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Divinity Original Sin 2 Here is the best class choice for each main character companion

The pre-made origins in Divinity: Original Sin 2 offer players six unforgettable stories about life in Rivellon, featuring individual narratives that...

Claire Jackson Aug 30, 2023
Divinity Original Sin 2 Here is the best class choice for each main character companion

The pre-made origins in Divinity: Original Sin 2 offer players six unforgettable stories about life in Rivellon, featuring individual narratives that span across multiple playthroughs.

In the game, players can choose three companions who can either be mercenaries or originate from the pre-made origins.

While the pre-made origins have predefined personal stories, players can still decide which classes their companions adopt, allowing for customization options and strategic diversity.

The pre-made origins in Divinity Original Sin 2 offer six unforgettable stories from life in the world of Rivellon, granting players the opportunity to experience personal narratives across six playthroughs. Additionally, players of the Larian Studios title can choose three companions alongside their own character, with three of them being either mercenaries or stemming from the ensemble of pre-made origins.

However, despite the predetermined personal stories of the pre-made origins, players can still decide which classes their companions will assume. The question, however, remains: which class is best suited for each of the six companions?

Updated on August 29, 2023, by Rhenn Taguiam: With the release of Baldur's Gate 3, featuring a rather endearing group of companions, fans interested in Larian Studios' earlier iterations of these player allies may want to explore Divinity: Original Sin 2 and its own array of enchanting campaign partners. Similar to the D&D title, the companions share an Illithid parasite bond. However, in Original Sin 2, the characters are bonded due to their existence as sorcerers, beings capable of manipulating the primal forces of the universe itself. For players who wish to try out Original Sin 2 and select their own companions, it may be intriguing to assign them classes that either support their character themes or deviate enough from them to add spice to the proceedings.

6 Beast: Capitalize On Sneaking

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Loud and proud, Beast possesses an adventurous spirit that can inspire players to face all odds. He is the sole pre-made origin representing the dwarves, and brings forth the talents of Sturdy (increasing dodge chance by 5% and maximum vitality by 10%) and Dwarven Guile (+1 Sneak).

Thanks to his dwarven nature, Beast masters the Geomancer ability "Petrifying Touch," which inflicts earth damage and temporarily petrifies a target. As Beast, he can summon the Blinding Storm, causing moderate air damage and inflicting blindness for one round.

Recommended Starting Class: Rogue

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By default, Beast will request to become a battle mage. However, players may potentially find better use for him as a rogue. This class utilizes the rogue skill school and relies on abilities centered around critical damage through backstabbing attacks.

As a rogue, Beast gains skills specifically designed for assassinations. Adrenaline grants him additional action points per round, while Throwing Knife grants him ranged capabilities and Backlash creates opportunities for backstabbing attacks. Additionally, Beast's dwarven cunning enhances his potential for sneakiness, making him a perfect fit for the class and its stealthy nature.

Recommended Starting Class: Shadowblade

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The Shadowblade starts with the talent Guerilla, which amplifies backstabbing attacks by an impressive 40 percent. In combination with the initial abilities of Rogue 1 and Polymorph 1, the Shadowblade Beast will already possess a remarkable arsenal.

For instance, the Chameleon Cloak (Polymorph 1) alone ensures the Shadowblade remains in stealth mode, while Backlash (Rogue 1) guarantees a backstab attack that adds both critical damage and the 40% bonus. Furthermore, Chicken Claw (Polymorph 1) can transform most enemies into chickens, rendering them powerless.

Recommended Starting Class: Battlemage

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Players who wish to stay true to their companion's theme may consider selecting the desired starting class, making the battle mage an ideal choice for Beast. This starting class utilizes the skill schools of Aerotheurge and Warfare, focusing more on knocking down enemies (Battering Ram, Warfare 1) and blinding them at the beginning of combat (Blinding Radiance, Aerotheurge 1) or shocking them (Shocking Touch, Aerotheurge 1).

The immediate access to a variety of melee and ranged abilities makes the battle mage a useful class for Beast's starting attributes. His additional dodge chance and vitality can make him more resilient in combat, and the ability to summon the Blinding Storm can enhance his overall survivability in encounters.

5 Fane: Maximize Lifesteal

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The scholar (and skeletal) Fane will quickly explain that he is an Eternal, a member of a forgotten civilization whose history he seeks to rediscover. He is the only pre-made origin representing the undead and brings forth the talents of Clever (+2 initiative and 5% critical chance) and Undead (immune to bleeding, heals from poison, takes damage from healing).

