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Completing the "Starfield Echoes Of The Past" quest

"Starfields Echoes Of The Past" is the third faction quest of the Crimson Fleet, in which you are tasked by Delgado, the leader of the Crimson Fleet, ...

Chantal Da Silva Sept 25, 2023
Completing the "Starfield Echoes Of The Past" quest

"Starfields Echoes Of The Past" is the third faction quest of the Crimson Fleet, in which you are tasked by Delgado, the leader of the Crimson Fleet, to meet him on the surface of Suvorov. Delgado believes that this is where the legacy of Kryx began, and he desires for you to search for clues, alongside Mathis in the Lock, a former high-security prison of the UC, in order to uncover Kryx's long-lost treasure.

"Echoes Of The Past" is an exhilarating mission where you delve into an abandoned prison infested with insectoid aliens and intergalactic pirates. There is a wealth of loot to be found in this mission, so make sure to bring along a substantial quantity of Digipicks.

Proceed To The Surface Of Suvorov

Starfield Echoes Of The Past Quest Walkthrough

If you initiate the quest "Echoes Of The Past" immediately after completing the quest "Rook Meets King," landing on Suvorov will be a breeze since it is the sole planet in the Kryx system. However, if you are far away, you may need to plan multiple grav-jumps.

Upon landing at the Lock, you will encounter Delgado, the leader of the Crimson Fleet, his loyal companions Mathis, and a few Crimson Fleet Rooks. The landing zone is just a short stroll away from the entrance of the Lock, and Delgado clarifies that your companion must wait outside the Lock. Please take note of this as you enter the prison.

On your way to the Lock, you will be swarmed by Gryllobas, small insectoid creatures capable of burrowing into the ground. Gryllobas are easy to kill individually, but they can pose a threat when attacking in swarms, so stay close to the group.

It is a wise idea to bring equipment with the "Beast Hunter" attribute, such as the UC Antixeno spacesuit, on this mission, as you will encounter swarms of Gryllobas.

Explore The Lock With Delgado

Starfield Echoes Of The Past Quest

Once you enter the Lock, your companion will be forced to stay outside. The entrance to the prison is eerie, and it doesn't take long for chaos to ensue. As you descend the stairs, you will be led into a large room, but before Delgado and you can plan your next move, you will be attacked by a swarm of Gryllobas.

To cleanse the area, we suggest entering the small rooms to funnel the Gryllobas into a bottleneck.

After securing the area, you and Mathis are tasked with entering the control room to find access to the prison blocks. However, as you step into a corridor, the roof collapses, separating you from Delgado and the rest of the group.

Proceed To The Control Room

Starfield Echoes Of The Past

This is where things become intriguing. Mathis reveals that he has a plan to take the information about Kryx's legacy and sell it to the highest bidder. He wants you to assist him in betraying Delgado. You have several options to consider. You can accept Mathis' offer, remain loyal to Delgado, or maintain neutrality until you make a decision.

At the end of the "Echoes Of The Past" quest, Mathis will abandon the plan to betray Delgado.

After the conversation, you will proceed to the control room, but not before hearing gunshots and shouts coming from the main chamber. On the table in the next room, next to the spacesuit workbench, you will find an audio tile named "Partner in Time." The tile provides insights into Jasper's Kryx's prison break.

Once you reach the control room, engage in a conversation with Delgado through the intercom system, and then lift the blockade using the Transfer Area Control Workstation. Don't forget to read the messages on the SpaceWare terminal, as they reveal that Jasper Kryx has been transferred to the D-Block.

Proceed To D-Block

Starfield Echoes Of The

With the security blockade lifted, you open all the doors in the main chamber, allowing Delgado to enter the prison. Your next objective is to access the D-Block. To do so, you enter the now unlocked door at the end of the control room, leading you to a small room with a prisoner intake computer. Activate the auxiliary power supply for the D-Block through the power plant controls to unlock the door to the D-Block.

Proceed To D-Block Guard Tower

Starfield Echoes Of

Now that you have access to the D-Block, you need to make your way across the catwalk to the D-Block Watchtower, where you can unlock the cell block switches in the D-Block and gather information about Jasper Kryx's cell. However, be prepared for a fight, as this area is teeming with Gryllobas.

The D-Block is a massive area divided into different sections by catwalks. There is plenty to explore here and lots of loot, especially if you have a substantial amount of Digipicks with you. However, many areas are locked until you activate the cell block switches.

In the security office of the cafeteria on the catwalk, you can find the tile containing the suspicious stolen goods, along with Kryx's diary entry 04, which is located in a locker in the shower room. Acquiring this skill book permanently reduces the cost of merchant prices and the sale value of items by two percent.

