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Genshin Impact unveils gameplay featuring Neuvillette

The Version 4.1 update of Genshin Impact will introduce Fontaine's Chief Justice Neuvillette as a new playable character, adding to the game's roster...

Jordan Gerblick Sept 26, 2023
Genshin Impact unveils gameplay featuring Neuvillette

The Version 4.1 update of Genshin Impact will introduce Fontaine's Chief Justice Neuvillette as a new playable character, adding to the game's roster.

Neuvillette's gameplay highlights his proficiency in manipulating water, utilizing charged attacks and elemental skills to inflict Hydro damage.

There is speculation surrounding Neuvillette's true identity and his role in Fontaine's story, suggesting a compelling backstory and the potential for him to exert influence over other characters.

Genshin Impact's latest trailer showcases the gameplay of the newest five-star character, Fontaine's Chief Justice Neuvillette, who will be introduced in the Version 4.1 update. The popular RPG set in the HoYoverse has significantly expanded its potential roster since the launch of its latest region last month. The Version 4.0 update previously introduced three new playable characters: Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet, while the first act of Fontaine's story introduced characters such as Furina, Navia, and Clorinde, among others. Now, Fontaine's Chief Justice is poised to join the battle in the upcoming update.

Although Neuvillette was not initially made playable upon his introduction to Genshin Impact, the Chief Justice of the Fontaine region played a significant role in the game's story. Neuvillette served as the head judge of the Opera Epiclese, working alongside Fontaine's enigmatic verdict-dispensing device, the "Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale." Players had the opportunity to interact with Neuvillette outside of the court, allowing them to witness more of his stoic personality while investigating the case of Navia's father's death. Now, fans of Neuvillette will soon have the chance to add the Chief Justice to their teams.

The latest "Character Demo" trailer in Genshin Impact, entitled "Neuvillette: Font of All Waters," showcases the splendid and majestic gameplay of Fontaine's Chief Justice. Neuvillette skillfully wields his cane to exert command over the aquatic realm, showcasing a distinctive Charged Attack that grants him mobility while gathering "Sourcewater Droplets" to unleash a potent beam of Hydro energy. Additionally, Neuvillette's Elemental Skill summons a captivating "Raging Waterfall," inflicting Hydro damage through the harmonious alignment of Pneuma within Fontaine's Arkhe system. Lastly, his awe-inspiring Elemental Burst engulfs the surroundings with surging waves, dealing wide-ranging Hydro damage based on his maximum HP.

Neuvillette's arrival in Genshin Impact has ignited a wave of speculation regarding his role in Fontaine's captivating narrative. The Character Teaser for Neuvillette intriguingly hints at a rich backstory, teasing fragments of forgotten memories that may hold clues to the Chief Justice's true identity. Some have even posited that Neuvillette's formidable power surpasses that of the Hydro Archon, Furina, exerting considerable influence over both Furina herself and the entirety of Fontaine. Neuvillette will make his debut in Genshin Impact as a Hydro character, wielding a Catalyst as his chosen weapon.

Neuvillette is not the sole new character to grace the stage in the Version 4.1 update, as another five-star character is poised to make their debut in the latter half of the update. Although yet to be featured in-game, Version 4.1 will introduce players to Wriothesley, the esteemed Administrator of Fontaine's Fortress of Meropide. Wriothesley is said to enter the game as a DPS character, marking the first appearance of a Cryo Catalyst character in Genshin Impact's roster. The arrivals of Neuvillette and Wriothesley promise to bring a formidable duo of Catalyst-wielding characters for players to acquire and utilize in their Genshin Impact endeavors.

Genshin Impact is currently accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A version for the Nintendo Switch is currently being developed.