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Fire Emblem Engage: 10 Things You Can Do After Completing the Game

Fire Emblem Engage offers an extensive main storyline accompanied by side missions and activities, designed to captivate players even after the compl...

Fay Watson Aug 29, 2023
Fire Emblem Engage: 10 Things You Can Do After Completing the Game

Fire Emblem Engage offers an extensive main storyline accompanied by side missions and activities, designed to captivate players even after the completion of the game.

By completing Paralog missions, the bond level of Emblem units increases, leading to the unlocking of additional abilities and improved weaponry.

Players can explore different characters and classes in a new playthrough, allowing them to experience the game from a fresh perspective and add an additional challenge.

Fire Emblem Engage offers an extensive main storyline filled with side missions called Paralogues and other skirmishes, allowing players to immerse themselves deeply. Even after defeating the game, there is a wealth of activities to keep one engaged. Whether starting a new file or maximizing everything in the old one, there are plenty of options available.

After the credits roll in Engage, you can continue playing right before the final battle. This means that the world map remains accessible, allowing you to catch up on anything you may have missed the first time around. If you wish to prolong your stay in the realm of Elyos, these are the best opportunities to keep yourself engaged.

Updated on August 29, 2023, by Kyle Chamaillard: Fire Emblem Engage is one of the grandest titles in the series, and even after you've finally completed it, you may still desire to continue playing despite reaching the end. We have decided to update this list to include even more activities that you can undertake in the aftermath of Fire Emblem Engage.

10 Clear All The Paralogues

Fire Emblem Engage 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Most Paralog missions in Fire Emblem Engage are associated with a specific emblem character, where you play a recreation of an iconic map from their respective game. We strongly recommend completing them as doing so increases the bond level for the emblem unit, allowing you to acquire additional abilities and obtain better emblem weapons.

The challenge lies in the fact that these maps are tremendously demanding, so it is advisable to have your units at an appropriate level to comfortably overcome them. While you can complete most battles when you are roughly at the same level, you may want to aim for a slightly higher level than what these Paralog missions suggest. It can be challenging to complete them along the way, so do not hesitate to save some of them for the post-final battle phase.

9 Increase The Tempest Trials Difficulty

Fire Emblem Engage 10 Things To Do After You Beat The

The Storm Trials present you with consecutive battles using the same squad of characters, granting you upgrade materials for your emblem weapons as rewards. You can set the difficulty level yourself, and after defeating the game, you can raise it beyond 40, which serves as a true test of your units' abilities.

These challenges can be accessed through the Tower of Trials located at the bottom of the Somniel Hub. While the Tower of Trials also serves as the gateway to some online features, the Storm Trials are offline, meaning you do not require a Nintendo Online subscription to play them.

8 Complete All Achievements

Fire Emblem Engage 10 Things To Do After You Beat

As you progress through the game, you will naturally earn many achievements. However, if you are a perfectionist, you may want to specifically pursue certain achievements to accomplish everything. These range from repeating missions with specific characters to utilizing chain attacks with multiple allies.

Upon completing each achievement, you will be rewarded with a substantial amount of bond fragments, which you can use to engage in battles against emblems in the arena, engrave weapons, or expend them for crafting and merging bond rings in order to collect them all.

7 Complete The Bond Ring Collection

Fire Emblem Engage 10 Things To Do After You

Fire Emblem Engage features a unique gacha system in the form of bond rings, which can be created individually or in sets of ten. These bond rings are associated with each emblem ring and contain a supporting member from the ensemble of the respective game. For instance, if you create a bond ring with Lucina, you will obtain characters like Chrom and Lissa within the rings you acquire.

Each bond ring possesses distinct statistical bonuses and is classified from C to S, with the values improving with each grade. Bond rings also enable the equipped character to acquire skill points, which are crucial for enhancing your units.

