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Blasphemous 2: How to defeat Svsona and Fermosa Fembra

Some bosses in Blasphemous 2 will surprise you with their strength and tricks, while others will catch you off guard with their straightforwardness an...

Linda Carroll Sept 01, 2023
Blasphemous 2: How to defeat Svsona and Fermosa Fembra

Some bosses in Blasphemous 2 will surprise you with their strength and tricks, while others will catch you off guard with their straightforwardness and unassuming nature, as is the case with Svsona, Fermosa Fembra, one of the final bosses of the game and one of the easiest.

Although she is not the easiest boss in the game, she certainly falls into the category of contenders due to her limited attack options and the absence of elaborate tricks or phase changes. You can also seek the assistance of Yerma for this encounter, which makes it much more manageable!

Svsona, Fermosa Fembra Overview

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Svsona, Fermosa Fembra

As the ninth boss of the group, we had expected much more from Svsona, as she is likely one of the weakest encounters in the game. Nevertheless, she still holds some influence, albeit with only six or so attacks at her disposal, which is far from the arsenal most bosses can access.

Regardless, Svsona, being one of the last bosses you will encounter on your journey, rewards you with the highest number of Tears of Atonement and Signs of Martyrdom from a boss encounter thus far. That actually makes this encounter quite worthwhile!

Svsona, Fermosa Fembra Rewards

Tears of Atonement


Marks of Martyrdom


Yerma's Helping Hand

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Svsona, Fermosa

If you have been following Yerma's story up to this point and wish to conclude it, this is your chance! However, to do so, you must have spoken to her at the bottom of the Ravine of the High Stones early in the game and obtained her assistance during the battles against Radam├ęs and Afilaor.

After fulfilling these requirements, you must obtain the sacred Oil Key item from the elevated temples in the area to the left of the large shaft that leads back to the City of the Blessed Name.

With the sacred oil in your possession, speak to Yerma in the Two Moons Dungeon and give it to her, so she can assist you once again when you confront Svsona!

How To Beat Svsona, Fermosa Fembra

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat Svsona,

Whether you choose to enlist Yerma's aid or not, Svsona's attack repertoire remains unchanged, and that doesn't say much. Svsona only has access to six attacks, three of which are the same attack but with minor variations.

The fast-paced nature of this encounter certainly makes it challenging, but compared to some previous battles, it is nothing out of the ordinary. If you have made it this far, you can undoubtedly defeat Svsona!

Death Ray One

Blasphemous 2 How To Beat

Svsona often initiates the battle with one of her most frequent and excessively used attacks. She will unleash her initial death beam, sending a large beam of light downward from her headgear and gliding across the upper part of the screen.

Platforms will appear near the center of the stage. Run towards them and position yourself underneath. As the death beam glides across the platforms, it will be unable to hit you, allowing you to avoid any damage!

Orbs: Burst Fire

Blasphemous 2 How To

Another common attack from Svsona is her Burst Fire, where she unleashes a controlled barrage of bullets towards you. They come out slowly enough that you can jump over most of them and dodge with an air dash, while maneuvering through the rest.

You can use your Bleeding Miracle prayer here to hit her, and then close the gap when her bullets dissipate to land some good hits with your weapon!

Death Ray Two

Blasphemous 2 How

After reducing her health bar by a quarter, she will unleash another death beam, this time with fewer platforms to take cover under. The same strategy applies as before, but you have a much narrower window of time to react and safely find shelter beneath the scarce coverings.

Lightning Currents

Blasphemous 2

As she approaches half health, Svsona will make her entire body appear either on the right or left side of the arena. When her full body is present, she will perform two attacks before transitioning to her other actions.

One of these attacks is the Lightning Streams, where she sends waves of vertically oriented electrical threads towards you. Jump and perform an air dash before they reach you to pass through them and avoid all damage.

Between the Lightning Streams, you can use your Bleeding Miracle to hit her from a distance until you get closer. Once you are near her, after the air dash, you can use your weapon and safely land two to three hits if she interrupts that action.

Orbs: Streams And Waves


The other action she performs when her full body is present is the streams and waves of bullets she fires at you. These bullets are stacked in groups of six and will flow through the arena, almost like a wave of water.

Jumping, air thrust, dodging, and blocking will be your best allies during this attack. You can also use your Bleeding Miracle to occasionally hit them after evading the incoming bullets!

Death Ray Three

Finally, she has one more death ray up her sleeve, which provides you with a narrow shield under which you can take cover. This will be handled in the same way as the previous ones, but you need to be careful to dodge it in time.

The pace here is quite fast, making it nearly impossible to succeed. You could get into trouble if you don't have enough health remaining or don't have bile flasks to replenish your health. However, afterwards, she will repeat her most common actions along with this version of the death ray until she is defeated!