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Explanation of the equipment system in Mortal Kombat 1

With the release of Mortal Kombat 1, players will encounter numerous systems that allow them to enjoy the game. From the story mode to online ranked b...

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Explanation of the equipment system in Mortal Kombat 1

With the release of Mortal Kombat 1, players will encounter numerous systems that allow them to enjoy the game. From the story mode to online ranked battles, there is plenty to do in this game, but what about the equipment system that has been added?

The equipment system may initially appear confusing, but the more you learn about how it works, what should take priority, and other important aspects regarding the different equipment items, the easier it becomes to understand. This will help you determine which equipment to assign to your characters, whether they have any impact on gameplay at all, and what makes the system unique compared to other options.

Does The Gear System Impact Gameplay?

Mortal Kombat 1 Gear System Explained

In other fighting games, there have already been equipment, gems, and similar equipment systems that influence gameplay, usually through changes in values. Such a system can lead to confusion, especially when you're trying to put together the best set and figure out the impact of other players' equipment.

Fortunately, the equipment system in Mortal Kombat 1 is purely cosmetic, meaning that anything you equip has no impact on gameplay. With this understanding, you have several options to customize your characters, including equipment, color palettes, taunts, and finishers.

The first option is to customize a character's equipment piece. For example, Sindel changes her headpiece, Scorpion wears different masks, and Baraka equips his arms with various blades.

With color palettes, you can customize your costume and color scheme. Costumes alter what your character wears while generally maintaining a common theme, and color palettes allow you to choose from pre-set colors.

In taunts, the animation played is influenced by the end of the round. If you need to create distance from your opponent, the walking version is played, while the standing version appears when you are in a favorable position.

Regarding the last point, it pertains to a list of the different brutalities and fatalities you have unlocked. Unlike others, you don't have to equip them, so you can use them at will. Brutalities require you to finish the match with a specific move and execute a command. Fatalities can be used when you win the fight and the game prompts you to defeat your opponent.

Changing Your Gear

Mortal Kombat 1 Gear System

If you want to change your equipment in Mortal Kombat 1, you can do so by going to the main menu, selecting "Kustomize," and then choosing either "Fighter" or "Kameo." If you select "Fighter," then choose a character from the menu and the category you want to customize.

From here, you can decide which one you want to equip, and the game also offers the options of "Random" and "Random Favorites." The random option selects a random piece of equipment or color palette that you have for that character, meaning you will have a different appearance in each game.

You can also select your favorite options randomly. By marking them as favorites and choosing the option, they will be selected for each match, allowing you to enjoy different outfits without having to choose them every time you play. You can do this for specific outfits, color palettes, and equipment items. You also have the option to do this for each character, ensuring they always look stylish.

You can do the same with Kameos. These characters only have color palettes as an option, but some of them also offer different outfits. You can do the same by selecting them all randomly or just marking your favorites to keep things interesting.

The game also informs you whenever you receive a new equipment item for a character. When selecting it, you will see a glowing orb, indicating that you should take the time to look at the equipment and decide what you want to do with it.

Methods For Unlocking Gear In Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 Gear

While playing through the game, it can be a challenge to unlock more equipment for your characters. You will come across various methods, so it's important to know which ones you can use, what to focus on, and how to make the most out of your player experience.

Choose The Same Characters And Kameos

Mortal Kombat 1

You will find that each character and Kameo character has the equivalent of a Battle Pass. The Kameos have 15 tiers, while the characters have 35 tiers. This means that as you continue playing with these characters in any game mode, you will unlock multiple items.

Whenever you reach a new rank, the game will show you exactly what you have unlocked. This way, you'll find out if you have obtained a new color palette, brutality, or something else. If you want to check this information, simply go to the main menu, select your profile, and navigate to the "Mastery" section, where you can choose a character.

Visiting The Store

Mortal Kombat

The game also features a store that you can access by pressing the button displayed in the bottom right corner. Once you do this, the game will show you the current store for seasonal content as well as the premium content that you can purchase.

The seasonal content will change when the season ends. The season refers to the content you can play in the Invasion mode, as the developers intend to change it every season. When this happens, you will no longer have access to the seasonal content, so it is important to focus on this currency.

As for the premium items, they will rotate when the timer in the corner indicates so. You will need to use the premium currency to purchase them, so you should expect to reach the lowest or second-lowest level in order to afford the option. There is also a "Featured" section for the main items that will show you some equipment and costumes.

Since they rotate, you may want to select the ones that are most important to you, but it is not necessary as it costs extra money. If you want the best deals, you should opt for the featured items as they offer you multiple color palettes for the new costume.

Going To The Shrine


In the main menu, you can select "Extras" and use the Shrine. The Shrine costs 1,000 Koins to activate, and when you do so, you will receive a random item. However, you do not always receive equipment when you do this, as there are also other unlockable items that you can receive.

For example, you can unlock artworks and other items, so this is not the most reliable method, but a great way to use your Koins without wasting them.

Where To Focus Your Unlock Efforts

If you intend to unlock as much content as possible, you should play through the Invasion mode and complete everything in it. Since the seasonal currency is limited, it is the most important one to focus on. Additionally, by playing as characters, you will level them up and receive more seasonal content, making it an efficient method.

You also have other ways to unlock additional Koins, such as playing Towers, which also rewards you with seasonal currency and helps you get more of it once you are done with the Invasion mode.

If you want another option and haven't played it yet, you should play through the Story mode. Instead of receiving Koins or seasonal currency, you unlock exclusive equipment based on the current chapters and context. For example, when you play as Kung Lao for the first time, you unlock new equipment for him, but you can also obtain equipment for new characters you fight against.

In total, there are 15 chapters, and you receive at least one equipment piece for each fight you complete, with some even granting you multiple pieces. With this information in mind, you should play the Story mode when you have a few hours to spare in order to complete it.

In this regard, you should avoid making the mistake of playing the Versus mode, as it will not reward you with anything. If you want to obtain all the equipment items, you need to stick to the other options.