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This is a Cookies Policy that explains how uses cookies and similar technologies. Whenever you use game3a's website, applications, products, advertising services, or other technologies ("Services"), or access websites, applications, or services that use our Services, information may be collected through the use of cookies and similar technologies. We are committed to protecting the personal information we collect from you when you use our Services.

We use these cookies to measure user behavior in order to better develop our Services. Through the use of analytics services provided by third parties such as Google Analytics and ComScore, we can analyze and measure which pages are viewed and for how long, as well as which links are clicked, and use this information to provide more relevant content. Data collected is usually aggregated to provide business analytics, website/platform improvement and performance metrics, and to provide information for our advertising and marketing strategies. Our cookies or the resulting analytics may also be shared with our business partners. We also receive similar information about visitors to websites of our group companies and other partners.


Provide customized content and marketing communications based on the information you access;

Manage online advertising and revenue sharing arrangements. Our approved advertising partners, which primarily include Google (Doubleclick and AdSense), Magnite, Index Exchange, OpenX, Pubmatic, Criteo, and GroupM, use cookies along with web beacons to serve you ads and manage our relationship with these advertisers by tracking the unique number of users who view a particular ad or track whether users click on links within ads;

Manage e-commerce activities through affiliate links and related revenue sharing arrangements;

Measure general user behavior on our website and third-party websites to create profiles based on users' browsing patterns so that we and third parties can target ads to users who are more likely to be interested. This means, for example, that if a user visits a review page about a particular camera, cookies will collect this information and we may target ads for that camera to those users, and if those users visit third-party websites in the same advertising network, those third parties may also target ads for that camera to those users;

Create profiles for trusted third parties to purchase so they can better target their ads and provide more relevant content;

Display ads related to your network search activity on other websites;

Track the number of users who view a particular ad or visit a particular page on our website, analyze the effectiveness of our ads, and provide audits, research, and reports for advertisers.