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Elden Ring's 13 strongest summoning formulas, ranked:

One of the best features of Elden Ring is the variety of character builds. You can play and fight however you want, even if you never want to personal...

Jordan Gerblick Sept 14, 2023
Elden Ring's 13 strongest summoning formulas, ranked:

One of the best features of Elden Ring is the variety of character builds. You can play and fight however you want, even if you never want to personally engage with a terrifying boss.

Here's where summoning comes into play. Summoning is magic powered by faith and can be discovered throughout the game world, including some hidden locations, so keep your eyes open. These are the best summons you should definitely have in your repertoire.

Updated on September 13th, 2023, by Andrew Scariati: If you're looking for the best offensive summons in Elden Ring, you're in the right place. While it's impossible to ignore the benefits of summons like poison healing or recovery, patch updates have shaken up the best summons for combat in Elden Ring.

Master these powerful summons and prepare yourself for the Shadow of the Earth Tree.

13 Cure Poison

Elden Ring 13 Strongest Incantations, Ranked

One of the most frustrating aspects of fighting a strong enemy is when it poisons you. You watch as your health bar steadily decreases, without any way to stop it. Fortunately, there is a way to stop it, and it is also relatively affordable.

The summon "Poison Healing" stops any poisoning inflicted upon you. That alone is already useful, but the affordable price and the fact that you can even cast it while fleeing from the enemy make it one of the best summons overall.

You can find the summon "Poison Healing" in the Roundtable Fortress, where you can speak with Brother Corhyn and purchase it for 1,000 runes.

12 Glintstone Breath*

Elden Ring 13 Strongest Incantations,

When it comes to summons, a good seal is the best early weapon you can find, as it significantly enhances options like the Radiant Stone Breath.

The Radiant Stone Breath is perfect for any enemy resistant to fire or healing damage. Summoning the Radiant Stone Breath transforms you into a fearsome dragon that spits magical fire onto an unsuspecting foe. It deals an impressive amount of damage considering it requires 40 stamina to cast and can even be used while riding on horseback.

The summoning of the Radiant Stone Breath can be found in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, right at the Dragon Communion Altar, and can be acquired in exchange for a Dragon's Heart.

11 Rejection

Elden Ring 13 Strongest

Sometimes, you don't need spells that mitigate effects or cause massive damage. After all, as a spellcaster, it's crucial to have a variety of spells to be able to respond to any situation. Versatility is what makes the summoning "Rejection" so useful.

This summoning allows you to unleash a powerful shockwave onto an enemy, often knocking them back several meters and, if you're lucky, even causing them to fall. At the very least, it can keep enemies at a distance and sometimes you can skillfully push them off a cliff.

You can purchase the summon "Rejection" from Brother Corhyn in the Roundtable Fortress for 600 runes.

10 Flame Sling

Elden Ring 13

When it comes to casting summons, everyone wants to get their hands on a fireball that deals massive damage and is incredibly fun, like the Flame Slinger.

The invocation of the Flame-Slinger creates a significant fireball and allows you to throw it at the enemy. The more you charge it and the better your seal is, the more powerful and deadly the Flame-Slinger becomes. One would expect it to be expensive and time-consuming to cast, but it is quick, affordable, and can even be cast consecutively if you have enough faith.

The invocation of the Flame-Slinger can be acquired from Brother Corhyn in the Roundtable Fortress for 800 runes.

9 Catch Flame*

Elden Ring

Fire is one of the more entertaining types of summoning that one can use, due to its power and the explosive appearance when casting it.

Flame Grasp is one of the most powerful and damaging summonings in Elden Ring, offering these great attributes despite its short range:

  • Features a low Stamina Cost of 17 and FP cost of ten.
  • Deals Seal Scaling Fire damage.
  • Uses only one Memory Slot.
  • The cast speed is very fast.

Get the summoning "Flame Grasp" in the Roundtable Fortress for 600 runes. Just look for Brother Corhyn.

8 Flame, Grant Me Strength*


"Flame, grant me strength" is an exceptional augmentation incantation, ideally suited to maximize the potential of fire-based summonings such as "Flame Grasp." With a relatively modest expenditure of 16 stamina points, "Flame, grant me strength" bestows upon me the following benefits:

  • 20 percent more Physical damage (15 percent in PvP).
  • 20 percent more Fire damage (15 percent in PvP).
  • An 11 percent increase in Stamina recovery speed.
  • A 30-second duration for these buffs.
  • The ability to stack with other buffing incantations.

