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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk vs Jet Set Radio - Which game is better?

There are many games that strive to be different, and two great examples of this are Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and Jet Set Radio. The inspiration of Jet Set...

Hope Bellingham Sept 08, 2023
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk vs Jet Set Radio - Which game is better?

There are many games that strive to be different, and two great examples of this are Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and Jet Set Radio. The inspiration of Jet Set Radio in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is clearly evident, which makes both games ready for comparison.

Although both games try something different, they were both striving to capture a certain kind of magic that is not as common in the gaming world anymore. Whether one succeeded in capturing this magic better than the other is a matter of personal judgment. However, there are enough decisive factors in both games to assess which one truly is the better game.

9 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - Different Gameplay Styles

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Vs Jet Set Radio Which Game Is Better

Although the gameplay styles in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk may not differ significantly at first glance, they are a welcome aspect of the game. The ability to run around, ride a skateboard, and bike adds to the fun and provides plenty of action-packed options without relying on additional impressive modifications.

Each movement style is equipped with the unique motions one would expect, as moving with a bicycle and a skateboard should differ significantly. Despite all that, the game is easy to control and should only take a few minutes to fully grasp, even as you develop your skills while playing.

8 Jet Set Radio - Simplistic Gameplay

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Vs Jet Set Radio Which Game Is

When playing Jet Set Radio, you are immersed in the gaming experience that the game demands from you. You will skate around on inline skates, marking all your targets as quickly as possible while being careful to avoid any trouble that comes your way.

Jumping, grinding, and tagging have rarely been this easy, and that's by no means a bad thing. Everyone should be able to pick up and play the game right away, even if some aspects of it harken back to the time when score-based extreme sports games were popular.

7 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - Actual Combat

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Vs Jet Set Radio Which Game

This game decided to incorporate elements of combat, leading to surprisingly diverse boss battles. Throughout the game, you will interact with various bosses alongside your favorite character, and each one will test your developed skills that you have gained during gameplay.

Additionally, you can teach a lesson to the smaller enemies that stand in your way if you're feeling particularly confident. The combat is not as deep as it could be, but since it wasn't really necessary in the first place, it's a welcome addition to keep things varied.

6 Jet Set Radio - A Killer Soundtrack

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Vs Jet Set Radio Which

The soundtrack of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is undoubtedly a delight, but Jet Set Radio has chosen an even more unique approach and executed it perfectly. The funky soundtrack feels like a bygone era, similar to some music tracks from the Persona games.

Moving at full speed to the bombastic music and tagging is always a lot of fun, and although it's much older, fans of both games could find themselves drawn more often to the groovy and incredible soundtrack of Jet Set Radio.

5 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - Lots Of Charm

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Vs Jet Set Radio

While Jet Set Radio has a style that this game emulates, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk still has its own distinct atmosphere that sets it apart from its source of inspiration. From the world design to the character design and the fantastic graffiti animations, this game has a great charm of its own.

The fun little twists while traversing the world and the boss battles make this game something absolutely unique. The story is nothing revolutionary, but even that exudes a certain degree of delicious cheesiness for those seeking something beyond gameplay.

4 Jet Set Radio - A Distinct Style

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Vs Jet Set

Jet Set Radio manages to visually stand out even today, and that is due to its consistent and distinctive art style. There are not many games that look like Jet Set Radio, and the unique movement mechanics in the game only add to its appeal.

The cel-shaded nature of the art style makes the game appear as if a comic book is unfolding in real-time before you. Even in comparison to Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Jet Set Radio still manages to have a unique and relatively timeless look.

3 Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - A Full Story

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Vs Jet

While Jet Set Radio has a story, it's not really a pronounced narrative but rather an excuse to provide you with an exciting gameplay experience. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk tries its best to offer you a well-developed narrative with meaningful characters.

The overall experience may not be the grandest narrative experience ever brought to the screen, but you'll likely remember characters like Faux, Tryce, and Bel long after playing the game. This is a small victory compared to Jet Set Radio's comparatively simpler story.

2 Jet Set Radio - A Few Tricky Aspects

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Vs

While learning and playing Jet Set Radio isn't too difficult, it's challenging to excel at it. The main reasons that make it difficult to take this game to the next level are design choices, camera struggles, and some weak computer character patterns and actions.

This game was released in 2000 when the era of 3D graphics was still relatively early. Therefore, many of these issues were widespread in games from that time. These things don't make the game bad, but the deeper you dive into it, the harder it becomes to remain loyal to the game.

1 Winner: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

It seems that the consensus among most people and reviews is that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk does everything Jet Set Radio did and much, much more. The world feels significantly more dynamic, and the movement feels tighter than in Jet Set Radio. Additionally, the characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk are much more memorable.

The decision to introduce a series of challenging boss battles was also a great choice as it adds a new level of complexity to the gameplay, which may feel straightforward after a few hours. The soundtrack may not be as incredible for some people, but it can definitely compete with Jet Set Radio. All of this and more makes Bomb Rush Cyberfunk the clear choice when it comes to deciding which game to play next.