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Every Overwatch skin that is no longer available

Overwatch 2 offers a wide variety of skins, with a total of 574 available options, but some rare and highly sought-after skins are no longer obtainab...

Bradley Russell Sept 04, 2023
Every Overwatch skin that is no longer available

Overwatch 2 offers a wide variety of skins, with a total of 574 available options, but some rare and highly sought-after skins are no longer obtainable.

Skins like Pink Mercy, Zarya Alien, and BlizzCon skins were removed due to controversies, exclusivity, or limited availability.

While some skins have made a return or are still available through specific events, others remain rare and are being sold online at high prices.

Since its premiere in October 2022, Overwatch 2 has added a lot of cosmetic content. While the original Overwatch already had a sizable collection of free and purchasable skins, the introduction of the Battle Pass system and in-game shop has created a steady stream of content from Blizzard. Unfortunately, free rewards in Overwatch 2 are now less frequent as the loot box system has been abolished.

However, there is no doubt that Overwatch 2 now offers a wide variety of skins, with the official wiki currently counting a total of 574. Since the franchise's launch in 2016, several skins have been removed from the game or are no longer available. The following skins have been taken out due to controversies, exclusivity for the Overwatch League or Contenders, or charitable skins.

Pink Mercy Skin

Every Overwatch Skin That is No Longer Available

The Pink Mercy skin from 2018 is one of the most coveted skins in the game, and it's easy to understand why. The unique skin was only available for a few weeks, and all proceeds were donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Since this skin was more than just a simple color change and supported a good cause, Pink Mercy quickly became very popular. Although there are still some who hope that Blizzard will release it again someday, this has not happened so far. At the moment, the sale of a Pink Mercy account can cost several hundred dollars.

Zarya Alien Skin

Every Overwatch Skin That is No Longer

The Zarya Alien skin has become extremely controversial over the years, although it was once referred to as one of the best Zarya designs. It has long been a running joke among the Overwatch player base that Zarya almost always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to receiving interesting skins. Unfortunately, Blizzard discontinued the skin following allegations of sexual misconduct against the former Overwatch League player for whom it was designed, Jay "Sinatraa" Won.

Originally, the skin was meant to honor the performance of the San Francisco Shock team in 2020 after they won their second championship title. However, following the allegations, it was quickly removed. Although players were offered a refund in the form of credits, some chose to keep the skin. Due to these events, it is highly unlikely that the skin will ever reappear, and Blizzard has already stated that no further skins will be created for Overwatch League MVPs.

BlizzCon Skins

Every Overwatch Skin That is No

BlizzCon is one of the largest gaming conventions in North America and has been held annually since 2005. For those who were present in person or had a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, exclusive Overwatch skins have been available since 2016. In the first year, there was Bastion, followed by Winston, Demon Hunter Sombra, Illidan Genji, Tyrande Symmetra, and Raynhardt Reinhardt. The BlizzCon-themed skins are limited to those who attend the event, but it appears that others are reusable, as Demon Hunter Sombra appeared during the Halloween Terror event in 2019.

Widowmaker Noire Skin

Every Overwatch Skin That is

The Widowmaker Noire skin is very rare, primarily due to its age. The elegant red and black design for the sniper was initially available to those who pre-ordered the original game Overwatch to prepare for its launch in the spring of 2016. It made a return in 2019 for players who pre-ordered the game for Nintendo Switch, but since then, it hasn't been seen again. Resellers offer the skin online for prices ranging from $175 to $450 for those who are still desperately trying to obtain it.

Brigitte Medic Skin

Every Overwatch Skin That

The Brigitte Medic skin from 2022 was not an immediate favorite among the community when it debuted, but it could only be acquired through various platforms, making it a rare skin. The white support skin was a reward for the Overwatch League Midseason Madness event. The first step was to visit the channel of a selected group of Overwatch 2 Twitch streamers, but people also had to gift three Twitch subs in the chat to obtain the skin. This amounted to approximately $15. The Brigitte Medic skin was only available from June 29th to July 20th, 2022, and has not reappeared since then.

Widowmaker Kerrigan Skin

Every Overwatch Skin

Although Kerrigan Widowmaker is a simple color variation of the DPS hero's Nova skin, this version is actually rarer. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of StarCraft, the game gave away a Sarah Kerrigan Ghost skin between March 6th and April 3rd, 2018, simply by logging in. Some players have expressed frustration that Kerrigan Widowmaker is a time-limited skin, as those who did not play during this period or missed out on it could not obtain it.

Overwatch League and Contenders Skins

Every Overwatch

Over the years, the teams of the Overwatch League and Contenders have received many promotional skins. Many of these skins could only be obtained by watching streams on YouTube or Twitch, while others were available during advertising periods in the Overwatch League Shop. The legendary Goat Brigitte skin from 2020 is one such example, as it was available for purchase with tokens for just under two weeks. Other skins include Zen-Nakji Zenyatta, Flying Ace Winston, Thunder Doomfist, and all Overwatch League gray design skins.

For those disappointed that many of these Overwatch skins are no longer available, there is always the possibility that most of these designs could resurface. The Overwatch 2 shop rotates weekly, adding new skins that often feature old favorites as well. In August 2023, both the Pacific All-Star Mercy and D.Va skins unexpectedly reappeared, bringing joy to several players, while the Nano Cola D.Va skin made a comeback in 2022 after not being seen since 2018.

These skins were considered quite rare, so it is entirely possible that players may have the opportunity over time to purchase skins they may have missed before. YouTube or Twitch drops also offer in-game cosmetics for watching streams, making these platforms an ideal place to obtain exclusive or previously locked skins.

Overwatch 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.