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Explaining the Unwritten Rules of Minecraft

Minecraft has become incredibly popular over the years due to the creative freedom it offers to players, as well as its replayability and regular upda...

David K Sept 04, 2023
Explaining the Unwritten Rules of Minecraft

Minecraft has become incredibly popular over the years due to the creative freedom it offers to players, as well as its replayability and regular updates. While Minecraft has gone through various changes since its release, it continues to heavily rely on sandbox elements combined with exploration. Despite the game having a huge player base, there are some guidelines that can be helpful for beginners who are just starting out with the game.

Many of these rules pertain to survival in Minecraft, but there are also some general guidelines. Of course, the Minecraft universe is incredibly vast, and each player has their own style that works for them. However, following these unwritten rules can either save a player's life or preserve valuable resources.

Don't Use Diamonds on a Hoe

The Unwritten Rules of Minecraft Explained

Although there is the possibility to craft a diamond shovel in Minecraft, it doesn't necessarily mean that one should do it. Diamonds are a valuable ore in this game, and the only advantage of crafting a tool of this quality is that it lasts longer. Diamond shovels do not provide any attack boost and do not work better than a regular shovel. It is almost pointless, to the extent that the Minecraft community has created several memes about the tool, jokingly claiming that using a diamond shovel for farming is "the ultimate demonstration of status."

Never Dig Straight Down

The Unwritten Rules of Minecraft

It is widely known within the community that one should never dig straight down or straight up. It is common to encounter lava, explosions, or pitfalls that could be avoided if players choose to dig diagonally. Fall damage is no joke, so navigating Minecraft caves and digging underground must be done safely. However, if players find themselves falling from a great height or into lava, carrying a bucket of water can make the difference between life and death.

Cover Creeper Holes

The Unwritten Rules of

Creepers are one of the most common creatures in Minecraft simply because they can cause significant damage to players and structures. As these green creatures explode randomly, they often leave behind craters. People on a shared server would likely appreciate it if others would cover up these unsightly craters, especially if a creeper followed someone when it exploded. Always remember to cover up holes in the ground with dirt.

Place Torches On the Right Side of the Caves

The Unwritten Rules

When exploring dark areas such as mineshafts or caves, torches are essential. In Minecraft, mobs often spawn in dark areas, so players should try to establish a light source. Torches are also one of the first things players can craft right from the beginning, as they only require a single piece of charcoal and a stick. For this reason, torches should be placed on the right side of a cave, making it easier to keep track of the exit.

Crouch When Going Through Portals

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Portals in Minecraft can be used to travel to the Nether or the End. Unfortunately, some people might make the mistake of entering a portal without crouching. Portals randomly place individuals in the Nether or the End, and it's possible for someone to appear on the edge of a precipice. If a person doesn't want to lose many of their hard-earned items, crouching to slow down movement can save their life while they assess their surroundings.

Minecraft is so diverse that a list of unwritten rules could be almost endless. For example, it's always recommended to carry food, a sword, a pickaxe, and a crafting table. Additionally, creating a respawn point with a bed is incredibly important. Ultimately, the best way to play Minecraft is to find the playstyle that suits someone best and go from there.

Minecraft is now available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.