Here are 10 games to play if you enjoy Minecraft: | GAME3A

Here are 10 games to play if you enjoy Minecraft:

Minecraft is the definitive survival crafting game that has influenced many newer titles in the genre. However, even if you adore Minecraft, it can be...

Austin Wood Oct 10, 2023
Here are 10 games to play if you enjoy Minecraft:

Minecraft is the definitive survival crafting game that has influenced many newer titles in the genre. However, even if you adore Minecraft, it can be enjoyable to explore other video games. You may not want to stray too far, though, as you might still crave a game that captures the essence and atmosphere of Minecraft.

If you're unsure where to start, we're here to assist you. In this list, you'll discover some of the top games to play that share similarities with Minecraft. Many of these games offer a distinctive twist on the survival crafting mechanics, while immersing you in a dynamic and thrilling world.

10 Terraria

10 Games To Play If You Like Minecraft


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May 16, 2011

Terraria and Minecraft are often compared to each other, and it's understandable since both games are block-based. In Terraria, you will venture into a 2D world teeming with distinctive bosses that yield rare items upon defeat.

Essentially, Terraria can be seen as a game similar to Minecraft but with a greater focus on progression. You have the ability to craft and upgrade your equipment, engage in boss battles that must be conquered in a specific order until you face the final boss, the Moon Lord. Additionally, you can expand your base to accommodate NPCs who offer various items and abilities to aid you in your adventures.

9 Starbound

10 Games To Play If You Like

Starbound bears a striking resemblance to Terraria, but it grants you the opportunity to venture into space and explore diverse planets. In this game, the building mechanics share similarities with Minecraft, where you construct structures using blocks made from various materials.

Instead of only playing as Steve, you have the option to select from different species, like the Novakid displayed in the image above. These beings are composed of energy and exist in a universe where cowboy-themed villages are dispersed across various locations.

8 Valheim

10 Games To Play If You


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February 2, 2021
Iron Gate AB

If you find enjoyment in peaceful activities like farming materials and building, then Valheim is the perfect game for you. Set in a Viking-themed world, Valheim offers a tranquil experience, especially when focusing on building within the Meadows biome. However, if you decide to explore the more challenging areas like the Black Forest and Swamp, be prepared for combat encounters!

Minecraft adopts a fantastical approach to building physics, meaning that they do not adhere to real-world rules. However, in Valheim, you will need to consider factors such as gravity and weight distribution while constructing. Taking these elements into account will assist you in creating relatively realistic buildings within the game.

7 The Sims 4

10 Games To Play If

The Sims 4

PS4, Xbox One, PC, OS X
September 2, 2014

In terms of gameplay, The Sims 4 differs significantly from Minecraft. However, if you enjoy expressing your creativity through building, The Sims 4 is another excellent choice. The Sims franchise is renowned for providing players with the freedom to construct and design anything they desire.

From detailed exteriors to inviting interiors, you have the ability to construct the house you've always envisioned. Unlike Minecraft, you are not confined to using large blocks, as there is a wide array of decorations at your disposal in The Sims 4. These options allow for more intricate and detailed designs in your virtual homes.

6 Subnautica

10 Games To Play


Xbox One, PS4
January 23, 2018
Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Next on the list is Subnautica. This challenging survival crafting game immerses you in an alien planet teeming with vast oceans. Similar to Minecraft, you find yourself mostly alone, except for the various creatures inhabiting the world. In Subnautica, you can craft tools and vehicles to aid your survival in the underwater environment.

Both Minecraft and Subnautica have a knack for creating a sense of tranquility, only to deliver extremely tense and frightening experiences. Whether it's encountering a hidden creeper in a dark cave or coming face-to-face with a Leviathan in murky waters, both games are capable of raising your heart rate and inducing thrilling moments.

5 Pixark

10 Games To

Ark Survival: Evolved is a dinosaur-themed survival game that has a spin-off called Pixark. This spin-off closely resembles Minecraft, including its blocky graphics. While Ark Survival: Evolved offers a brutal and terrifying experience, Pixark takes a more "cute" approach to gameplay.

In Pixark, you have the ability to gather resources, craft items, and construct bases to provide protection for yourself and your potential tribe, which may consist of other players. The game offers various bosses to challenge, dungeons to explore, and a diverse array of weapons that you can create to enhance your gameplay experience.

4 Astroneer

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In Minecraft, aside from building structures, you can also delve into the realm of redstone machinery and automation. If you enjoy this aspect of Minecraft, you might find similar enjoyment in Astroneer. This game takes place on an alien planet and focuses on exploration and survival, without combat. In Astroneer, you are tethered to a small pod that serves as a life support system, allowing you to navigate and thrive in the extraterrestrial environment.

In Astroneer, your objective is to explore different planets and reach their cores. To achieve this, you must collect resources and construct new machines. While the game does not offer creative building like Minecraft, your primary base area will quickly be filled with a multitude of machines and equipment to aid in your spacefaring endeavors.

3 RimWorld



PC, PS4, Xbox One
October 17, 2018
Ludeon Studios

RimWorld is a game centered around managing a colony, where your primary objective is to guide a growing group of colonists in their struggle for survival on a planet teeming with dangerous wildlife and rival tribes. To ensure their survival, you can construct a base, expand into new territories, and form alliances with other factions.

Although the gameplay of RimWorld differs from Minecraft, the fundamental essence of the game is quite similar. Building a base, surviving, and exploring the surrounding world are central aspects of both games. If you enjoy games such as Two Point Campus, Two Point Hospital, and Minecraft, then RimWorld is definitely worth giving a try.

2 No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky

Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5
August 9, 2016
Hello Games

If you find the concept of base building in a sandbox world intriguing, then No Man's Sky is definitely worth exploring. In this game, you are granted the freedom to engage in a wide range of activities within a vast, procedurally generated universe.

There aren't many games that offer the ability to construct massive mega bases like Minecraft does, but No Man's Sky comes remarkably close. While exploring the vastness of space, you have the opportunity to build sizable bases that can serve various purposes, ranging from resource hubs to simply creating a visually appealing and relaxing retreat.

1 Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, Android, PS Vita
February 26, 2016

Last but certainly not least, we have Stardew Valley. This farm life simulator has been a beloved classic since its release in 2016, featuring charming NPCs, crops, and areas to explore. While Stardew Valley differs in terms of gameplay and mechanics compared to Minecraft, both games share a cozy and immersive nature that can easily draw you in for hours of enjoyment.

We've included Stardew Valley as a special mention. Similar to Minecraft, you can enjoy it solo or with friends, engage in exploration, crafting, and home decoration. In general, both games can captivate you for countless hours, offering endless fun and entertainment.