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Dead by Daylight Adept Xenomorph Trophy/Achievement Guide

The day that many Dead by Daylight fans have dreamed and speculated about has arrived. The Alien franchise is finally part of Dead by Daylight, and th...

Fay Watson Aug 31, 2023
Dead by Daylight Adept Xenomorph Trophy/Achievement Guide

The day that many Dead by Daylight fans have dreamed and speculated about has arrived. The Alien franchise is finally part of Dead by Daylight, and the Xenomorph has taken its rightful place alongside iconic killers like Michael Myers from Halloween and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill to terrorize Ellen Ripley once again.

Like all killers before it, the Xenomorph brings three new perks and an achievement. To unlock them, killers need to achieve a merciless rating - a reward for sacrificing all four survivors - in a match. But that's not all - the only perks they are allowed to use while attempting this achievement are the Xenomorph's three unique perks. This guide aims to help players understand the Xenomorph's unique perks and discover what makes them stand out, making it easier to achieve a merciless rating.

What is the Xenomorph allowed to bring?

Experienced Dead by Daylight players can always count on Adept Achievements accompanying new characters. The prospect of limiting their perks may seem daunting to newer players, but striving for these achievements is a great way to get accustomed to a new killer without relying on strategies that work with other killers. Killers are also allowed to bring any add-ons they want!

What's allowed:

Add-On Name

Add-on Rarity

What does it do?

Acidic Blood

Ultra Rare

Injures survivors that stun The Xenomorph within 20 seconds of it leaving a tunnel. Alternatively, this applies the Deep Wound status effect if the survivor is already injured

Improvised Cattle Prod

Ultra Rare

When a Generator is completed, survivors within 10 meters of a Control Station have their auras revealed for 15 seconds. This effect is only available in the 15 seconds after a generator is completed

Cat Carrier

Very Rare

When Crawler Mode is disabled by a turret, the Undetectable status effect is applied for 20 seconds. Undetectable mutes the killer's terror radius, hides their red stain, and blocks their aura from being revealed.

Harpoon Gun

Very Rare

Hitting a survivor within 10 seconds of leaving a tunnel makes survivors further than 24 meters away scream

Self-Destruct Bolt

Very Rare

Increases vaulting speed by 30% while in Crawler Mode

Semiotic Keyboard

Very Rare

Generators within 16 meters of a turret have an aura intensity that matches their repair progress. This means that they'll become more visible when they're closer to being completed.

The rest of them!

Rare, Uncommon & common

A variety of effects that include: Resistance to the staggering caused by Turrets (Emergency Helmet) Applying punishing status effects to survivors deploying turrets (Molted Skin) Speed boosts when exiting a tunnel (Parker's Headband)

The Xenomorph's add-ons are uniquely helpful. Its Ultra-Rare add-ons may not be as game-changing as those of other killers, but the information provided by the "Improvised Cattle Prod" will be very useful for killers who want to quickly achieve success. The "Cat Carrier" will also prove useful for a stealthier playstyle, especially when perks are limited.

Offerings are also allowed, and killers are encouraged to bring offerings that make the survivors' lives more difficult - the Cut Coin to restrict chests, the Clear Reagent to make survivors more easily visible, and the Rotten Oak to bring hooks closer together are all highly recommended. The Memento Mori offerings are not recommended as killing a survivor prematurely gives fewer points for a merciless rating.

What disables killer adept achievements?

Compared to the numerous enhancements that boost the Xenomorph's strength, players should not be too upset about the things they cannot bring.

  • Non-unique perks: no matter how badly players may want to bring Jolt and other generator-blocking perks, only the Xenomorph's three unique perks are allowed.
  • A fourth perk:Players are only allowed to use the Xenomorph's three unique perks - even with all three of them equipped, they can't bring a fourth.

What are the Xenomorph's unique perks?

In addition to its deadly appearance and dangerous corrosive blood, the Xenomorph brings three new perks to the game. Following a recent update in Dead by Daylight, players must prestige the killer at least once to unlock its perks for all other level 1 killers. If the Xenomorph reaches prestige three times, its perks will be unlocked for all other level 3 survivors, and further prestige levels unlock various cosmetics.

