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Fallout 5 should revive a discarded feature from Fallout 4

The official Pip-Boy companion app for Fallout 4 allowed players to manage their inventory, track quests, and play mini-games, providing a convenient...

Nancy Ing Sept 19, 2023
Fallout 5 should revive a discarded feature from Fallout 4

The official Pip-Boy companion app for Fallout 4 allowed players to manage their inventory, track quests, and play mini-games, providing a convenient and immersive gaming experience.

The app was compatible with specific editions of Fallout 4 that included a Pip-Boy replica, enhancing the immersive gaming experience for players.

Although the app has been removed from the store and is no longer officially supported, it can still be downloaded from third-party platforms or used by those who had previously installed it. However, its availability for future Fallout games is uncertain.

When Fallout 4 was first released in 2015, there was also a companion app for the game that allowed players to synchronize their game progress. With the help of this app, players could essentially transform their mobile devices into the famous Pip-Boy device from Fallout, which was used in every game of the series as a tool for managing the player's inventory. Although this feature was well-received by the community, it ultimately wasn't enough to prevent their dissatisfaction.

Overall, the official Pip-Boy companion app for Fallout 4 was a helpful feature that deserves a comeback in the Fallout series. Not only should future Fallout games revive the Pip-Boy companion app, but some of the earlier fan-favorite games could also benefit from their own version, as these games are still played by many fans.

Future Fallout Games Should Bring Back Mobile Companion Appsfallout 4 bluetooth pip boy

The official Pip-Boy companion app allowed players to connect their mobile devices in real-time to their Fallout 4 save files, providing almost full access to the features of the in-game Pip-Boy. More specifically, players could manage their inventory, switch weapons, consume food, drinks, or chemicals, use healing items, view the map, track quests, and play holotape audiologs all from within the companion app.

It is also worth mentioning that the holotape mini-games worked on the companion app as well. While it wasn't mandatory to play the game using the companion app, players could easily manage the survival aspects of Fallout 4, which was particularly useful when playing on the more challenging difficulty levels. It truly was a helpful resource that any player could utilize, and it also proved valuable to the speedrunning community due to its convenience.

In addition to being available for any mobile device, the official Pip-Boy companion app also had a special interaction with the hardware included in certain special editions of Fallout 4. For players who purchased versions of Fallout 4 that included a Pip-Boy replica, this hardware featured an insert that could accommodate most small phones. By running the companion app and inserting the device into the Pip-Boy, it created a surprisingly immersive experience, although the app itself was also immersive even without the Pip-Boy replica hardware. Some merchandise products in the Fallout series were quite controversial, but the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy replicas are considered an exception to this trend.

As useful as the companion app was, it was ultimately discontinued. The official statement on Bethesda's support website mentioned that it was removed "due to incompatibilities with current requirements. There are currently no plans to update the app." This is the only statement regarding the status of the companion app, although hopefully, it will reemerge in the future for upcoming Fallout games.

Despite being discontinued, the mobile companion for Fallout 4 lives on. Technically, there are still ways to download and use the app, such as obtaining versions of the app that have been preserved on third-party platforms. Alternatively, those who previously had the app may reportedly find it in their list of previously installed apps. The app remains fully functional, but the fact that official support for the app has been discontinued is an unfortunate situation that does not bode well for the return of this feature in future games of the series.

Player numbers for Fallout 76 continue to reach new heights after the game had a rocky start, while the single-player games in the series remain extremely popular. Therefore, future games like Fallout 5 could provide a perfect opportunity to revive the official Pip-Boy companion app. In the meantime, other games in the series could also benefit from it. That being said, further games in the Fallout series deserve collector's items that are just as cool as the Pip-Boy replica, which elevated the companion app to the next level.

Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.