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Explosive Extravaganza: Unleashing EVE's Inner Fireworks Fiend

Eve, the valiant guardian of the royal hourglass in Disney Dreamlight Valley on Eternity Isle, has completed her noble duty. Now she finds herself in ...

Jordan Gerblick Feb 01, 2024
Explosive Extravaganza: Unleashing EVE's Inner Fireworks Fiend

Eve, the valiant guardian of the royal hourglass in Disney Dreamlight Valley on Eternity Isle, has completed her noble duty. Now she finds herself in a predicament, struggling to discover a hobby that won't go up in flames. Desiring to be like WALL-E, she has attempted gardening, but alas, her green thumb is more like a wilted weed.

Gardening, though admirable, fails to satisfy Eve's adventurous spirit. She yearns for a hobby that offers a bit more excitement than watching grass grow. Luckily, with the assistance of the island's residents, we may just be able to unearth the perfect pastime for her.

Eve's friendship quests revolve around a common theme: aiding her in finding a new directive. She is in dire need of a hobby that can help her relax and keep her occupied. To embark on this quest, follow these steps:

Step 1: Fulfill all the prerequisites for the quest. Once accomplished, a quest marker will appear above Eve's head. Initiate the quest by having a chat with her.

Step 2: Eve has grown weary of her futile attempts to find a new directive. Yearning for something more thrilling, she seeks advice from the mischievous Stitch, the unrivaled expert in all things chaotic.

Step 3: Stitch, ever the source of unconventional brilliance, proposes a plan to uplift Eve's spirits and introduces an entirely unique hobby. Having "borrowed" a fireworks recipe from Merlin, he knows precisely what is required.

Step 4: Return to Eve and share the exhilarating news: fireworks! What could possibly go wrong, right? As the protagonist, your role is to gather the necessary materials.

Step 5: Stitch will provide one of the ingredients for the fireworks, along with the recipe. However, you'll have to procure Dreamlight Cobra Lily extract and the remaining ingredients on your own.

Step 6: To obtain the extract, venture back to Eve's home near the docks and interact with the plant on her table. Once you possess the extract, proceed to the next step.

Step 7: Consult the recipe book in your inventory to learn the recipe. This will not only grant you the knowledge but also free up some precious inventory space. Efficiency at its finest!

Step 8: Cooking the recipe requires a cooking station, not the usual crafting table. Make sure you have the following ingredients at hand:

Step 9: The resulting creation, aptly named "Experimental Fireworks," will be at the top of the All Recipes section or under the Quest Recipes section. Feel free to utilize any cooking station, including the one at the docks if it happens to be the closest.

Step 10: Once you've successfully cooked the Experimental Fireworks, return to Eve and prepare for the moment of truth—testing the fireworks. Initiate the testing by conversing with Eve once more.

Step 11: Accompany Eve to the designated safe spot for the testing. In the unfortunate event of any fiery mishaps, fear not! Your trusty royal watering can will come to the rescue.

Step 12: After handling any necessary damage control, offer words of encouragement to Eve. She could use a little boost after her recent efforts.

Step 13: Following your conversation with Eve, seek Stitch's advice on how to make the fireworks less intense. He'll provide you with a plan and an oddly specific task.

Step 14: Stitch requires the return of his socks, which have been scattered throughout the Eternity Isles and trapped in time. Only the royal hourglass can unveil their hidden locations.

Step 15: While you embark on the quest to find Stitch's missing socks, he will consult with Merlin, seeking guidance on crafting fireworks that are more villager-friendly.

Step 16: The socks can be found in the following areas:

Step 17: Once you've unearthed all three of Stitch's socks, return them to their rightful owner. Stitch will also share valuable insights from Merlin on creating safer fireworks.

Step 18: Stitch reveals that additional materials are required for the fireworks to be truly safe. These materials include Dream Shards and Red Pitcher Plants.

Step 19: Here are the precise quantities of each material you'll need:

Step 20: Once you've gathered the necessary materials, present them to Eve. Congratulations! You're almost there.

Step 21: Just when you think your work is complete, you realize the need to set up a location for the fireworks show. As a newcomer to Eternity Isle, there isn't a comfortable spot for everyone just yet.

Step 22: To ensure a memorable fireworks display, purchase or craft the following items:

Step 23: Arrange the items as you see fit and notify Eve when you're ready. You even have the option to wait until evening for the fireworks to dazzle at their best.

Step 24: As the grand finale approaches, it falls upon you to kickoff the fireworks show by placing the firework launcher given to you by Eve. This process is as simple as adding any other decoration to Dreamlight Valley or Eternity Isle.

Step 25: Brace yourself, for the firework show will commence immediately upon saving the location of the firework launcher. Capture the magic of the moment by snapping some pictures to cherish the occasion forever.

Step 26: As a reward for your time and effort in assisting Eve with her latest directive, you shall receive a few well-deserved rewards.

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