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Guide for Defeating the Ruiner Boss in Lords of the Fallen

Within Lords of the Fallen, numerous moments arise where you find yourself in dire need of respite, only to be greeted by a formidable boss battle ins...

Ali Jones Oct 15, 2023
Guide for Defeating the Ruiner Boss in Lords of the Fallen

Within Lords of the Fallen, numerous moments arise where you find yourself in dire need of respite, only to be greeted by a formidable boss battle instead. Being unprepared will catch you off guard, and with insufficient Sanguinarix, any encounter with a boss will descend into utter chaos.

Embarking on an endeavor to traverse the bridge at Fitzroy's Gorge in Lords of the Fallen unveils yet another harrowing ordeal. The formidable Ruiner boss, armed with a shield in the left hand and a hefty axe in the right, charges into the fray. Although the boss may appear sluggish at first, succumbing to complacency and acting recklessly will undoubtedly result in fatal consequences.

Ruiner Boss Attack Patterns

Lords Of The Fallen Ruiner Boss Guide

While trying to cross the bridge at Fitzroy's Gorge, the Ruiner boss suddenly emerges seemingly out of nowhere. Despite the appearance of an unobstructed path at the far end of the bridge, evading the boss and fleeing is not a viable option in this situation. Consequently, defeating the boss becomes a necessary requirement to overcome this obstacle in progression and continue forward.

The advantageous aspect is that the Ruiner boss consists of only one phase, potentially making it easier to defeat compared to most bosses in Lords of the Fallen.

At the beginning of the boss fight, the Ruiner boss will initiate a charging attack, leaving a trail of lava in its wake. This attack follows a very straightforward path, making it possible to evade and avoid damage by swiftly dodging to either the left or right side.

Lords Of The Fallen Ruiner Boss

Following that, the boss will begin employing single axe sweeps as part of its attack patterns. As the fight progresses, these attacks will escalate into multiple sweeping motions.

Depending on the distance between you and the Ruiner boss, it will occasionally execute two axe attacks that are highly predictable and can also be parried successfully.

Lords Of The Fallen Ruiner

If you remain in close proximity to the boss, it will intermittently initiate a kick attack followed by a lava explosion. While the kick itself may not inflict significant damage, the ensuing explosion carries a substantial amount, intensifying the buildup of the fire status and its associated effects.

Lords Of The Fallen

At certain intervals during the boss fight's progression, the Ruiner boss will summon a totem by pouring lava out of its shield. Once this action is completed, the boss enters an aggro state, resulting in slightly faster movement and increased physical and fire damage inflicted by axe sweep attacks.

In this aggro state, the boss will execute a series of four swing attacks after summoning the totem. Successfully dodging all four swings requires precise timing but is not excessively challenging.

Lords Of The

While the Totem is active, the Ruiner boss utilizes its shield to unleash an explosive attack, inflicting direct damage to the area in front of the boss. This attack also disperses lava onto the ground, further adding to the hazardous environment.

In the aggro stage of the Ruiner boss, it will perform a powerful lunge attack that inflicts significant fire damage upon impact. Additionally, this attack generates a wave of fire that extends linearly for a considerable distance.

Lords Of

To evade the Ruiner boss's lunge attack, it is crucial to press the dodge button to either the left or right side as soon as his axe is about to make contact with the ground. Dodging too early may help you avoid the lunge attack itself, but be cautious as the subsequent lava wave can still cause significant damage.


In addition, when the Ruiner boss is not performing lunge attacks, it will alternate its attacks by executing two axe swings followed by a ground smash that releases spewing lava.

Ruiner Boss Fight Strategy

Having a comprehensive understanding of all the boss's attack patterns is an ideal starting point for strategizing how to defeat the Ruiner in Lords of the Fallen. To begin with, it is crucial to avoid attacking from the front, as the boss effectively blocks all melee attacks using its shield. Therefore, the most effective strategy to inflict significant damage is to dodge the boss's attacks and strike from the back. This can be accomplished when the boss completes its combo, allowing you to dodge and roll behind its back for a prime opportunity to attack.

It is important to highlight that patience and precision are crucial in this endeavor. Rushing headlong into the battle or being overly aggressive can result in unnecessary harm. Take your time, observe and learn the boss's attack patterns, and seize the opportune moments to strike.

Furthermore, it is advisable to prioritize breaking the Ruiner's summoned Totem as quickly as possible. This strategic approach will debuff the boss, causing it to exit the aggro state where it incessantly utilizes fire-based attacks.

Equipping items that provide resistance against fire elements will prove beneficial in mitigating the significant damage caused by various direct fire attacks from the Ruiner. The impact of the damage inflicted will be significantly reduced when using such items.

Ruiner Boss Rewards

Most of the Ruiner's attacks can be easily dodged, creating an opportunity to unleash two or three strikes from behind. By repeating this strategy, the boss can be defeated within a few minutes.

Upon successfully defeating the Ruiner boss in Lords of the Fallen, you will receive the following rewards.

  • Ruiner Shield
  • Ruiner Sleeves
  • Vestige Seed