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Fallout 4: How to Get More Settlers

Welcome to the Commonwealth, the post-apocalyptic playground where chaos reigns, radiation is unavoidable, and Deathclaws roam as the neighborhood bul...

Ashley Bardhan Sept 24, 2023
Fallout 4: How to Get More Settlers

Welcome to the Commonwealth, the post-apocalyptic playground where chaos reigns, radiation is unavoidable, and Deathclaws roam as the neighborhood bullies. In order to survive and thrive in Fallout 4, you will require a small army of settlers by your side.

These individuals are no ordinary NPCs; they are your ticket to building a thriving community in a world that has seen better days. Do you require the secrets of settler magnetism? We are here to unveil the strategies that will attract more settlers to your ranks and transform your wasteland into a bustling hub of activity. Attracting settlers is not just a necessity but an art.

What Are Settlers And Settlements

Fallout 4 How To Get More Settlers

In Fallout 4, settlers are NPCs that can be recruited to live and work in your settlements. Settlements are player-controlled locations scattered throughout the Commonwealth.

Settlers are indispensable for the growth and prosperity of your settlements, as they perform various tasks such as farming, scavenging, guard duty, and operating businesses.

Before you can attract settlers to your settlements, you must gain access to the settlement building feature in the game. To do so, you should progress through the early-game main questline until you reach Concord.

There, you will encounter Preston Garvey and the group of settlers he leads. Upon completing the quest "When Freedom Calls" in Concord, you will unlock the Sanctuary settlement and become acquainted with the basics of settlement building.

After unlocking the Sanctuary settlement, you should make sure to complete the corresponding quest, "Sanctuary." This quest will not only familiarize you with the mechanics of settlement building but also encourage more settlers to join your community as a result of your efforts to restore Sanctuary Hills.

How To Attract More Settlers

Fallout 4 How To Get More

Once you have your own piece of post-apocalyptic paradise, it's time to invite some people in. The Recruitment Radio Beacon is a crucial tool for this purpose. You can find it in the Power section of your workshop menu.

Construct a radio beacon in every settlement you intend to expand. This beacon emits a signal that captivates potential settlers from the wasteland, drawing them towards your settlement.

Provide Food, Water, and Beds

Your settlers are low-maintenance, but they do have some basic needs. Ensure that your settlement has an adequate supply of food, water, and beds. Construct and assign settlers to resources that produce food, such as crops and water pumps. Each settler requires at least one bed, so build enough beds to accommodate your current and anticipated population.

Settlers will not settle in a settlement that cannot support them.

Increase Settlement Happiness

Have you ever heard the saying, "Contented settlers, happy life"? Well, perhaps not, but it holds true nonetheless. A happy settlement has a greater chance of attracting new settlers through the recruitment beacon. Ensure that your settlers are well taken care of, have enough to drink, and are well defended.

Additionally, you should add decorations, entertainment items such as radios or televisions, and shops to enhance satisfaction.

Consider constructing clinics as they provide medical services and also increase settlement satisfaction.

How To Recruit More Settlers

Fallout 4 How To Get

While exploring the Commonwealth, be on the lookout for potential settlers. Many NPCs can be recruited by interacting with them and persuading them to join your cause. Some of them may have specific requirements or require the completion of certain quests.

During your travels, you may come across NPCs who are under attack by hostile forces. Save them by eliminating the threats and offering assistance. In many cases, they will show gratitude and be willing to join your settlement as a result of your aid.

How To Increase Your Charisma

Fallout 4 How To

Charisma is a crucial attribute for recruiting, attracting, and retaining settlers.

Charisma dialogue options can be particularly helpful in persuading people to join your settlement. However, even more importantly, the higher your Charisma stat, the more settlers you can have in your settlements. Therefore, ensure that you continue to develop your character and invest points in the Charisma attribute.

To further boost your Charisma, invest in Charisma-related perks such as Inspirational, Cap Collector, and Local Leader. Additionally, wear Charisma-boosting equipment such as suits, dresses, glasses, or hats.

Collecting the Charisma Bobblehead can permanently increase your Charisma. It is located in the Parsons State Insane Asylum, in the basement, inside Jack Cabot's office.