These advantages are incredibly potent when combined with the appropriate weaponry and other enhancements. Do not underestimate the benefits of this summoning. While it may seem like a time-consuming endeavor, you will witness a dramatic disparity in your battles when these substantial damage bonuses are active.

It can be found on a corpse near the chariot, located behind Fort Gael. Exercise caution when retrieving it.

7 The Flame Of Frenzy

The summoning "Flame of Madness" is perfect for ranged damage. This lethal summoning is highly effective against weaker groups and formidable bosses, but be wary of the emerging madness that affects both you and your target.

The Flame of Fury is best utilized when you have ample time to fully charge it, as it grants you additional bolts and an extended range, along with these effects:

  • Decent Stamina cost of 30 and an FP cost of 16.
  • Deals five stance damage per uncharged flame and nine per charged flame, for a total of 20 when uncharged and 56 when charged if all flames hit.

To acquire this summoning, you must engage in battles against rats in the Baptismal Church of Callu, located on the Weeping Peninsula.

6 Greyoll's Roar

While the Roar of Greyoll may be somewhat costly to cast, it is one of those summonings that is undeniably worth the price. After all, who wouldn't want to inherit the power of a legendary ancient dragon? This area-of-effect spell may not necessarily inflict actual damage, but sometimes that is not even necessary.

All it has to do is weaken the enemies that are a bit too strong for your taste. Greyoll's roar transforms you into a mighty dragon that roars, thereby reducing the enemy's attack power and defense, giving you the ability to effortlessly annihilate them.

Go to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion and exchange three Dragon Hearts to obtain this summoning.

5 Heal

Who doesn't need more life force? Having a healing summon always by your side is crucial, and that's exactly what makes it so useful and powerful.

However, it is worth mentioning that there are numerous healing summons in Elden Ring, so it's more of a personal opinion when it comes to finding the right one for you.

Heal has a moderate casting time, but it restores a good amount of health and doesn't cost much faith, which means you can cast it for a longer duration compared to many other healing spells. Whether it's Heal or another version of this summoning, make sure you always have one ready.

You can purchase this summoning at the Round Table Hold from Brother Corhyn for 1,500 runes.

4 Dragonfire

Transforming into an imposing dragon in the midst of battle is undoubtedly a great thing. It's enjoyable, and the spells that enable it are usually quite powerful. This is precisely the case with both Dragonfire and Dragonice, which are identical except for their elemental nature. Therefore, the focus will be on Dragonfire.

This summoning is excellent for hitting more than one enemy at once, even though it requires a significant amount of faith to charge. That being said, it deals an incredible amount of damage, and the casting speed is fast.

Spend a Dragon Heart in the Church of Dragon Communion to obtain this summoning.

3 Beast Claw

Often rated as the best summoning in Elden Ring, the Beast Claw is incredible. Once you've used it, you'll realize just how powerful this summoning truly is. After all, everyone wants an area-of-effect spell that deals tremendous amounts of damage and requires very little energy to cast.

The summoning of the Beast Claw strikes the enemy with claws in a wide cone, often causing smaller foes to fall or leaving heavier ones stumbling in confusion. You can also charge it up for greater damage if desired.

If you want to obtain the Beast Claw, you must complete Gurranq's questline without killing him.

2 Black Blade*

This summoning fits perfectly into your Faith/Strength build, especially if you aim for a cosplay in the style of Maliketh.

The Black Blade will exert the following effects on your target:

  • Reduces target's max HP by ten percent for 15 seconds.
  • Saps enemy HP for two seconds.
  • Deals ten stance damage.

In addition to these fantastic effects, the stamina cost of the Black Blade has been reduced from 51 to 44, allowing you to chain the summons more easily. Perhaps the only major drawback of this summoning is that it occupies two slots and limits access to other powerful summoning combinations.

You can exchange the Memory of the Black Blade with Enia at the Round Table Hold for this summoning after defeating Maliketh.

1 Golden Vow*

This powerful Earth Tree summoning undoubtedly belongs to the best summonings Elden Ring has to offer, as it increases both the attack and defense of you and your allies for 80 seconds. Since this is a general damage increase, you can use your preferred type of damage along with this buff.

At the cost of 50 stamina, you'll receive:

  • 15 percent more damage (7.5 percent in PvP)
  • Ten percent damage negation (five percent in PvP)
  • A buff that stacks with Flame, Grant Me Strength

Given the tremendous benefits that the Golden Vow provides and the potential stackable bonuses you can combine with it, it is challenging to find a better summoning.

Travel to Mt. Gelmir and find the Corpse Stench Hut to obtain the best summoning formula in Elden Ring.