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Gaming's Epic Odyssey: The Long and Short of it All

Welcome to the world of gaming, where the length of a game has become a hot topic of debate. From Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to Like A Dragon: Infinite W...

Hope Bellingham Feb 11, 2024
Gaming's Epic Odyssey: The Long and Short of it All

Welcome to the world of gaming, where the length of a game has become a hot topic of debate. From Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, developers seem determined to make their games longer and longer. But is bigger always better? In this whimsical exploration, we'll dive into the deep waters of game length, uncovering the value of brevity, the allure of epic journeys, and the winds of change blowing through the industry.

1: The Epic Odyssey of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the massive undertaking that expands on the original game, promises a staggering 100-hour gameplay experience. While some players rejoice at the prospect, others groan and wonder if there's an end in sight. As a self-proclaimed gaming connoisseur caught between these camps, I appreciate the ambition but long for a developer to say, "Hey, this game's a breeze! You'll finish it over a weekend!"

2: The Quest for Engrossing Epics

As gamers, we've all fallen down the rabbit hole of lengthy adventures. Whether it's Baldur's Gate 3 or Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, these games effortlessly consume our time, leaving us yearning for more. With countless hours invested, we often realize we've only scratched the surface. The allure of these epic quests lies in the unexplored territories, the hidden secrets, and the joy of discovering new wonders.

3: Remakes with a Cinematic Twist

Game remakes often strive for perfection, recreating the original experience with modern enhancements. However, Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes a different approach. It aims to capture the spirit of the journey, not just the events. Similar to movie remakes that bring a fresh perspective, Final Fantasy 7 Remake tells a tale that the original game couldn't. It embraces Western influences, offers freedom and exploration, and muses on the power of memory. It's a true reinterpretation by experienced craftsmen.

4: The Curious Case of Lengthening Games

The gaming industry's obsession with longer games comes at a cost. Skyrocketing budgets and extended development cycles have led to layoffs and questionable priorities. But what if players actually prefer shorter games that deliver enjoyable experiences without breaking the bank? While Final Fantasy's intricate release schedule may not serve as the best example, there's a yearning for more games that offer good-but-not-cutting-edge visuals, allowing for regular installments and a focus on player satisfaction.

5: Striking a Balance

Critics and players have different perspectives on game length. Critics navigate through numerous titles, seeking to keep up with industry trends. Players, on the other hand, carefully select a handful of games and crave a worthwhile investment. Thirty enjoyable hours should hold more value than a hundred empty ones. While we trust Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to fill its runtime effectively, other games may overstay their welcome. It's time for developers to strike a balance between quantity and quality, delivering captivating experiences without unnecessary padding.

6: Winds of Change

Change is in the air. With Xbox poised to make a move, the industry may witness a shift towards sustainable development cycles. Lower budgets, shorter development times, and a renewed focus on player enjoyment could become the new norm. The endless pursuit of player retention might give way to a return to the golden age of gaming, where games are enjoyed, shared, and replayed, and where developers proudly proclaim, "This game's a gem! You'll have a blast and finish it over a weekend!"

Endless Possibilities Await
In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, the length of a game continues to be a topic of discussion. While epic journeys like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth captivate us, the industry must find a balance that respects both player time and enjoyment. As winds of change blow through the industry, gamers eagerly anticipate a future where games come in all shapes and sizes, offering delightful experiences that can be savored over a weekend or embarked upon for a grand adventure. The possibilities are endless, and the joy of gaming knows no bounds.