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Dimitri Blaiddyd: Unveiling the Hidden Depths of the Blue Lions' Leader

In the world of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, where friendships and romances bloom amidst the chaos of war, one character stands out with an incredible c...

Fay Watson Feb 01, 2024
Dimitri Blaiddyd: Unveiling the Hidden Depths of the Blue Lions' Leader

In the world of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, where friendships and romances bloom amidst the chaos of war, one character stands out with an incredible character arc—Dimitri Blaiddyd, the head of the Blue Lions house and heir to the throne of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. But there's so much more to Dimitri than meets the eye, and if you're not paying attention or playing the Blue Lions route, you might miss some fascinating revelations.

Picture this: It's the night of the Millennium festival, and Byleth, the protagonist, decides to sneak out for some quiet time. Lo and behold, they encounter Dimitri doing the same. As they engage in a conversation, Dimitri drops a bombshell—he reveals that Edelgard taught him how to dance and that they were step-siblings! Yes, that's right. Edelgard's mother married Dimitri's father, making them family. Surprisingly, this tidbit is never mentioned in the Black Eagles route.

But wait, there's more! It turns out Dimitri is not only related to Edelgard but also to Claude, the leader of the Golden Deer house. The Leicester Alliance was originally part of the Kingdom of Faerghus, and when the two nations were divided, a cadet branch was formed, making Dimitri and Claude distant relatives. Who knew that these two house leaders had such tangled family ties? It seems that Claude is not as much of a wild card as he appears.

Another key figure in Dimitri's story is Dedue, his loyal second-in-command in the Blue Lions house. Dedue's unwavering loyalty stems from Dimitri saving his life during the Tragedy of Duscur, an event that saw the people of Duscur allegedly betray the Faerghus royal family. In retaliation, Faerghus massacred the people of Duscur, but Dimitri spared Dedue, who then pledged his loyalty to the prince. Their bond is unbreakable, and Dedue cannot be recruited if you choose to join the other two houses.

Now, let's talk about Dimitri's reputation. When conversing with Felix, a fellow Blue Lions member, you'll sometimes hear him refer to Dimitri as "The Boar Prince" in a negative light. This nickname stems from something Felix witnessed during Dimitri's first battle as a commander. But fear not, for their support conversations eventually lead to reconciliation and a stronger bond between the two.

Sadly, in most routes, Dimitri meets a tragic end at the hands of the Adrestia Empire. In the Verdant Wind route, he is stabbed to death by an Imperial spearman, while in the Crimson Flower route, Edelgard herself delivers the fatal blow. However, in the Blue Lions route, Dimitri manages to keep Faerghus from being occupied by the Empire, thus preserving his eye and avoiding capture. You see, in other routes, Dimitri loses his right eye during the five-year gap, resulting in him wearing an eye patch. But in the Crimson Flower route, his eye remains intact, and the bags under his eyes are nowhere to be seen.

Speaking of bags under the eyes, when Byleth reunites with Dimitri after five years, they find him consumed by a ruthless desire for revenge on Edelgard. The constant focus on vengeance has taken a toll, as indicated by the bags under his eyes, or lack of sleep. It's only when Dimitri's dear friend Rodrigue sacrifices himself to save him that he finally realizes the destructive path he's on. From that point on, the bags under his eyes miraculously disappear, symbolizing his return to sanity.

And let's not forget about Dimitri's eyes themselves. They undergo a transformation based on his alignment in battle towards Byleth. During the Blue Lions storyline, his eyes remain their natural blue, signifying his allegiance to Byleth's party. However, if he becomes an enemy, his eyes turn either red or yellow. Red eyes indicate his involvement as part of the main enemy force, while yellow eyes represent his affiliation with a third-party enemy team, as seen in the mock battle and both battles of Gronder Field in the Golden Deer storyline.

If there's one underlying cause for Dimitri's dark side, it's undoubtedly his survivor's guilt. The Tragedy of Duscur left him as the sole survivor, losing many of those close to him. This guilt intensifies when Dedue seemingly sacrifices himself, further driving Dimitri to succeed at any cost, desperate to make up for their absence.

Enter Byleth, the source of strength for all the house leaders. Byleth's influence on Dimitri is particularly pronounced. In the Blue Lions route, Byleth helps Dimitri confront his inner demons and build a better future. Without Byleth's guidance, Dimitri succumbs to his vengeful nature, leading to his tragic downfall. Byleth's support conversations with Dimitri offer glimpses into his troubled past and provide opportunities for healing and growth.

Dimitri's character arc is a testament to the depth and complexity of Fire Emblem: Three Houses' storytelling. From his hidden family connections with Edelgard and Claude to his unwavering bond with Dedue, Dimitri's journey is filled with surprising twists and emotional moments. His transformation from a vengeful prince to a leader who seeks redemption and a brighter future showcases the power of friendship, forgiveness, and self-reflection.

So, whether you've yet to explore the Blue Lions route or you've already witnessed Dimitri's evolution, take a moment to appreciate the hidden depths of this compelling character. Dimitri Blaiddyd is more than just the leader of the Blue Lions—he is a complex individual with a rich backstory, intricate relationships, and a captivating character arc that will leave a lasting impression.