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Every decision you can make in Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, you play as an independent pilot referred to as 621, working as a mercenary. You are free from any ties to warrin...

Jordan Gerblick Sept 09, 2023
Every decision you can make in Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, you play as an independent pilot referred to as 621, working as a mercenary. You are free from any ties to warring corporations or resistance groups like the Rubicon Liberation Front and can collaborate with anyone who pays, often switching sides from mission to mission.

Although there are advantages to emotionally disengaging from the battlefield early on, ultimately, you will have to decide which missions you want to undertake based on whom you will assist and what is demanded of you. Your choices will determine the outcome you reach, and the alliances you forge will forever influence the planet Rubicon. Here is a list of every decision you will make on your journey through AC6.

Warning: This article still contains spoilers for Armored Core 6, including New Game + and New Game ++.

5 Chapter 3

Every Decision You Can Make In Armored Core 6

The first two chapters of AC6 will not give you any decision-based missions as you familiarize yourself with the game and its characters up to that point. Once you have learned who all the warring organizations are, you will understand the root of the conflict in the game and be better able to decide which side you sympathize with more.

Towards the end of Chapter 3, you will encounter your first major decision. You must choose whether to assist Balam Industries in eliminating the enforcement commandos sent by the Planetary Closure Administration (PCA) or help the Arquebus Corporation in neutralizing the PCA's Special Operations Unit, facing off against the AAS02: CATAPHRACT in a boss battle.

Although this early decision may seem less significant at first glance, as you will be fighting against the PCA regardless of your choice, remember that this decision directly influences the ending you will receive.

4 Chapter 4

Every Decision You Can Make In Armored Core

While the decision in Chapter 3 undoubtedly shapes your experience moving forward, the decision-based missions in Chapter 4 may be the most significant in the game, especially during your initial playthrough. In fact, a conversation overheard by the handler Walter makes it very clear that the choice is now in your hands.

In Chapter 4, the decision requires you to either intercept Balam's Redguns or raid the Vespers of Arquebus. At this point, you must make a decision about where your loyalties lie with the corporations and how much you trust either Handler Walter or Ayre.

3 Chapter 5

Every Decision You Can Make In Armored

The final chapter of AC6 is just as epic and impactful as one would expect, and within it, you must make one of the most important decisions of the game.

During this chapter, you will receive a call from Cinder Carla, revealing new information about her and Handler Walter's ultimate ambitions. She will explain her true loyalties and enlighten you with some surprising information about the ideals of her organization. If you feel that these goals align with your own, you can accept Carla's mission and join her side.

Alternatively, you can also choose to side with Ayre, who will contact you to express their preference for your choice. Ayre and the Rubicon Liberation Front will directly oppose Carla's plans, so the decision between the two will significantly impact both your final mission and the unlocked ending upon its completion.

2 New Game +

Every Decision You Can Make In

Your first playthrough in New Game + will offer at least one new decision-based mission - you can choose whether to carry out the Tunnel Sabotage mission or help the Liberation Front prevent corporate sabotage of their new technology. Due to the limited new choices, it is recommended to select the options you did not choose the first time in order to see both of the initially available endings in AC6.

Even though there may not be many obvious decision-based missions in New Game +, you will occasionally come across ALT missions that take over completed missions and add new options or gameplay mechanics to experience them in different ways. These tasks sometimes include new decision-making opportunities for you as well.

An example: One of your earliest missions in AC6 requires you to collaborate with two Arquebus Mechs - G4 Volta, the boisterous commander who presents you with the missions, and G5 Iguazu, who is not skilled - to attack a dam controlled by the Rubicon Liberation Front. You can complete the mission as usual, but in the middle, you receive a call from the Liberation Front, offering you double the COAM to instead disable the two Balam ACs.

If you accept this request, not only will you have the pleasure of silencing Iguazu, but you will also unlock a new mission from the Liberation Front, making it worthwhile to keep an eye out for these ALT missions.

1 New Game ++

Every Decision You Can Make

Your third playthrough of AC6 may be the most crucial one. Here, you should be highly mindful of the decisions you make, as your choice now grants you the opportunity to achieve the "true ending" of the game.

Some of the most intriguing decisions you will encounter in New Game Plus ++ are alternative versions of things you have already done. For instance, you can confront the original mission in Chapter 1 to destroy the armed mining vessel, or collaborate with the Rubicon Liberation Front to protect it.

During Chapter 3, you will receive options that will lead you to the true ending of the game. Allmind, the digital mercenary system that guided you through your training and registration, will make its intentions clear and identify you as a candidate for its program. You can choose to accept the mission to recover historical data or instead comply with Allmind's request to withhold information about Coral.

There are also alternative versions of the missions "Subterranean Exploration: Depth 2," "Explore Unknown Area," and "Reach the Coral Convergence Point" for which you now have the opportunity to select. Be sure to make the decisions that are right for you, and you can experience every possible outcome in Armored Core 6.