As an undead, Fane can utilize the ability "Play Dead" to make enemies ignore him for a maximum of three rounds. Fane's unique source ability is "Time Warp," which grants an extra turn in combat to one of his allies.

Recommended Starting Class: Inquisitor

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Although he requests to become a wizard, players may find Fane more useful as an Inquisitor, combining the skill schools of Warfare and Necromancy. Inquisitors start with the ability Battering Ram (Warfare 1), allowing them to charge and knock down enemies. At the same time, Mosquito Swarm (Necromancy 1) is a nasty area effect that grants life steal, and Blood Sucker (Necromancy 1) leeches life from blood surfaces.

Thanks to his undead nature, Fane is immune to poison and bleeding, which also makes him perfect for the role of a frontline tank. Furthermore, the life-stealing property of the necromancy skill school is a good solution for Fane's weakness to healing effects.

Recommended Starting Class: Wizard

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With ease, the wizard Fane offers some of the best damage-dealing abilities in the game, embodying the pinnacle of combat magic. This class possesses the talent "Farsight," which increases the effective range of abilities by 2 meters, which is particularly significant for glass cannons. Additionally, they receive enhancements in Pyrokinetics and Geomancy, providing the wizard Fane with a formidable range of abilities early on.

Fossil Strike (Geomancy 1) is an easy way to create oil puddles in any area. Meanwhile, Searing Daggers (Pyrokinetics 1) not only cause basic fire damage but can also ignite oil puddles. Additionally, Ignition (Pyrokinetics 1) is a close-range attack that can deter pesky rogues and warriors.

Recommended Starting Class: Witch

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While the scholarly Fane requests to start as a wizard, players of Original Sin 2 can utilize his rather decayed appearance as a foundation for the witch class. With abilities in both the rogue and necromancy domains, the witch relies on life-stealing tactics, creating opportunities for the team to attack the enemy while they are vulnerable.

As a witch, Fane has access to the talent "Leech," which restores his vitality whenever he steps on blood. This works well with the rest of the witch's toolkit, as necromancer abilities such as Mosquito Swarm (Necromancer 1), which already grants life-stealing, can still leave blood surfaces. Among the starting abilities are also Chloroform (Rogue 1), which can put enemies to sleep, and the ability to raise a bloated corpse (Necromancer 1), turning it into an additional ally or a walking flesh bomb.

4 Ifan Ben-Mezd: Add Lethality To Distance

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Ifan recently retired from the infamous Lone Wolves, but his reputation as a mercenary continues to follow him to this day. This time, Ifan returns from retirement to complete one final mission. As a human, Ifan possesses talents unique to them. He is frugal (+1 Bartering) and resourceful (receives +2 Initiative and +5% critical chance).

As a human, Ifan possesses the ability "Encourage," which can provide a boost in strength, finesse, constitution, and intelligence to himself and his allies. Furthermore, his spiritual nature allows him to summon his Soul Wolf, a wolf that will aid Ifan and his team for a limited time.

Recommended Starting Class: Ranger

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Although Ifan will request to start as a Wayfarer, players may find a more practical playstyle as a Ranger. Despite minor differences between these classes, the Ranger's emphasis on Huntsman and Pyrokinetics makes them more offensive fighters.

Rangers start with Elemental Arrowheads (Huntsman 1), which allow them to alter the battlefield's conditions using different types of arrows. Meanwhile, "Peace of Mind" (Pyrokinetics 1) is a great buff. "Ricochet" (Huntsman 1) is a useful long-range attack to assist at the beginning.

Thanks to Ifan's Soul Wolf, his Ranger will have a practical melee companion who can defend him against various threats. Additionally, as a Ranger, Ifan can utilize his resourcefulness, which increases critical hits and initiative, to take advantage of the early turn and deal as much damage as possible.

Recommended Starting Class: Wayfarer

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In contrast to the ranged-focused Ranger, the Wayfarer Ifan has more flexibility when it comes to controlling the battlefield. His specializations in Huntsman and Geomancer allow him to manipulate the battle to favor his ranged arsenal. The talent "Pet Pal" grants him the ability to speak with animals, opening up a variety of side quests and entertaining conversations along the way.

In combat, "Pin Down" (Huntsman 1) is an easy way to stun targets, while "Fossil Strike" (Geomancer 1) grants the Wayfarer Ifan guaranteed oil puddles. In combination with Elemental Arrowheads, the Wayfarer Ifan can adjust his attacks to the elemental weakness of an enemy.

