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For the Queen: A Majestic Journey of Cards and Collaboration

In the realm of storytelling games, a queen's journey awaits. The stage is set, the players gather, and Critical Role's Darrington Press takes the spo...

Isaiah Colbert Jan 23, 2024
For the Queen: A Majestic Journey of Cards and Collaboration

In the realm of storytelling games, a queen's journey awaits. The stage is set, the players gather, and Critical Role's Darrington Press takes the spotlight once again. This time, they join forces with the illustrious game designer Alex Roberts to unveil the highly anticipated second edition of the renowned card-based masterpiece, For the Queen. Prepare to embark on an enchanting adventure as the new edition graces our tables on May 14, 2024.

Darrington Press, in their grand announcement, revealed the awe-inspiring features of this upcoming edition. The game has undergone a complete visual transformation, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. All-new artwork, lovingly crafted by a diverse array of talented artists, breathes new life into the game. The magnetic box, now enhanced, boasts a regal ribbon to hold the 91 cards with utmost elegance. Not stopping there, the rules and question cards have received their own fair share of improvements, ensuring a gameplay experience fit for royalty.

But let us not forget the treasures that await in the Darrington Press Guild stores. Behold, for they will carry special promo cards adorned with six exquisite Queen illustrations by the esteemed Ameera Sheikh. These illustrations reimagine the Princesses from Darrington Press' deck building board game, Queen by Midnight. The collaboration of visionary artists such as Arlei Dormiendo, Arthur Riel Cabezas, Brady Evans, Caitlyn Kurilich, Eleonor Piteira, Esther Tejano, Gabrielle Houle, Hamahmeyo, Jeong Kim, and Karina Pavlova, among others, has woven a tapestry of beauty and imagination that will captivate players' hearts.

Now, let us delve into the heart of For the Queen, a card-based marvel that invites players into a world of collaborative storytelling. As the game unfurls, you find yourself in the esteemed role of a royal confidant, accompanying your Queen on a daring adventure to a distant land. Will you be a staunch protector of the Queen's interests or perhaps be enticed by the allure of aiding in her demise? The choice is yours to make.

Picture a gathering of friends, their imaginations alight, as they choose a Queen from a captivating selection of 25 illustrations or dare to create their own. With each turn of the guided question cards, a story weaves together, entangling themes of love, betrayal, doubt, and unwavering devotion. Guided by the able hand of editor Meredith Katz, the game's design flourished under the watchful eye of Matt Paquette and his talented team of graphic artists. But the magic doesn't stop there. The inclusion of John Stavropoulos's X Card, along with the invaluable contributions of Cultural Consultant Cai Kagawa and Game Production Manager Alex Uboldi, adds an extra layer of depth and inclusivity to this majestic journey.

As the game designer, Alex Roberts, dances with excitement over this collaboration with Darrington Press, she eagerly shares her thoughts on the second edition of For the Queen. "I'm positively thrilled to unveil this fresh new version of For the Queen alongside Darrington Press," she exclaims. "Fans will adore the new material, and I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be welcoming a horde of new fans into the fold as well. For the Queen has always been the roleplaying game that transcends boundaries, inviting anyone and everyone to partake in its enchantment. So, you can imagine my jubilation in bringing it to a broader audience," Roberts adds with a twinkle in her eye.

Ivan Van Norman, the esteemed head of Darrington Press, who also enlisted Roberts for additional design brilliance in the duel storytelling game Till the Last Gasp, echoes the sentiment of the partnership. "We're absolutely overjoyed to collaborate with Alex Roberts once more, this time on her own exceptional creation," he proclaims. "For the Queen has already forged countless bonds and ignited the flames of remarkable stories. Thus, we embark on this new offering, eager to bring its magic to homes and stores far and wide. I must confess, my fondest memories at gaming conventions have been forged while playing For the Queen," Van Norman concludes with a nostalgic smile.

Mark your calendars, dear adventurers, for May 14, 2024. On this momentous day, For the Queen shall grace the shelves of Darrington Press Guild Stores, game stores, and even the hallowed halls of Critical Role's online shops. It is a journey you dare not miss, an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of collaborative storytelling where the power lies in the hands of the players. May your imaginations run wild and your stories weave a tapestry of unforgettable moments as you take your place beside the Queen.

Source: Darrington Press