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Explaining the Unspoken Rules of Pokémon GO

Unspoken Pokémon GO rule number 1: Respect the raid etiquette - Do not leave a raid when there is little time left and commit to being present throug...

Gina Vivinetto Aug 30, 2023
Explaining the Unspoken Rules of Pokémon GO

Unspoken Pokémon GO rule number 1: Respect the raid etiquette - Do not leave a raid when there is little time left and commit to being present throughout the entire raid to not waste other people's time.

Unspoken Pokémon GO rule number 2: Be fair with gyms - Do not steal gyms from other players while they are in the process of capturing them, and avoid immediately removing a player from a gym they have just conquered.

Unspoken Pokémon GO rule number 3: Support frequently visited businesses - When exploring areas with PokéStops and gyms, make an effort to support local businesses rather than solely benefiting from the Pokémon GO content they provide.

As for the mobile sensation Pokémon GO, over time, a series of official rules and regulations have emerged due to the game's original massive launch in 2016. The game achieved such a tremendous and unexpected success in such a short period that Niantic was initially overwhelmed with what aspects of Pokémon GO to address first. The communities also faced significant challenges due to the large player base, which encountered various difficulties.

The official rules set by Niantic are not the only things new players should pay attention to when diving into the world of Pokémon GO. There is also a set of unwritten rules that the community attaches significant importance to. It would definitely be wise for all newcomers joining this year to keep these unspoken rules in mind, as they can help prevent potential frustrations when interacting with other players.

Unwritten Pokemon GO Rule #1: Remember Raid Etiquette

The Unwritten Rules of Pokemon GO Explained

Raids are an important part of the Pokémon GO experience. They are a significant way for players to gain experience, obtain rare items, and catch rare Pokémon, such as in the recent Yveltal Pokémon GO raids. New players should be cautious about joining raids thoughtlessly and exiting without considering that other players are involved in them.

In the current state of the game, it is much easier than in previous years to not be physically present with other Pokémon GO players when participating in a raid. However, that does not mean that the fact that these players are actually there should be ignored. The general etiquette for raids states that players should not leave the raid when there are 20 seconds or less remaining on the timer before the battle begins. In higher-level raids, the number of trainers present in the starting lobby can determine whether it is actually possible to defeat the raid Pokémon or not. This means that exiting a raid at the last second can cause the entire endeavor to fail and waste the time and raid passes of all others involved. In general, players who want to participate in a raid should ensure that they genuinely commit to being present throughout the entire raid before joining at all.

Another raid etiquette rule that players often value relates to leaving when it seems that the raid's success is futile. It is not unthinkable to leave a raid if it appears that the raid group is overwhelmed. There is no reason to waste time on something that ultimately brings the player nothing but defeated Pokémon. However, some players are too quick to press the exit button. Sometimes, it only takes one or two other players to switch their teams to turn a raid around and potentially win the entire endeavor. However, this can be undermined if another player loses hope prematurely and decides to exit. The unspoken rule in Pokémon GO, therefore, suggests that one should wait at least halfway through the raid before judging whether it is actually winnable or a waste of time.

Unwritten Pokemon GO Rule #2: Play Nice with Gyms

The Unwritten Rules of Pokemon GO

One of the trademarks of Pokémon GO is the fierce battle for control over the arenas scattered in cities and towns. New players often unknowingly disregard the implicit, yet unspoken rules of these arenas, which can lead to frustration among many experienced players. This unspoken rule states that players should never steal an arena from another person who is currently trying to conquer it.

Conquering an arena can be a time-consuming process, with the intended reward being that the player who conquers the Pokémon GO arena can place their own Pokémon in it. This allows the player to earn valuable coins and other benefits, such as receiving the team bonus when spinning the arena's PokéStop. However, sometimes a greedy player waits without regard for others until an arena is conquered, only to then place their own Pokémon in the arena before the player who actually did the groundwork gets the opportunity to do so. Most players who have been around long enough have experienced this at least once, and it is very frustrating when it happens.

Similarly, it is generally considered polite not to immediately remove a player from an arena they have just conquered. A player who observes someone conquering an arena only to wait for the new Pokémon to be placed and immediately engage in battle is just as bad as the player who snatches the arena spot, as it is practically the same thing.

Unwritten Pokemon GO Rule #3: Support Frequented Businesses

The Unwritten Rules of Pokemon

One of the major side effects of Pokémon GO is that it allows players to explore the communities in their surroundings. Players can regularly embark on quests to find raids and arenas, becoming regular visitors to places where there are particularly lucrative clusters of PokéStops and arenas that can be helpful in finding large groups of Pokémon.

To some players, it may seem convenient to settle in a café or another nearby business near such a cluster to take advantage of the entire Pokémon GO offerings in the area, only to get up and leave without actually contributing anything to the establishment. As a result, many Pokémon GO players have emphasized the importance of supporting local businesses near these hotspots in recent years. It is crucial for these businesses to feel that Pokémon GO is a tool that genuinely helps attract people rather than being a nuisance that attracts individuals looking to occupy a free table for an hour.

Pokemon GO is available now for mobile devices.