Once you reach the Watchtower, Mathis will once again try to persuade you to betray Delgado.

How To Find Jasper Kryx's Prison Cell

Starfield Echoes

To find Jasper Kryx's prison cell, you need to use the computer at the D-Block Watch Station, open the prisoner records, and search for Jasper's name. To save time, open the prisoner roster for D-Block section 03. This will automatically provide you with the location of his prison cell.

Before leaving the computer, click on the LIMS message at the bottom of the desktop to reveal the location of a weapon stash confiscated by security forces, as mentioned in the suspicious stolen goods tile. It is stored in Cell D-02-106 (Section 02).

You can unlock the cell door to access the weapon stash by activating the switch for Section 02, which is located next to the suspicious stolen goods board.

How To Acquire Jasper Kryx Legacy Information


After looting the weapon stash in Section 02, activate the switch for Section 03 to unlock Jasper Kryx's prison cell. Inside, you will find a couple of credit sticks along with ammunition. Interact with the lamp on his desk to reveal the audiobook "Best Laid Plans." From the audiobook, we learn that Jasper discovered that the Legacy was actually a crashed spaceship belonging to Galbank.

Furthermore, Jasper collaborates with a corrupt security officer named Carter, who has hidden a board called "Carter's Gig" in a locker in the shower room. This board contains the security code for the maintenance access computer in the ventilation room.

The board "Carter's Gig" can be handed over to Lt. Jillian Toft as evidence for the quest "Burden Of Proof" of the Crimson Fleet.

Access Kryx's Escape Tunnel

Once you have obtained the board "Carter's Gig," you can access the maintenance access computer in the ventilation room and open the security door that leads to a loose panel where Jasper Kryx has dug his escape tunnel. The tunnel leads to an armory, and although the prisoners have searched the room for weapons, you will still find a considerable amount of ammunition and weapons there.

Proceed To The Shuttle Bay

After you have taken everything you need, leave the armory and fight your way through the power room, followed by the control room.

You will find the audio log "Sign Of Things To Come" in the control room of the power plant on the desk next to the computer at the end of the room.

Next, enter the guard barracks. Be cautious, as you will be attacked by a large swarm of Gryllobas in the cafeteria area of the guard barracks. You can use the tables to dodge their melee attacks.

After defeating the swarm, go to the left to enter the guards' sleeping quarters. Here, on the desk located on the right side of the room, you will find another audio log called "A Close Call."

Enter The Warden's Office And Contact Delgado

Enter the supervisor's office at the end of the barracks by going up the stairs here. You can loot a military crate and pick up the audio log "Warden's Log," which is located next to Mathis and opposite the door locked with a master lock. This audio log is considered evidence for the mission "Burden of Proof."

Inform Delgado via the intercom about what you have found, and he will open the doors to the shuttle bay, allowing you to escape the detention facility using a shuttle. Delgado explains that he will make his own way back to his ship.

Mathis will confront you again about betraying Delgado. However, this time he will get cold feet and tell you to forget the plan and not to tell Delgado anything about it.

Kill The Gryllobas Queen And Escape The Lock

Now it's time to escape this cursed planet with the shuttle, but not before you kill the Gryllobas Queen emerging from the icy ground. The Gryllobas Queen is a tough boss. However, you will receive support from Mathis, so make sure to heal him if he gets defeated, especially if you are playing on the "Very Hard" difficulty level.

Heavy weapons like the 989 Micro-Cannon would be highly effective here; we used a legendary Bridger that we looted from the military crate in the supervisor's office. However, note that explosives will likely also damage Mathis.

Once you have killed the Gryllobas Queen, use the shuttle and fly to the key. Make sure to loot the credits and items from the cargo hold.

Speak To Delgado

Speak with Delgado on The Key to hand him the audio log from Kryx and plan your next move in the search for the lost Legacy Galbank spaceship. Delgado will give you the Keelhauler, a unique legendary pistol.

Depending on whether you informed Delgado that you found information about Jasper Kryx's legacy or if Mathis found it, Delgado will either keep Mathis in the Crimson Fleet or kick him out, both with implications for future missions.

Next, you need to make a stop at the Lost Nova and speak with Mathis and Naeva. Don't forget to pick up Issue 04 of the "Grunt" magazine on the table next to Naeva. This magazine permanently increases the damage of ballistic weapons by five percent.

To complete the mission "Echoes of the Past" and start the mission "Breaking The Bank," you need to report to General Kibwe Ikande on the UC Vigilance.

While aboard the UC Vigilance, submit all the evidence audio logs to Lieutenant Jillian Toft for the mission "Burden Of Proof." For each audio log you hand over, you will receive 2400 credits and 50 experience points.