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Guide for Defeating the Scourged Sister Delyth Boss in Lords of the Fallen

Within Lords of the Fallen, the essence of gameplay lies in the formidable boss encounters, serving as pivotal moments that culminate in intense battl...

Austin Wood Oct 15, 2023
Guide for Defeating the Scourged Sister Delyth Boss in Lords of the Fallen

Within Lords of the Fallen, the essence of gameplay lies in the formidable boss encounters, serving as pivotal moments that culminate in intense battles. Overcoming these bosses is of utmost importance as they not only act as obstacles to progress but also serve as catalysts for advancing the game's narrative. Only by vanquishing these story-driven bosses can players propel the game's storyline forward.

An example of a boss in Lords of the Fallen is Scourged Sister Delyth. While she may initially appear to be a straightforward opponent, she possesses formidable strength and inflicts bleeding damage in addition to physical harm. Achieving victory against this boss necessitates a comprehensive comprehension of her attack patterns and employing strategic maneuvers to overcome the challenges posed by Scourged Sister Delyth.

Scourged Sister Delyth Boss Attack Patterns

Lords Of The Fallen Scourged Sister Delyth Boss Guide

Scourged Sister Delyth is an unavoidable boss encountered in the natural progression of Lords of the Fallen. Armed with a Flail weapon, she inflicts physical damage upon her adversaries and has the ability to induce a bleed status effect, which activates when the corresponding bar reaches its maximum capacity. This typically occurs when players sustain continuous hits from the boss, allowing the bleed effect to accumulate and eventually trigger.

First Phase

During the initial phase of the Scourged Sister Delyth boss battle, she exhibits sluggish movement and employs a small repertoire of weapon attacks. Approaching the boss closely will result in her executing two Flail weapon swing attacks. Once she completes both swings, an opportune moment arises to deliver a few strikes against the boss with relative ease.

On occasion, Scourged Sister Delyth initiates her combo attacks in the first phase by unleashing a Kick. This tendency is more likely to occur when players proactively engage in combat and begin dealing damage instead of patiently awaiting an opportune moment to retaliate.

Yet another frequent occurrence entails Scourged Sister Delyth executing a ground pound attack with her charged flail weapon. This primarily takes place when maintaining a medium to long distance from the boss, as she endeavors to bridge the gap by unleashing a charged assault. Successfully evading this maneuver flawlessly will unveil a significant timeframe to execute a fully charged assault on the boss, resulting in substantial damage.

Lords Of The Fallen Scourged Sister Delyth Boss

Scourged Sister Delyth occasionally performs an uppercut Flail attack, swiftly followed by a ground smash. This sequence commonly unfolds when engaging the boss from the rear or sides after evading her initial assault. The initial attack is swift, offering a favorable opportunity for parrying and destabilizing her stance, thereby exposing the boss to a visceral attack.

In the final stages, as Scourged Sister Delyth's health bar diminishes to approximately 30-40 percent, she may enter an aggressive state and execute a three-hit flail weapon swing attack. All three of these strikes follow predictable patterns and can be effectively parried.

Second Phase

Lords Of The Fallen Scourged Sister Delyth

Once the health bar of Scourged Sister Delyth reaches 50 percent or lower, the boss fight in Lords of the Fallen transitions into its second phase. A clear indication of this transition is the utilization of radiance magic by Scourged Sister Delyth to enhance her attacks.

When Scourged Sister Delyth's health reaches or falls below 50 percent, she employs Radiance magic to augment her movement speed and attack potency.

In the second phase, the boss retains the fundamental attack patterns observed in the first phase, but they are now amplified. To begin, Scourged Sister Delyth frequently initiates her attacks with a rapid dash, followed by a swing and a subsequent jumping ground attack.

Lords Of The Fallen Scourged Sister

During the second phase, the ground attack executed by Scourged Sister Delyth inflicts considerable damage. However, this attack is slow-moving and highly predictable, making it easily evadable through a simple dodge roll, thus safeguarding players from taking any hits.

While under the effect of radiance magic, Scourged Sister Delyth will unleash a four-hit assault with her Flail weapon. With precise timing, it is possible to evade all four swing attacks. Alternatively, given that these attacks have limited range, maintaining a safe distance or swiftly executing a dodge roll will aid in avoiding any potential hits.

Scourged Sister Delyth Boss Fight Strategy

Lords Of The Fallen Scourged

Emerging victorious against the formidable boss Scourged Sister Delyth revolves around skillfully timing your own attacks and mastering the mechanics of parrying and dodging. Employing frequent parries will create openings for visceral attacks, significantly shortening the duration of the boss fight by inflicting substantial damage.

It is advisable to utilize the Umbral Lamb and swiftly extract Scourged Sister Delyth's soul right at the beginning of the boss fight. This approach allows ample time to deliver three to five strikes, inflicting substantial damage during the initial stages of the battle.

Applying weapon buffs like Holy Salts or Fire Salts to enhance elemental damage will augment your attack power, causing each strike against Scourged Sister Delyth to deplete a greater portion of her health. While raw physical damage can still be effective, considering Scourged Sister Delyth's vulnerability to Holy damage, it is advisable to imbue your weapons with the aforementioned elemental attribute for optimal results.

To minimize exposure to danger, the most effective strategy is to execute two or three swift strikes with a heavy weapon, followed by creating distance, patiently awaiting the next opening, and repeating the sequence. Dual-wielding individuals employing light weapons can even prolong their attack combinations to include four or six hits before tactically retreating.

Scourged Sister Delyth possesses notably slow and highly predictable swing attacks, rendering them susceptible to parrying. The initial attacks that initiate her combos are particularly straightforward to anticipate, and parrying them should pose no significant challenge.

When the boss becomes staggered, it is crucial not to squander the opportunity and instead seize the moment to execute visceral attacks, effectively depleting a substantial portion of Scourged Sister Delyth's health. This approach will significantly alleviate the difficulty of the boss fight.

Given that Scourged Sister Delyth inflicts bleed damage, it is advisable to carry Bleed Resistance Balm to alleviate the accumulation of bleed effects caused by the boss's weapon. This precaution is particularly useful during the initial phase of the boss fight.

Scourged Sister Delyth Boss Rewards

Lords Of The Fallen

Upon vanquishing the Scourged Sister Delyth boss in Lords of the Fallen, you will be rewarded with the following spoils:

  • Scourged Sister Flail
  • Scourged Sister Garb
  • Vestige Seed