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Guide to the Ruler of Rebirth in Honkai Impact 3rd

Players who have played Honkai Impact 3rd for a long time or have paid close attention to the game's story probably know a character named Sirin. Alth...

Hope Bellingham Sept 17, 2023
Guide to the Ruler of Rebirth in Honkai Impact 3rd

Players who have played Honkai Impact 3rd for a long time or have paid close attention to the game's story probably know a character named Sirin. Although she is an important figure in the HI3rd story and has appeared in various Stigmata and events over the years, Sirin had never before had her own playable battlesuit (although she was available as an ELF). Version 6.9 of the game titled "Cutting Dreams at Dawn" has finally addressed this and introduced a playable Sirin battlesuit from the Captainverse continuity.

For players specifically looking for a guide on using Miracle Magical Girl in the Elysian Realm, click here to access that guide.

The new S-rank battlesuit for Sirin is called Miracle Magical Girl (styled as Miracle ☆ Magical Girl) and is a fire-type Mecha DPS that specializes in triggering the ignition mechanism. Due to its focus on ignition, Miracle Magical Girl is a valuable unit for most players, as other units that provide this functionality have fallen out of the meta. The value of Miracle Magical Girl for players is further enhanced by the fact that she is available in the War Treasury Shop, which means players can obtain her for free with enough effort.

It is important to note that her Stigmata can be crafted, and according to information from the beta of the Chinese client of Honkai Impact 3rd, her weapon will be available in the Battle Pass starting from version 7.0. With all this information in mind, Miracle Magical Girl is essentially a free character if players are patient and put in the required effort. However, this guide will also cover alternative weapons and Stigmata to cover all possibilities and situations.

Understanding Miracle Magical Girl's Kit

Honkai Impact 3rd Miracle Magical Girl Guide

The Miracle Magical Girl battlesuit appears to be based on Sirin's previous ELF unit, as both deal fire damage and engage in close combat. Most of Miracle Magical Girl Sirin's attacks in some way inflict ignition damage and generate stacks for her, further amplifying the ignition damage. Sirin's normal attack rotation also fills a bar above her health called Star Faith. When the Star Faith bar is full, players should hold down the ATK button to consume the bar in Honkai Impact 3rd's mechanic known as "Charging" and release the charge once the bar is completely depleted. During this charging sequence, Sirin deals continuous fire damage, grouping enemies and applying ignition trauma to them. Therefore, the term "Charging" can be somewhat misleading. After releasing the now depleted bar, Sirin performs a final charged attack and also regains some SP.

When switching out Miracle Magical Girl Sirin outside of combat, the Star Faith bar and all active stacks will be reset. Therefore, players should make sure to deplete this bar before swapping out their active character.

By tapping the active ability of Miracle Magical Girl Sirin's weapon, enemies are marked, and tapping again detonates the mark, inflicting ignition trauma. However, it should be noted that the marking on enemies is automatically applied by following Sirin's normal attack rotation. Therefore, players are recommended to let the marks occur naturally and detonate them only after depleting the Star Faith bar. Fortunately, Honkai Impact 3rd simplifies this rotation process by highlighting the weapon's activation button when it should ideally be pressed. Regardless of how the weapon's active ability is used, it results in the enemy being affected by ignition trauma.

Similar to the Herrscher of Rebirth, the active ability of Miracle Magical Girl's weapon is unique to her and not tied to a specific weapon. This means that regardless of which weapon players have equipped on Sirin, her active weapon ability will always work and is an essential part of her kit.

The rest of Miracle Magical Girl's equipment includes her ultimate evasive move, her QTE ability, and her ultimate skill. Both her ultimate evasive move and ultimate skill trigger a time distortion, with the ultimate skill additionally dealing fire damage per active stack while resetting her stacks. To utilize Sirin's QTE when she is outside of combat, it can be triggered by a slow-motion effect or ignition caused by another character in combat. When activated, it inflicts ignition trauma and deals additional ignition damage to enemies. Sirin's QTE also has the bonus effect of restoring a portion of her own SP. Generally, it is best to use Miracle Magical Girl's ultimate skill when it becomes available after her rotation, in order to have as many stacks as possible and further amplify the damage dealt.

Are Miracle Magical Girl Duplicates Worth Pulling?

Honkai Impact 3rd Miracle Magical Girl

Now that players understand how Miracle Magical Girl works, it is important to quickly address duplicates and how they affect the character. As always, it is advised not to pull for duplicates until players have already obtained all character-specific equipment, and potential future banners as well as the current crystal balance of the players should be considered first.

As mentioned in our previous Herrscher of Rebirth guide, remember to invest responsibly when spending real money in Honkai Impact 3rd or any other gacha games. Regarding duplicates, ranks S1, S3, SS, SS1, SS2, and SS3 increase the level caps for existing Miracle Magical Girl abilities. The greatest benefits for Sirin come from ranks S2 and SSS, which each offer new abilities as shown in the table below.


