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GBA fan makes incredible discovery in storage

A Nintendo fan discovers a rare Game Boy Advance SP in storage, including the box and documents, and it still works.The discovered Game Boy Advance ...

Hirun Cryer Sept 01, 2023
GBA fan makes incredible discovery in storage

A Nintendo fan discovers a rare Game Boy Advance SP in storage, including the box and documents, and it still works.

The discovered Game Boy Advance SP is the AGS-101 model, which potentially makes it valuable. It is the second version of the SP design, released in the same year as the Nintendo DS.

Fans can still play GBA games on modern systems through the Nintendo Switch Online service.

A Nintendo player had an unexpected surprise when going through their storage and discovered a Game Boy Advance from their childhood. While finding seemingly forgotten gaming hardware from the past is exciting enough, the player's Game Boy Advance happened to be the AGS-101 model of the SP version of the handheld.

The Game Boy Advance was released in 2001 and was intended to build upon the success of the previous Game Boy series. Although it didn't manage to surpass the popularity of its predecessor, the GBA still sold well for Nintendo. After the release of the original GBA handheld, a SP (Special) version became available in 2003. As the name suggests, this version of the handheld offered upgrades compared to the original system, including a folding case and a backlit display. Furthermore, a few years later, another model of the SP design was released alongside the Game Boy Micro. Recently, a fan proudly showcased their SP version of this classic console.

In a post on Reddit, a user named Alternative_Survey96 shared a picture of their Game Boy Advance SP from their childhood. According to the Reddit user, they discovered the handheld while going through their storage. The Nintendo fan even had the box and several documents related to the system. Despite the blurry image, Alternative_Survey96 revealed that the handheld still worked as they were seemingly playing a version of Donkey Kong. In their Reddit post, the player thanked their parents for never throwing away the packaging for the handheld.

This nostalgic discovery has resonated with a number of players in the Gameboy subreddit. In the comments, some pointed out that this model is an AGS-101, which potentially makes it more valuable. While the original SP version of the handheld was released a few years after the original GBA, the AGS-101 model was introduced in 2005 and had the distinction of being the second version of the SP design. In fact, it was released in the same year when the Nintendo DS, part of the seventh console generation, became available to consumers.

This discovery by Alternative_Survey96 shows how some players still bring back memories from their past. In addition to this Game Boy Advance SP, other Nintendo fans have found classic games and systems from their childhood. For example, another player recently rediscovered their Nintendo DS after losing it 16 years ago.

While it can be difficult to find AGS-101 models of the Game Boy Advance SP nowadays, fans can still play some games developed for the GBA systems on the Switch. The Nintendo Switch Online service includes a library of classic games from the GBA era, including Mario Kart: Super Circuit and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, just to name a few. With more nostalgic titles on the horizon, some of the games that made the sixth generation of Nintendo handhelds unforgettable will continue to live on thanks to the Switch.