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Differences between the Pixel Remasters and the original versions of Final Fantasy 9

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series updates the graphics of the original games while remaining true to the source material, giving them a refresh...

Hirun Cryer Sept 02, 2023
Differences between the Pixel Remasters and the original versions of Final Fantasy 9

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series updates the graphics of the original games while remaining true to the source material, giving them a refreshed look with a nostalgic flair.

The updated music in the Pixel Remaster version is a highlight in the collection, featuring full-fledged musical arrangements of the unforgettable songs that have inspired generations of players.

Although the Pixel Remaster brings many improvements, some fans were disappointed that the collection does not include additional content from the 2000s ports, such as extra dungeons found in the Game Boy Advance versions.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is a fresh redesign of classic games that have already been remastered multiple times. Square Enix now offers a way to enjoy the first six games of the series in one collection, saving players the tedious task of searching through previous remasters on different platforms.

The Final Fantasy series has remained strong since 1987, and although newer games in the series are visually and audibly very different, many fans still claim that the earlier releases are the best. Over time, the graphics and music in these games have become outdated, but the stories remain just as powerful as ever.

Updated on August 31, 2023 by Quinton O'Connor: Now that the Pixel Remasters are available for PS4 and Switch, we have added some more information about the font issues and taken a moment to change our perspectives on the list in general. Additionally, we have added a section mentioning the absence of GBA content, which is a bit disappointing!

11 Graphics: Refreshed Look, Vintage Vibe

Final Fantasy 9 Differences Between Pixel Remasters and Originals

The most obvious change from the original games to these remasters is the graphical update. While the original sprites are iconic, the Pixel Remaster manages to bring the originals into a high-resolution and widescreen format while staying true to the source material.

Square Enix summoned an old friend to ensure that these pixels bring the original characters back to life. Kazuko Shibuya, a pixel artist who had already worked on the original release, returned to oversee the revision of the characters she co-created over three decades ago.

10 Music: Masterpieces Reimagined

Final Fantasy 9 Differences Between Pixel Remasters and

The music of Final Fantasy has long been a integral part of the franchise. When the first game was developed on the Nintendo Entertainment System, composer Nobuo Uematsu was limited by the system's hardware, yet he was still able to create songs that would inspire generations of players.

Almost 35 years later, Uematsu was able to oversee the complete musical arrangements of these unforgettable songs. The updated music is a highlight in the new collection.

9 No Peninsula Of Power: Grinding The Hard Way

Final Fantasy 9 Differences Between Pixel Remasters

Most Final Fantasy games have some excellent places to train your party, but due to a small coding issue in the original game Final Fantasy, you encounter a special place very early in the game: the Peninsula of Power.

The random encounter system of the original game divides the world map into grids where you encounter different groups of monsters depending on your location. The system is meant to provide you with different monsters on different continents, but the peninsula northeast of Pravoka harbors some strong monsters that are actually intended for the northern continent.

The Pixel Remaster version fixes this phenomenon, so you will have to level up in the conventional way or wait to fight stronger monsters once you can travel with your airship.

8 Move Diagonally: Small Change With Functional Benefits

Final Fantasy 9 Differences Between Pixel

Something that you will notice quite quickly is the ability to move diagonally when navigating the map or dungeons. Most 2D role-playing games only allow you to move vertically and horizontally, so it will feel quite unfamiliar when you start moving diagonally.

This may seem like a fairly simple change that shouldn't make a big difference, but there are some advantages. When you are poisoned, moving diagonally reduces the number of steps you take, allowing you to sustain your TP (Time Points) a little longer. Additionally, speedrunners can shave off valuable seconds from their time thanks to this new feature.


6 Capacity Points Gone: Change Your Job Whenever

Final Fantasy 9 Differences Between

Final Fantasy 3 was a pioneer in the job system. While the first Final Fantasy allowed you to choose a class for each of your party members when you start the game (and later Final Fantasy games expanded on the job system), Final Fantasy 3 was the first game in the series to allow players to freely change the job classes of their characters at any time.

While job switching was an option, it came with a cost in the original game. To change a character's job, Capacity Points had to be expended. However, this is no longer the case in the Pixel Remaster. Players of the new collection can freely switch classes at any time without any penalty.


4 No 2000s Content: Taking A Step Back From AdvanceTerra Branford in the Final Fantasy 6 overworld

With all the things the Pixel Remasters get right, the dedication to perfecting the "original forms" of these six games can become almost slavish and work to their own disadvantage. The biggest complaint from fans about the Pixel Remasters is that they lack the additional content that Square Enix added to the games during their (mostly) 2000s ports.

In other words, it refers to the content that the Game Boy Advance ports, in particular, showcased. Final Fantasy 1 and 2: Dawn of Souls included additional dungeons. Final Fantasy 4 also had them. As for Final Fantasy 5 and 6? Yes, they had additional dungeons too, and some great ones at that. It's a shame because while not everything reaches the same level as the main games, this applies to a lot. Especially for the first two FFs, this can add a lot of fun to an otherwise enjoyable experience.

3 Fonts: Fans Hate It, But You Can Change It

Final Fantasy 9 Differences

One of the first and loudest complaints about the Pixel Remasters was regarding the font used in the English version of the game. For a story-based game without voice acting, having a suitable font that works well is crucial.

The default font is really narrow and leaves a lot of empty space in the text boxes, which makes reading difficult. Fortunately, some people have found a quick solution to replace the font and make reading easier. The PS4 and Switch versions have added another font option, which, although possibly still not perfect, represents a significant improvement. Hopefully, the PC and mobile versions will receive this in a future update.

2 Maps: Never Get Lost Again

Final Fantasy 9

One of the most impressive quality-of-life improvements in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is the map feature. For a series with so many large maps like Final Fantasy, this is a welcome addition. In the upper right corner of the screen, a map of your current location is displayed. These maps are also great for finding treasure chests.

Players who are playing through for the 20th time may know these dungeons by heart, but if you're playing for the first time or it's been a while since you've delved into these worlds, the new map is great. Do you prefer to play in the old-fashioned way without the map? You can turn off the map at any time.

1 Quick Save: Save From Anywhere

Final Fantasy

Classic JRPGs can be ruthless once you find yourself in a dungeon, especially if you're new to the game and don't know what to expect.

The last thing you want is to find yourself deep in the heart of a dungeon with an exhausted party and no way to heal them. With the new quicksave feature in the menu, you can save your progress anywhere in the game. Make use of this new function because it can be dangerous out there.