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Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle Guide

Destiny 2: The Final Shape promises a magnificent culmination of the saga between Light and Darkness. To prepare yourself for the ultimate confrontati...

Ali Jones Sept 06, 2023
Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle Guide

Destiny 2: The Final Shape promises a magnificent culmination of the saga between Light and Darkness. To prepare yourself for the ultimate confrontation with the Witness, you have the opportunity to add Tessellation to your arsenal of weapons.

Tessellation is a unique special weapon and an incredibly meta-relevant fusion rifle combination around which you should build a loadout, especially if you enjoy grenade regeneration. If you appreciate the design of the new enemy race, the "Subjugators," in Destiny 2, you'll likely want to get your hands on Tessellation as quickly as possible.

How To Get Tessellation

Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle Guide

Currently, the only way to acquire Tessellation is through the pre-order bonus of Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

Despite the limited access to this weapon, the fun factor that comes with it provides an extremely satisfying shooting experience, regardless of the subclass you pair it with.

How To Preorder The Final Shape

Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle

The easiest way to access the pre-order screen for your platform is through the Destiny 2 Director.

Go to the Director and navigate to the small icon floating below the Crucible and Legends icons.

After tapping on "Pre-order Now," you will be redirected to the store of your platform and prompted to complete the purchase.

The purchase is typically charged to your payment method within a week after the DLC's release.

How To Use Tessellation To Its Potential

Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic Fusion

  • Property: Undecidable:
    • Adapts its damage type to match your subclass.
    • Final blows grant grenade energy.
  • Property: Irreducible:
    • Hold Reload to consume your grenade and load a large projectile that generates an elemental explosion on impact.

Now that you have your sleek new Tessellation in hand, it's time to give this beauty a try.

But how can you maximize the unique attributes of Tessellation?

First, you should take note of the two "traits" of Tessellation: Undecidable and Irreducible.

At its core, Undecidable is designed to be used with your preferred class configuration, allowing you to customize the functionality of Tessellation to suit your needs.

One of the best mod combinations for Tessellation is "Firepower," which generates Power Orbs upon a final grenade kill.

This opens the door to a variety of additional combinations that arise from collecting the orbs.

The Void Warlock, Solar Warlock, Void Hunter, Arc Hunter, and each of the subclass trees all have powerful grenade builds that can generate Power Orbs as needed, regenerate health, and much more.

Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic

Irreducible allows you to focus your build on Tessellation itself, if you prefer to concentrate on eliminating enemies rather than generating orbs or utilizing other abilities.

Once you have full grenade energy, hold down the reload button (also known as the alternate action) to activate the "Irreducible" attribute.

Charge your next fusion shot as usual and prepare to become a witness of destruction in the form of a massive energy wave that corresponds to your subclass.

You should use this against larger groups of enemies to fully utilize the destructive properties of the energy explosion.

Alternatively, you can shift towards a respectable DPS (Damage per Second) role by defeating weaker enemies to charge your grenade energy and instead use the elemental explosion against a larger enemy.

The damage from the elemental explosion is quite noticeable, so you will find the greatest success in content that features many enemies from which you can gain grenade energy.