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Hearthstone: Explaining All Keywords

Understanding Hearthstone keywords can be overwhelming, but it is crucial for players to comprehend them.Battlecry occurs when a card is played and ...

Isaiah Colbert Sept 13, 2023
Hearthstone: Explaining All Keywords

Understanding Hearthstone keywords can be overwhelming, but it is crucial for players to comprehend them.

Battlecry occurs when a card is played and allows players to trigger specific effects, such as attacking enemy cards or activating special abilities.

Other keywords such as Combo, Deathrattle, and Divine Shield possess their own unique effects. Players should familiarize themselves with these keywords to fully grasp their implications.

Hearthstone can be an overwhelming game to delve into. The game offers a plethora of diverse cards, classes, factions, and strategies for players to explore and master.

This can be quite confusing both for newcomers and experienced veterans alike, as each keyword has its own specific rules and interactions. It takes time and

20 Battlecry

Hearthstone All Keywords Explained

Battlecry minions are incredibly common in Hearthstone.

19 Charge

Hearthstone All Keywords

Usually, when a minion is played for the first time, it cannot attack until the next turn. However, if a minion has the Charge keyword, it can attack immediately upon

18 Choose One

Hearthstone All

The "Choose One" mechanic is commonly used for Druid cards. Cards with the "Choose One" effect allow the player to select one of multiple

17 Combo


Combo cards are commonly found in Rogue decks. Combo cards often have two different effects. The basic effect can be used when the card is played on its own,

16 Corpse

Corpses are a unique secondary resource primarily utilized by the Death Knight class in Hearthstone.

15 Deathrattle

The Deathrattle mechanic is triggered when a card is removed from the game due to its death. When activated, it allows the card to produce a specific effect or

14 Divine Shield

Divine Shield grants a minion a bubble or shield that ignores the first instance of damage it would take. It does not matter whether the damage is from a spell, a minion,

13 Freeze

In Hearthstone, using "Freeze" on a minion essentially does what it states. The minion is immobilized and unable to attack or use its abilities during the

However, frozen minions can still defend themselves. So, if a player freezes an opponent's minion and

12 Lifesteal

Lifesteal is a special ability that allows a card to heal its controller for the same amount of

This type of card is most commonly found in Priest decks but is also available to most other classes.

11 Poisonous

Poisonous is a unique ability for minions that causes any minion damaged by them to be destroyed immediately.

10 Outcast

Outcast is an exclusive ability found only on cards of the Demon Hunter class. When a card with Outcast is played from the left or rightmost position in the hand, it

9 Overload

Overload is a mechanic in Hearthstone that limits the amount of mana available to the player in their next turn.

Players can identify Overload cards by the text "Overload(X)" in the card description. X represents the amount of mana that will be locked in the following turn due to the

8 Reborn

When a minion with Reborn is destroyed, it is revived with 1 health remaining. This allows the minion to

When a minion with Reborn is returned to the hand, it does not retain the Reborn effect. Once

7 Rush

Rush is a special ability in Hearthstone that grants a minion the ability to immediately attack enemy minions on

6 Secret

When a Secret spell card is played, it remains hidden until its triggering condition is activated. The

It is impossible for the opponent to know which Secret has been played, at least without some guesswork. The nature of Secrets

5 Silence

When a minion is silenced in Hearthstone, it loses all card effects, including any buffs, Deathrattle

4 Spell Damage

The spell damage mechanic allows players to increase the damage of their spells. Depending on the amount of spell damage they have, the damage dealt by their spells is boosted accordingly

The spell damage mechanic stacks. Spell damage

3 Stealth

Minions with Stealth are immune to direct attacks, spells, or abilities from the opponent. However, once a Stealthed minion attacks, uses an ability, or reaches a specific

However, a Stealthed minion does not lose its Stealth when it takes damage. This is an important aspect of the mechanic, as it allows

2 Taunt

Every minion with the Taunt status forces enemies to attack them, rather than other targets such as the player's hero or other minions. Taunt minions act

1 Windfury

Windfury allows a minion to attack twice in a single turn. This means that a minion with Windf

Hearthstone is available now for Mobile and PC.