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Conflicts Galore: Shaping the Fate of Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 welcomes you to a world filled with breathtaking landscapes, lifelike characters, and enthralling stories. But hold on tight, because ...

George Marston Feb 04, 2024
Conflicts Galore: Shaping the Fate of Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 welcomes you to a world filled with breathtaking landscapes, lifelike characters, and enthralling stories. But hold on tight, because conflicts abound in this beloved fantasy realm. Prepare yourself, for the fate of Faerun hangs in the balance, and as the player, you hold the power to shape its future. Let's delve into the major confrontations you'll encounter on your journey through Baldur's Gate 3.

As you venture into the Emerald Grove, the first major conflict unfolds before you. The local Druids, led by Kagha, demand that the tieflings leave or face the consequences. But there's more to this story than meets the eye. Kagha, a Shadow Druid, has sinister plans for the Grove. Will you help the tieflings evacuate safely, ensure the return of First Druid Halsin, confront Kagha and the Shadow Druids, or perhaps even encourage a chaotic slaughter? The destiny of the Emerald Grove rests in your hands.

The Absolute cultists share the Shadow Druids' disdain for the management of the Emerald Grove. However, their solution involves wiping out the entire Grove, including the tiefling refugees. With internal conflicts plaguing the Grove, they are defenseless without your aid. You can choose to join the protectors of the Emerald Grove, annihilate the cultists at the goblin camp, or succumb to Minthara's charm and attack the Grove itself. There's also the option of ignoring this conflict, sealing off the Grove and leaving the cultists in the dark.

Journeying deeper into the Underdark, you encounter opposing factions. The Myconid Colony suffers under the oppression of the Duergars, led by True Soul Nere. The Absolute cultists seek the colony's destruction, while the mushroom people fight to protect themselves. Each party will implore you to eliminate their foes. The choice is yours: side with Nere and exterminate the gnomes and Myconids, side with the Colony and take on the daunting task of battling the True Soul and Duergar, or simply leave the Underdark, allowing Nere to suffocate in his own troubles.

Even within the seemingly peaceful Myconid Colony, conflict simmers beneath the surface. Sovereign Glut, seeking vengeance for the destruction of his Circle, aims to eradicate the Duergar and take control of the Colony. Will you support Glut's quest for power, or aid Sovereign Spaw in eliminating the rebellious Myconid? But beware, if Glut falls during your Duergar-killing spree, this conflict might not even arise.

A hidden ancient confrontation unfolds at the Mountain Pass. Vlaakith, the Leech Queen of Githyanki, reveals the truth about Orpheus, Gith's son, who is held captive while his supposed death perpetuates Vlaakith's reign of terror. The fate of Orpheus lies in your hands. Free him from his chains, and he will lead the war against Vlaakith's tyranny, or sacrifice Gith's son for your own purposes, whether it's the Emperor's embrace or seizing the power of the Crown of Karsus.

For centuries, Jaheira's Harpers have fought evil forces to protect the Sword Coast and its people. The Cult of the Absolute proves to be their most formidable foe yet, taking a toll on the Harpers. You'll have the chance to join forces with the Harpers and Jaheira in their battle against the cultists or eliminate them by killing Izobel, their protector, at the Last Light Inn.

Shar and Selune, two sister goddesses, find themselves locked in a fierce rivalry. Shar, the deity of loss, holds dominion over the Shadow-Cursed Lands, while Selune, the Moonmaiden, seeks to banish the darkness. To aid Selune, cleanse the Shadow-Cursed Lands, save her daughter Dame Aylin, and guide Shadowheart towards the light. Alternatively, support Shar by destroying Selune's fortress, the Last Light Inn. Keep in mind, though, that resolving their conflict might prove challenging, as they are deities after all.

In Baldur's Gate, powerful criminal organizations clash for dominance. The Guild, firmly entrenched in power, faces a rebellion from the Black Network, determined to reclaim its former glory. The Zhentarim plans an audacious attack on the Guildhall. The choice is simple: support either the Zhentarim or the Guild members during the decisive battle. But remember, your decision will shape the criminal underworld of Baldur's Gate for years to come. You could even turn on both parties and dismantle these organizations entirely.

The Astral Plane is the battleground for an age-old war between Mind Flayers and Githyanki. The Githyanki seek vengeance for past enslavement, while the Mind Flayers strive fordomination and the consumption of sentient minds. This conflict reaches its climax when you encounter the Mind Flayer Nautiloid, a massive flying ship that serves as the stronghold of the Illithids. You can choose to aid the Githyanki in destroying the Nautiloid and eradicating the Mind Flayers, or side with the Mind Flayers and help them achieve their dark ambitions. Alternatively, you may decide to navigate this complex conflict on your own terms, forging alliances or betraying both factions to ensure your own survival.

These are just some of the conflicts that shape the fate of Baldur's Gate 3. As you make your choices, remember that the consequences of your actions will reverberate throughout the world. The paths you choose, the alliances you forge, and the conflicts you resolve or escalate will determine the future of Faerun. So, step into this captivating world and let your decisions shape the destiny of Baldur's Gate 3.