6 Complete The Fell Xenologue DLC

Fire Emblem Engage 10 Things To Do After

Before concluding your first journey through Fire Emblem Engage, it may be worthwhile to take a look at the Expansion Pass to see if there are any bonus items or accessories that you would like to utilize before the credits roll. If the additional rings don't appeal to you, the Fell Xenologue DLC campaign is a worthwhile experience if you desire an engaging narrative set in an alternative timeline.

As a separate story, you will collaborate with new characters who will challenge you to rethink the strategies you employed in the main game. The Fell Xenologue lasts approximately five hours, but if you enjoyed your time with Engage, this additional story will satisfy your tactical cravings while you await the next adventure in this genre.

5 Try Different Characters In A New Playthrough

Fire Emblem Engage 10 Things To Do

Once you have completed the game and explored everything the limited post-game has to offer, you might consider embarking on a fresh new playthrough. It's no secret that we all have our favorites in Fire Emblem games, even if not all of them are particularly effective. However, swapping them out would be an entertaining way to experience the game anew.

Instead of limiting yourself to your favorite characters and classes, you could choose to play with the characters you neglected the first time around right from the beginning. This gives them a chance to take the spotlight, and you will experience something new that you may not have encountered in your initial playthrough. Additionally, it could pose an additional challenge as you would be forced to adapt your strategies to work better with your new choices.

4 Max Out Everyone's Level And Stats

Fire Emblem Engage 10 Things To

When you reach the final confrontation, your main units should have reached their maximum potential. However, you may want to further improve their statistics. That requires a lot of time, so if you want to make the most out of your playthrough, make sure you have enough Second Seals in stock to address this.

Your characters receive statistical improvements with each level increase until they reach the maximum level of 20. If you use Second Seals, they will be reset to level one so that you can repeat the cycle and maximize their statistics. This will help you conquer the more challenging post-game storm trials and even some paralogues. Additionally, it gives you the confidence to let the gameplay run on autoplay without the fear of losing someone.

3 Using Different Classes In A New Playthrough

Fire Emblem Engage 10 Things

Fire Emblem: Three Houses made it relatively easy to undergo class changes both literally and metaphorically as long as your units met the minimum requirements. Engage follows this trend and allows characters to switch to a variety of classes as long as they possess the corresponding weapon proficiency. Although it may require a bit more effort, you can pair a fighter with an emblem and then spend bonding fragments to learn the necessary skill to promote.

If you want to start a new game session, you should consider changing the base classes of your units to keep things interesting. Thanks to this extensive system, you can easily plan multiple alternative classes for your favorite characters. For example, Anna has one of the best magical growth potentials in the game, but she starts as an axe fighter. If you invest some effort to make her a mage instead, you practically have a completely new character at your disposal.

2 Give Maddening Mode A Try Next Time You Play

Fire Emblem Engage 10

Small warning: The Madness mode in Fire Emblem: Engage is truly insane. You might think that the different difficulty levels would be similar to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but you would be greatly mistaken. Engage's "Hard" difficulty is more comparable to Three Houses' Madness mode, and its Madness mode is simply an endless nightmare.

That being said, it provides an absolutely incredible challenge if you stick with it. You have no option to play skirmish maps, which means you cannot engage in experience grinding. You can only earn experience points from main story quests and paralogues. This means you have to be more selective and thoughtful in choosing your group members since there simply won't be enough experience to go around for everyone.

1 Play With Permadeath On In Your Next Playthrough

Fire Emblem Engage

Permanent death is a core element of the Fire Emblem series, which means that units who die in battle are lost forever. However, it's not for everyone, and Fire Emblem Awakening was the first installment to make it optional. If you completed the game in Casual mode, the next time you venture into Elyos, you should switch to Classic mode.

Although you know the game inside and out, permanent death in Classic mode is a completely different experience. It adds an additional level of challenge, fear, and determination that you don't have when you know in Casual mode that your defeated units will return in the next battle. If the idea of permanent death still makes you anxious, remember that Engage allows you to rewind your moves. This way, you still maintain control and can undo any loss during the game.