will be more than one Fire Orb as a new one appears once the previous one extinguishes. There will be approximately three of them, but you can dodge them all in the same way. Just make sure you have enough space and time to react to the others!

Double Helix Miasma

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Sínodo, Hymn Of

Next comes the attack "Double Helix Miasma." Sínodo summons small pairs of miasma clouds on the ground, which then spawn red centipedes that ascend and create a double helix pattern.

To dodge this attack, look for the pairs of miasma clouds on the ground and move away from them to the left or right. There should be a large open area without any miasma clouds. Go there and wait for the creepy centipedes to disappear.

This attack deals significant damage, so make sure you're not close to it when it's triggered. You can use the prayer "Bleeding Miracle" to hit Sínodo from a safe distance and inflict substantial damage during this attack!

Miasma Clouds

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Sínodo, Hymn

As soon as the Double Helix Miasma attack ends, Sínodo will summon a wave of Miasma clouds over the ground two to three times, forcing you to use your double jump and air roll to dodge them.

Here, you can jump onto Sínodo and give him a few good punches in the face since it's not too difficult to dodge the Miasma clouds. You just need to time your double jump and air roll correctly to land in the gaps between the waves.

After the waves of Miasma clouds are over, you can land two or three hits on Sínodo before retreating and preparing for their subsequent attacks!

Overhead Flame Clouds

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Sínodo,

From Miasma to Fire: Sínodo will start shooting clouds of fire from a fire orb appearing above their head. Retreat to the other side of the arena and start casting Bleeding Miracles at them to inflict damage without risking your own life!

Beam Of Fire

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat

After that, Sínodo will transform their face into that of a woman before turning into a furious beam of fire with an intense pulse at its base. Staying at the base of the fire beam causes massive damage, just like touching the beam itself.

To avoid this attack, you need to perform a double jump and use an air roll to move away from the fire beam, landing outside of its radius. If it gets closer, perform another double jump so that the attack ends before you touch the ground again. During this maneuver, you won't be able to attack, so just prepare for what's to come because there will be even more fire!

Orbs Of Light

Blasphemous 2 How To

With their new face, Sínodo will unleash a spiraling wave of light orbs, transforming this phase of the battle into a situation with light projectiles. Do your best to slip through the gaps between the orbs and cast Bleeding Miracles at them whenever an opportunity arises.

You can also repeatedly hit them on the head with your weapon once the attack is over. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity as you won't have many chances like this throughout the encounter!

Fire Breathing

Blasphemous 2 How

In their new form, Sínodo will spew fire from the middle face on both sides of their body, covering a wide area in front of them, temporarily forcing you to retreat.

As you may have suspected, you can bombard them with additional Bleeding Miracles and gradually reduce their health from a relatively safe distance without taking too much risk. When this attack ends, you can also land one or two hits with your weapon, which we recommend!

Charging Attack

Blasphemous 2

Next comes their charging attack, where the woman's face charges up before quickly transforming back into the old man and initiating another attack with light orbs. Stay back to dodge the initial explosion of the charging attack, and then evade the light orbs just as you did before.

From here, you will repeat all the previous attacks of Sínodo until you reach their metal face phase, which we will address in the remaining sections!

Metal Face


After reducing Sínodo's health by a little over half, they will transition into a metal-faced form that acts as a DPS check, similar to an MMO boss entering an enraged state where you must quickly kill them or else you'll practically die. In this phase, they only have one attack, which we will explain below!

Metal Face: Orbs Of Light Bullet Hell

When Sínodo assumes the metal-faced form, they will seemingly unleash endless light orbs that are much more intense than before. Here, we recommend trying to maneuver between them, but ultimately, you should focus on using your Bleeding Miracles to significantly diminish their health.

When your fervor is running low, try to get close to them to land a few attacks, then retreat and repeat this pattern until you have accumulated enough to use your Bleeding Miracles again. This is the final stretch and Sínodo's last attack before either you or they meet their end!