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Here are 10 RPG quests that the average person could actually complete

When contemplating my favorite RPG games, I often find myself wondering about the adventures I could embark on. It's a common thought process—for if a...

Bradley Russell Oct 15, 2023
Here are 10 RPG quests that the average person could actually complete

When contemplating my favorite RPG games, I often find myself wondering about the adventures I could embark on. It's a common thought process—for if a character like Cloud, with his distinct hairstyle and intriguing personality, can overcome challenges and reach the end of an adventure, surely we can do the same.

Clearly, not all of us will have the ability to defeat a formidable foe like Sephiroth. However, that doesn't imply that we cannot complete certain RPGs for unexpected reasons. While we may be ordinary individuals, there are instances when we can rise to the occasion and overcome challenges that exceed the norm, especially when circumstances align favorably.

10 Final Fantasy 4

10 RPG Quests The Average Person Could Actually Complete

Final Fantasy 4 may have a peculiar storyline that eventually leads its characters to the moon, of all locations, but I believe that even the average person would manage just fine. If a character like Cecil, who is depicted as a somewhat comical and emotionally vulnerable individual, can successfully navigate through the game, then certainly all of us can do the same.

Let's be honest; this game is filled with numerous fake-out deaths that would alleviate any concerns about dying. Instead of facing actual death, you would simply wake up in another location after seemingly perishing. We would all rely on luck to reach the end and emerge as the greatest hero, even if being a whimsical bard sounds like a much more enjoyable experience.

9 The Witcher 3

10 RPG Quests The Average Person Could Actually

Let's speak candidly. If you possess the ability to charm your way through conversations, you could handle the adventurous journey of Geralt in The Witcher 3. While it may require making some morally ambiguous choices that wouldn't qualify you for the "Dad of the Year" award, you would still be capable of locating Ciri and ensuring her safety.

Geralt's entire quest to find Ciri can be summed up as a sequence of visiting different locations, gathering information, and moving on to the next destination. If you manage to avoid danger, you would be perfectly fine. Moreover, when it comes to facing the Wild Hunt, there would be a substantial number of individuals interested in ensuring Ciri's safety, given her notable presence and memorable quotes. You might not even need to lift a finger as others would be more than willing to protect her.

8 Yakuza: Like A Dragon

10 RPG Quests The Average Person Could

Taking into account the central theme of Yakuza: Like A Dragon, which revolves around a group of societal outcasts coming together to achieve the seemingly impossible, it is safe to say that anyone could embark on this adventure. The game emphasizes that ordinary individuals, often overlooked by society, have the potential to accomplish remarkable feats when united.

Believe me, I appreciate Kasuga just as much as the next person, but let's be honest, he's far from being anything extraordinary. While he may possess a unique mindset, Kasuga and his gang are essentially ordinary individuals caught up in a complex storyline. Realistically speaking, such circumstances could happen to anyone, although the chances are unlikely. However, it's not entirely impossible!

7 Persona 4 Golden

10 RPG Quests The Average Person

I've always believed that if a group of characters like those in Scooby-Doo can successfully solve mysteries, then I can too. This opinion holds true for the high schoolers in Persona 4 as well. They may possess Personas for battle and be a clever group, but if you can run fast and have persuasive skills, who needs Personas?

There are certain challenging aspects to consider, such as the possibility of encountering a god. However, since my personal time management skills are not exceptional, I will simply choose to avoid Marie entirely.

6 Kingdom Hearts 2

10 RPG Quests The Average

If you can tap into the power of friendship, everything will be alright in Kingdom Hearts 2. You will always have the support of a magical duck named Donald and a loyal and quirky companion in Goofy who provides defense. Honestly, who needs anything more than that?

Depending on the world you visit, you can have formidable allies by your side to assist you with your tasks, making the journey enjoyable. Exploring the delightful Disney worlds is a major perk of the job here. It's like having your very own personal Disney World experience, minus the long queues and excessively priced items.

5 Valkyria Chronicles 4

10 RPG Quests The

Listen, war is never something that anyone should aspire to participate in, but unfortunately, it can occur. In the context of Valkyria Chronicles, if your role is simply that of a military commander, I would venture to say that anyone could fulfill that position with varying degrees of success.

If you are capable of strategic thinking, you should be able to successfully overcome any of the adventures in the series. Operating a tank might present some challenges, but with sufficient practice and an ample supply of command points, I am confident that it can be mastered.

4 Super Mario RPG

10 RPG Quests

I'm not sure if this opinion is controversial, but I believe that the average person could complete the majority of Mario's adventures. Compared to the other RPG adventures mentioned previously, Mario's games simply seem like enjoyable experiences that most people could easily engage in.

While I may not be able to sport a mustache as stylishly as Mario does, one thing I can do well is jump. Despite Smithy appearing to be quite challenging, I believe that with sufficient planning, every aspect of this game can be tackled successfully. And all the while, I can hum along to that incredible soundtrack.

3 Undertale

10 RPG

If we exercise a bit of self-control, everyone should be able to navigate through Undertale without any problems. While we may miss out on experiencing Megalovania, on the flip side, we won't have to endure immediate encounters with a skeleton armed with terrible puns.

Given that every creature in the game can be reasoned with to some extent, it would likely be enjoyable to give it a try. However, it is essential for everyone to resist any murderous impulses. I will assume that anyone reading this doesn't have such impulses in the first place and proceed accordingly.

2 Stardew Valley


I mean, let's be honest, it's just farming. That's not to undermine the fact that farming is undoubtedly one of the toughest and most crucial jobs. However, when it comes down to it, this RPG portrays a relatively ordinary life with a few unique elements and twists.

Being thrust into an adventure in Stardew Valley could potentially be the ultimate dream vacation for some of us. Oh no, how terrible it would be to live a life brimming with delicious homegrown food, exploring caves, interacting with locals, and perhaps even finding love. What a tragic situation that would be.

1 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Insert any Pokémon game into this scenario because it's evident that not only would everyone think they could do it, but most people would eagerly seize the opportunity. Having your own team of Pokémon to bond with and embarking on an adventure to become the best in the region has been a dream for people since 1996.

It can be a bit frustrating that many people you encounter are always eager to engage in battles at a moment's notice. However, that's alright because you can simply grind your way to a level 99 Skeledirge and obliterate anyone who dares to give you a wrong look.