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Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love Quest Walkthrough

Cyberpunk 2077 places you at the heart of a narrative where you assume the role of mercenary V, who embarks on a quest to prolong their own life. The ...

Jordan Gerblick Sept 27, 2023
Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love Quest Walkthrough

Cyberpunk 2077 places you at the heart of a narrative where you assume the role of mercenary V, who embarks on a quest to prolong their own life. The time available for this endeavor is extremely limited, making any assistance valuable. In their pursuit of a solution, V is prepared to cross any boundary and will stop at nothing.

During the process of tracing Evelyn Parker's location, you will discover that she has inexplicably vanished following an incident that took place during her employment. In order to uncover the truth surrounding this dubious circumstance, you must venture into the Clouds Club for further investigation.

Entering Clouds

Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love Quest Walkthrough

After conversing with Takemura during the quest 'Playing For Time', a new quest will be unlocked, offering you the opportunity to track down Evelyn Parker. However, when you reach out to Judy, she may not be as responsive. Instead, you need to meet her at Lizzie's Bar, where she will disclose the name of Evelyn's place of employment: Clouds.

In close proximity to Judy's room at Lizzie's Bar, there is an accessible room where you can discover the Iconic weapon named 'Lizzie'.

Upon arrival, you will be requested to deposit your weapons in a locker before entering. If you take the time to explore before reaching your designated area, you may come across a projection depicting a recent incident involving Evelyn.

You will be presented with a choice between two dolls, Angel or Skye, and two safewords, 'Afterlife' or 'Samurai'. It is important to note, however, that none of these choices have any impact on the outcome or events in the game.

Once you are prepared, locate booth 009 and engage in conversation with the doll you have chosen. The doll will be aware of your impending demise and will attempt to make you face your fears. While you have the option to let this scenario unfold naturally, the truth is that you are meant to use the safeword and put an end to the charade.

After awakening, the doll will refuse to divulge any information due to fear. You will have the choice to either threaten them, bribe them, or reason with them. Regardless of the approach, they possess limited knowledge. However, they will guide you towards the correct doll located in the VIP Lounge.

Enter The VIP Lounge And Speak With Tom

Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love Quest

Please note that the VIP Lounge is heavily guarded, and without a VIP Token, your progress will be limited. You can search for a solitary guard in the bathroom and incapacitate him. Upon doing so, he will drop the required access card for you to proceed.

With access to the VIP area, you can now navigate to booth 002 and have a brief conversation with Tom. He will provide limited information about Evelyn but will mention the possibility of Clouds' boss, Woodman, being involved in her disappearance. Additionally, he will point you in the direction of Woodman's office.

You can discover the Iconic sword named 'Cocktail Stick' in Evelyn's dressing room.

Woodman's Office

Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love

Proceed to the private area, but remember that your VIP token won't offer protection in this location. It is crucial to remain as stealthy as possible until you reach Woodman's Office. Once inside, engage in a conversation with him. Although he may not display immediate hostility, he will taunt you by discussing the events surrounding Evelyn's fate.

At this point, you have the options to kill him, bribe him, or utilize a special Corpo dialogue to reason with him. If you choose the peaceful approach, he will provide you with the necessary information and request that you exit through the club's rear.

Regardless of your actions, you will discover an elevator at the back that will transport you to the main floor. As you make your way out, you will have the opportunity to retrieve your weapons.