Miracle Magical Girl will unlock two skills at S2. The first skill is called "Unconditional Faith" and will increase Sirin's initial SP. The second skill, "Rend! Entwined Bond of Old Days" will deal bonus damage when charging, and this damage is counted as HP loss for the sake of in-game buffs.


At SSS, Miracle Magical Girl will unlock the skill "Vanish, like Foam in a Dream." This skill makes Sirin's charged attacks deal extra fire damage to enemies inflicted with ignite trauma.

Miracle Magical Girl Weapon Guide

Honkai Impact 3rd Miracle Magical

Like most characters in Honkai Impact 3rd, Miracle Magical Girl requires her character-specific weapon to fully unleash her potential. HI3rd simply doesn't offer many alternatives when it comes to equipping a character with a weapon, and since the chakram is a newer weapon class in the game, this is especially true for Sirin. Unfortunately, obtaining the weapon for players is by far the most challenging part of her kit that can be obtained without spending crystals in the gacha.

The character-specific weapon that players are recommended to pull for is called the "Dreamblade," which provides Sirin with additional damage bonuses, additional instances of damage throughout her entire kit, additional stacks, and an increase in damage and SP regeneration for her ultimate ability. However, more importantly, players will want to upgrade the Dreamblade to its PRI-ARM variant called the "Dreamblade: Polaris." The PRI-ARM variant of the weapon increases the scaling of the previously mentioned effects across the board and adds another passive ability that increases the damage inflicted on ignited enemies.

Alternative Weapons for Miracle Magical Girl

Honkai Impact 3rd Miracle

If players fail to obtain Sirin's character-specific weapon, unfortunately, there won't be many alternatives. The only real alternative will be "Purana Phantasma: Nighteye," the PRI-ARM weapon for the ice support character Reverist Calico (Pardofelis). Unfortunately, this weapon is also exclusive to the gacha, so it is unlikely that players will get it unless they already have it available.

That being said, if players already have it, it will be a solid alternative as a weapon until they are able to obtain Sirin's character-specific weapon. Purana Phantasma: Nighteye will provide Sirin with additional damage and team damage.

Why Not Rudder in Dream Λ-I?

Honkai Impact 3rd

When considering alternative weapons for Miracle Magical Girl, most players would naturally assume that the only other fire-oriented chakram is the best option. This weapon, Rudder in Dream Λ-I, is a PRI-ARM used by the fire-specialized support character Chrono Navi. In fact, this weapon is an acceptable option if it's the only one available, but Chrono Navi is expected to be on the same team as Sirin and will benefit much more from her character-specific weapon than Sirin herself.

Furthermore, while Rudder in Dream Λ-I is associated with additional damage, overall it is a weapon-oriented support, and it would be more advantageous for someone else on the team to use it again.

Miracle Magical Girl Stigmata Guide

hi3rd sirin stigmata As previously mentioned throughout the guide, Sirin's signature stigmata set ("Little Joys") is fully craftable for free if players are willing to put in the time to grind. Players can learn about the specific stigmata that make up the Little Joys set as well as the set bonuses in the table below.

TeRiRi: Gift (T)

Miracle Magical Girl deals extra fire DMG to enemies, even further fire DMG to enemies inflicted with ignite trauma, and the entire team has increased max HP.

Broboli: Demo (M)

Miracle Magical Girl deals increased total DMG, increased ignite trauma, and increased damage to enemies with ignite trauma.

Vollerei: Review (B)

Miracle Magical Girl deals increased total DMG and increased ignite DMG. Further, when non-weapon active skill attacks deal damage, the fire DMG dealt by the weapon active skill increases.

Sparkling Girl's Heart (2-Piece Set Bonus)

Miracle Magical Girl will take less DMG from enemies and will deal additional ignite DMG.

Eternal Magic Girl (3-Piece Set Bonus)

All enemies will receive additional fire DMG from Miracle Magical Girl, and will receive even further fire DMG if afflicted with numerous stacks of ignite.

When it comes to alternative Stigmata sets for Miracle Magical Girl, players mainly have two options: Leeuwenhoek and Aslaug. Aslaug can be obtained through the gacha and is the character-specific set for the fire-specialized support Midnight Absinthe. On the other hand, Leeuwenhoek is the first craftable set that players will acquire through grinding, as it needs to be later converted into Sirin's character-specific set.

Fortunately, Leeuwenhoek is a good alternative for players who are currently working on upgrades, and they can keep it in the meantime. When looking at the recommended sets in the game, HI3rd suggests Wang Zhaojun for beginner builds and Fu Hua: Musician for budget builds. As usual, these two sets are not particularly good, and if players have to use them because they are easy to obtain, the goal should be to upgrade to one of the aforementioned sets as soon as possible.

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