Recommended Starting Class: Rogue

Divinity Original Sin

Ifan's status as a retired mercenary returning for one last mission aligns with his desired class as a Wayfarer, although choosing a Rogue also reflects his expertise in tracking down enemies in Original Sin 2 combat. Opting for this starting class grants him access to Rogue, Sneaking, and Dual Wielding, encouraging an attack-oriented playstyle. Furthermore, his access to resourcefulness (+2 initiative, +5% critical chance) and Encourage (to boost finesse) can further enhance his damage potential.

Having access to the talent "The Pawn" grants him +1 AP for free movement, allowing him to position himself more effectively. However, the Rogue Ifan shines through his access to deadly abilities early on. Adrenaline (Rogue 1) grants him +2 AP at the cost of -2 AP in the next turn, providing him with many opportunities for multiple attacks. Throwing Knife (Rogue 1) is a ranged attack for emergencies, while Backlash (Rogue 1) can be exploited for high DPS in the early game.

3 Lohse: Manipulate The Battlefield

Divinity Original

Unfortunately, Lohse is thrust into the unsettling realm of divinity as dark entities threaten to take control of her mind. As a human, Lohse shares the talents common to this race. She is frugal (+1 Bartering) and resourceful (receives +2 Initiative and 5% critical chance).

As a human, Lohse possesses the ability "Encourage," a skill that boosts most primary attributes of herself and nearby allies. Due to her nature, her innate Source skill is Madman's Enchantment, which causes madness in targets, compelling them to attack the nearest living creature, be it ally or foe.

Recommended Starting Class: Enchanter


Lohse will request to start as an Enchanter, which is also the most ideal class for her as a mage. The class begins with a good combination of Hydrosophist and Aerotheurge, leading to devastating area-of-effect attacks. The combination of Rain (Hydrosophist) and Electric Discharge (Aerotheurge) can create a powerful area-of-effect attack, while Hail Strike (Hydrosophist) can freeze unsuspecting enemies. As Lohse levels up, the combination of skills from these schools can grant her access to strong healing, buffs, and debuffs.

Thanks to Lohse's resourcefulness, her advantage at the beginning of the battle allows her to position herself correctly and gain the upper hand. More importantly, the Madman's Enchantment enables her to sow chaos among her enemies and potentially eliminate the need to fight against them altogether.

Recommended Starting Class: Witch

Witch Lohse embraces her innate darkness. With Necromancer 1 and Rogue 1, Lohse can easily harness supernatural powers to obey her commands. The talent "Leech" in this class allows her to skillfully self-heal by absorbing blood surfaces.

In terms of abilities, Lohse can become more cunning than ever before. Chloroform (Rogue 1) is an easy way to stun targets, while Mosquito Swarm (Necromancer 1) is a practical method for life stealing. And when enemies perish due to her harassment, raising a bloated corpse (Necromancer 1) is a simple way to create an ally who fights for her—and the summon can explode upon command.

Recommended Starting Class: Conjurer

During the player experience in Original Sin 2, it is repeatedly hinted that Lohse has a darker side. This makes the Summoner an ideal thematic choice, as Lohse's ability to tap into dark forces can be reflected in her summoning ability. As a Summoner, she gains access to the talent "Animal Empathy," which allows her to speak with animals.

Where Lohse as a Summoner truly shines, however, is her access to various summonable objects that can greatly assist the group. The Elemental Totem (Summoning 1) can create stationary turrets that provide additional firepower against enemies, while the Summoned Incarnate (Summoning 1) is an elemental creature that can tank for Lohse. Similarly, the Dimensional Bolt (Summoning 1) is a handy long-range spell for emergencies.

2 The Red Prince: Play With Tactics

Banished from the Lizard Empire, the Red Prince strives to reclaim his rightful place on the throne. As the sole representative of the Lizards among the pre-made Origins, the Red Prince possesses talents unique to his race. He is demanding (gains 10% Fire and Poison Resistance) and possesses the Enchanter's Song bonus (+1 Persuasion). He can even dig holes without using shovels, like all Lizards.

Due to his nature as a lizard, he possesses the Dragon's Blaze, a lizard's breath attack that deals fire damage. Unique to the Red Prince is the Source skill Demonic Stare, which allows him to steal magical armor.

Recommended Starting Class: Metamorph

Although the Red Prince requests to become a fighter, his skill set might align more with the archetype of the Metamorph. Specializing in the school of Polymorph skills expands the focus on warfare of the knight and fighter. The Metamorph starts with the ranged ability Tentacle Lash (Polymorph) and an offensive ability using Bull Horns (Polymorph). Additionally, Chicken Claw (Polymorph) will allow him to transform any enemy (yes, even bosses) into a chicken—a move that will significantly impact many battles.

