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Explaining the unwritten rules of Hollow Knight

Check every corner and strike walls to find hidden rooms and collectibles in the expansive map of Hallownest in Hollow Knight. Don't overlook places ...

Amy West Sept 19, 2023
Explaining the unwritten rules of Hollow Knight

Check every corner and strike walls to find hidden rooms and collectibles in the expansive map of Hallownest in Hollow Knight. Don't overlook places that have been previously visited.

Show respect to the Nailmasters by bowing before them when you speak with them, although it is not strictly necessary. Killing any of the Nailmasters can draw attention from other characters and influence the story for players.

Remember to consistently save your progress by sitting on benches, which serve as checkpoints and save points, allowing you to save a significant amount of time in the long run.

When Hollow Knight was released in 2017, it quickly became one of the most popular Metroidvania games of the past decade. Years later, Hollow Knight still enjoys great popularity within the gaming community. However, for newcomers and those looking to bridge the gap until the sequel, there are a few unwritten rules that every player should know.

Of course, it should be noted that Hollow Knight, being a famously challenging indie game, can be mastered in different ways. Therefore, not everyone will complete it in the same manner. However, regardless of playstyle, these guidelines should be helpful in the long run.

Check Every Nook and Cranny

The Unwritten Rules of Hollow Knight Explained

While experienced Hollow Knight players are likely accustomed to exploring every corner, newer players may not realize just how vast the map of Hallownest is during their initial playthrough. While indiscriminately striking walls can get the Knight into trouble in certain areas, wielding the Nail is a good way to search for hidden rooms. Some well-traveled paths contain secret chambers, so players should not overlook places they have already been. Additionally, dark areas are prime spots for finding niches with Geo or other collectibles.

Respect the Nailmasters

The Unwritten Rules of Hollow Knight

When players progress further in their game saves, they will eventually encounter the three wise Nailmasters of Hallownest: Mato, Oro, and Sheo. Not all players are aware that they can bow to the Nailmasters when speaking with them. However, if they possess this knowledge in advance, it is considered a prerequisite by the community. Fortunately, it does not actually affect the game if players choose not to do so. Later on, there is a choice to kill or spare one of the Nailsmiths, which alters certain story elements. Players are free to make their own decisions, but killing one of the Nailmasters may raise eyebrows among other players.

Remember to Save Consistently

The Unwritten Rules of Hollow

This tip may sound incredibly simple, but it is also crucial. Sitting on benches in Hollow Knight is often overlooked as players rush to defeat various bosses and explore different interesting locations. If there is a seating option nearby the desired destination, it is almost always a good idea to take a moment and sit there to set a checkpoint. This can end up saving them a considerable amount of time in the end. Of course, players should use their judgment to determine if certain benches are actually safe.

Primal Aspids Are The Real Enemy

The Unwritten Rules of

Regardless of the boss battles that players find intense, the joke has spread that Primal Aspids are the worst enemies in the game. Since most of them appear small and innocent, they are often overlooked. However, when players come across them, they should do their best to eliminate them as quickly as possible. While Aspids themselves are not the worst adversaries, those who encounter them in tight spaces or during the "Trial of the Fool" will likely understand why so many people despise them. The fact that they can deny space, such as platforms, while the Knight is already precarious, balancing over a bed of spikes, all while shooting venomous projectiles, can be a deadly combination.

Ultimately, completing the main story of Hollow Knight typically takes 25 hours or longer. Because of this, a list of unwritten rules could become exceptionally long. Fortunately, the world of Hollow Knight does not require people to play in a specific way. The best way to conquer the game is to simply immerse oneself and continue learning from past mistakes.

Hollow Knight is available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.