Unique Perk 1 - Ultimate Weapon

Dead By Daylight Adept Xenomorph Trophy / Achievement Guide

When the killer searches a chest, this perk is activated for 30 seconds. During this time, any survivor who enters the killer's terror radius will scream and reveal their location. They also suffer from the blindness status effect for 30 seconds, with these values remaining constant at all levels of the perk.

What is the Ultimate Weapon perk good for?

Ironically, this perk is best suited when combined with another killer like the Huntress, who frequently checks chests. Nonetheless, this perk is great for revealing survivors when players want to work on a generator or suspect that a survivor is nearby, and it requires little effort.

What is the Ultimate Weapon perk bad at?

Compared to most other perks that reveal auras, the Ultimate Weapon is not particularly effective - if killers hope to reveal a survivor who recently escaped a chase, the time it takes to check a chest and then get moving gives the survivor a significant head start.

Unique Perk 2 - Alien Instinct

Dead by Daylight Xenomorph Alien Instinct Perk

When a survivor is hooked, this perk is activated. The survivor farthest away from the killer has their aura revealed for five seconds and suffers from the status effect of "Confusion" for 16 seconds at tier 1, 18 seconds at tier 2, and 20 seconds at the maximum level of the perk. The "Confusion" status effect prevents the survivor from hearing the killer's terror radius and heartbeat.

What is the Alien Instinct perk good for?

Alien Instinct is similar to Leatherface's "Barbecue & Chili" perk - it rewards the killer for hooking a survivor by showing them where their next victim can be found. It is especially effective in the early game when survivors are unaware that the perk is being used. Strategic killers can utilize the power of the Xenomorph to quickly approach the unsuspecting survivor - once they are hooked, the lack of cooldown on the perk can lead to a chain reaction.

What is the Alien Instinct perk bad at?

Survivors are notified when they have the "Confusion" status effect, so this perk is not as effective in high-level games. Similarly, survivors playing as a group can alert each other to the presence of the killer, diminishing the effectiveness of Alien Instinct. This perk loses its effectiveness when survivors are experienced and knowledgeable about its mechanics.

Unique Perk 3 - Rapid Brutality

Dead By Daylight Adept Xenomorph Trophy / Achievement

One of the unique perks of the Xenomorph, Accelerated Brutality, completely removes the Bloodlust mechanic. This mechanic grants killers a speed boost when a chase lasts for an extended period of time. Instead, successfully hitting a survivor with a basic attack grants a Haste status effect of 5% for 8 seconds at tier 1, 9 seconds at tier 2, and 10 seconds at tier 3.

What is the Rapid Brutality perk good for?

Killers who are confident in their ability to chase survivors will not frequently activate Bloodlust, making this perk best suited for players with some experience. The speed boost can help reduce the distance in a chase or enable strategic moves where a survivor is hit to reach a nearly repaired generator faster.

What is the Rapid Brutality perk bad at?

Newer killers will definitely struggle with removing Bloodlust, and survivors who are familiar with a map will gladly lead the killer in loops as long as the killer remains occupied. Players who engage in chases will often find that this perk is more limiting than helpful.

Getting a 'Merciless' Match

Dead By Daylight Adept Xenomorph Trophy /

Players should keep these advice in mind to complete a game that unlocks achievements.

  • Add-ons - They're useful for staying aware of survivors, maintaining stealth, and more. There's no reason to avoid them.
  • Practice - The killer's perks and power are only as good as the time put in to learning them.
    • Custom matches - Playing against friends in a low-stakes environment can make practice more fun.
    • Ultimate Weapon - Use it before approaching generators and hooked survivors.
    • Rapid Brutality - Know when to disengage from a chase, or survivors will try to distract you.
    • Alien Instinct - Try using the Oblivious effect to your advantage, and approach the survivor ASAP.
  • Map offerings - These can make life easier, as certain maps favor killers over survivors.
  • Other offerings - While less immediately useful, generating more blood points or hooks can be generally helpful.
  • Play badly on purpose - After a few miserable matches, skill-based matchmaking will make a Merciless game more achievable against weaker survivors.

Dead by Daylight is available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.