As the Red Prince, his Dragon's Blaze and Demonic Stare align perfectly with the Metamorph's emphasis on shapeshifting. Furthermore, his aforementioned additional resistance abilities allow the Red Prince to make optimal use of the Metamorph's melee capabilities.

Recommended Starting Class: Fighter

Although less extraordinary, the Red Prince can certainly utilize his default class as a Fighter to maximize his potential as a frontline defender on the battlefield. Fighters start with Warfare 1 and Geomancer 1, granting the Red Prince a variety of hard-hitting abilities. The Opportunist talent of this class ensures that he attacks anyone attempting to leave his proximity. And before they do so, the available abilities ensure that they will take a hefty beating.

Fortify (Geomancer 1) grants the Red Prince a significant defense boost, while Battering Ram (Warfare 1) is a skillful strike to interrupt enemies. Bouncing Shield (Warfare 1) provides a handy ranged attack to reach pesky ranged fighters.

Recommended Starting Class: Ranger

The charismatic Red Prince is an incredibly interesting companion to have in a playthrough of "Original Sin 2," and the Ranger is a fitting starting class that aligns with his combat prowess. In contrast to his desired melee fighter class, the Ranger is a marksman capable of eliminating enemies from a distance. He begins with the talent Arrow Recovery, which grants him a 33% chance to recover special arrows.

In terms of solid character development, the benefits of the Red Prince complement the initial abilities of the Ranger quite well. The Red Prince's natural resistances (Demanding) allow him to create elemental arrows based on nearby surfaces (Elemental Arrowheads, Huntsman 1). Additionally, gaining access to Peace of Mind (Pyrokinetic 1) grants him dexterity enhancements, which is the attribute associated with ranged damage from abilities such as Spread Your Wings (Huntsman 1).

1 Sebille: Expand Stealth Tactics

As a former slave, now freed from her shackles, Sebille seeks revenge on her master, who trained her to become an assassin. As the sole representative of the Elves among the pre-made Origins, Sebille possesses traits that are unique to her. She has the talent Ancestral Knowledge (+1 Scholar) as well as Corpse Eater, which allows her to gain information and/or abilities by consuming body parts.

As an Elf, she possesses the skill Flesh Sacrifice, which allows her to sacrifice vitality to gain 1 AP and a damage bonus. Unique to Sebille is the Source skill "Break the Shackles," which is essentially an instant debuff spell.

Recommended Starting Class: Shadowblade

Although Sebille wishes to develop as a Rogue, she could be more efficient as a Shadowblade. In contrast to the skill set of the Rogue, which is exclusively focused on rogue abilities, the Shadowblade expands her repertoire by adding Polymorph.

The Shadowblade starts with the classic Backlash ability of the Rogue. Additionally, she possesses Chameleon Cloak (Polymorph), granting her invisibility, and the game-changing Chicken Claw (Polymorph). This utilizes the potential of the Shadowblade for surprise attacks. In addition to these abilities, Sebille's additional action points from Flesh Sacrifice and debuffs from Break the Shackles allow her to maneuver easily on the battlefield.

Recommended Starting Class: Rogue

Sometimes, the most direct path offers the greatest flexibility, and the Rogue Sebille provides ample room to shine. Equipped with Rogue 1, the Rogue Sebille allocates her other attribute bonuses to dual-wielding and Sneaking. As a result, the Rogue Sebille starts as perhaps the finest scout or assassin in the game. The talent The Pawn grants her +1 AP of movement, which is practical for pursuits and escapes.

At the same time, Adrenaline (Rogue 1) of this class allows Sebille to gain AP when needed. Her throwing knife (Rogue 1) is a practical ranged attack, while Backstab (Rogue 1) is a powerful ambush that guarantees critical hits - if used correctly, it can be deadly.

Recommended Starting Class: Enchanter

If players don't choose Sebille as one of their main companions, they will encounter her and her elven brothers later in their playthrough of Original Sin 2. With this theme in mind, Sebille can become an extremely deadly enchantress. Her access to Flesh Sacrifice for additional AP can serve her well as a spellcasting class, as the enchanter ensures that Sebille's ranged spells reach much farther than normal attacks thanks to the "Far Out Man" talent.

Furthermore, as an enchanter, Sebille gains access to some of the best interactive abilities in the game. Rain (Hydrosophist 1) allows her to create water that can remove dangerous burning surfaces and drench creatures within it. She can then use Hail Strike (Hydrosophist 1) to either chill those targets or shock them with the help of Electric Discharge (Aerotheurge 1).

Divinity: Original Sin 2 was released on September 14, 2017, and is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iPad.