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Here are 11 hidden areas in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that have gone unnoticed by most players

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet provide players with a fully immersive open world experience, allowing them to embody the role of the protagonist in their...

Nancy Ing Oct 13, 2023
Here are 11 hidden areas in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that have gone unnoticed by most players

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet provide players with a fully immersive open world experience, allowing them to embody the role of the protagonist in their own personal Pokemon journey. This captivating environment enables players to uncover new aspects about Pokemon and the vast world they inhabit.

The new Pokemon games exhibit a pronounced role-playing game essence, featuring expansive areas to explore that elevate the immersive RPG experience, thereby making the off-the-beaten-path moments particularly remarkable.

Within Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there exist concealed regions that players may have inadvertently overlooked, such as ancient ruins, construction sites, treasure-laden mountains, and sacred shrines. Each of these hidden areas presents distinctive encounters and rewards, adding to the overall richness of the gameplay experience.

The inclusion of a fully explorable open world in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has introduced a fresh and thrilling adventure to the series. Players of all ages can now truly immerse themselves and experience being the main character in their own Pokemon story. As they progress towards their goals, they will engage in battles and discover new aspects about both Pokemon and the expansive world that surrounds them, fostering a journey of growth and discovery.

The expanded role-playing game ambiance in the new Pokemon games is not solely attributed to the map design. The vast areas available for exploration contribute significantly to creating a genuinely immersive open-world RPG experience. While there are multiple ways to approach playing Scarlet and Violet, the most memorable moments occur when you venture beyond the familiar routes and stumble upon something fresh and unexpected. Here are a few hidden locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that you may have missed.

Updated on October 13, 2023 by Gabrielle Castania: In light of the upcoming Indigo Disc DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, alongside the already released Teal Mask DLC, we are refreshing our previous Pokemon lists to provide them with a renewed perspective and ensure comprehensive coverage of the most fascinating secrets within Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

11 Sandy Gimmighoul Ruins

11 Hidden Areas In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Everyone Completely Missed

If your initial goal is to challenge the gyms, stumbling upon a vast desert might catch you off guard, especially when you realize you need to traverse it to reach a gym battle. You have the option to follow the designated path directly or take some time to explore the desert and discover what lies at its edges.

If you initially proceed along the eastern edge of Asado Desert, following the cliff basin, you will eventually encounter what appears to be ancient ruins. This small archaeological site could be one of several references to Pokemon Legends: Arceus and its ancient setting. Additionally, within these ruins resides a Gimmighoul, which you can either capture or use as a source of coins by farming it.

10 Grassy Gimmighoul Ruins

11 Hidden Areas In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Everyone Completely

Paldea boasts a variety of completely unique climates, but it lacks extensive wild forests within the region. However, the meadows and woods located south of Asado Desert, albeit small in size, hold some hidden surprises for explorers once they have defeated Team Star in the area.

If you venture towards the Cascarrafa area from the Southwest, you will come across partially concealed ruins. You can quickly snap a photo of them, evoking the nostalgic vibes of Pokemon Snap, or take the time to explore and potentially encounter another Gimmighoul for yourself.

9 Who Dropped All This?

11 Hidden Areas In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Everyone

Even in the Pokemon world, there exist demanding and challenging occupations. Someone has to take responsibility for the construction and mining necessary to sustain a modern society. Between Area Three of East Province and Area Two of North Province, there is an expansive worksite that stretches on for what feels like endless miles.

Towards the eastern side of this extensive labor-filled plain, you will discover a solitary scaffolding adorned with various items, Gimmighoul coins, and valuable TMs. Feel free to collect as much loot as you desire. However, exercise caution to ensure that your mount Pokemon doesn't get stuck while navigating and jumping around the area.

8 Big Treasure Mountain

11 Hidden Areas In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Exploring the worksite area grants you numerous items, new moves, and intriguing Pokemon encounters. By tracing the path of the river that traverses Tagtree Thicket from its northern side, you may have the opportunity to spot rare Pokemon, particularly during the appropriate time of day. Additionally, following this river can eventually lead you to a treasure mound, holding valuable rewards.

At first glance, this silt mound may appear ordinary, but when viewed from above, you'll notice valuable items scattered around it, resembling a dusty Christmas tree. It's a hidden treasure trove, akin to a useful secret pile of coal.

7 A Slightly Easier Route

11 Hidden Areas In Pokemon Scarlet And

Alfornada is among the most challenging locations to reach in Paldea. Beyond a perilous cave infested with menacing Pokémon, awaits a series of high-level trainers ready to test your skills. However, if you have upgraded your Miraidon or Koraidon sufficiently, there are alternative routes available to navigate through.

Adjacent to the ocean en route to Alfornada, there is a detour that can be discovered by descending the cliffs and searching for a narrow pathway. However, exercise caution not to accidentally fall into the ocean if you haven't obtained the upgrade that enables you to traverse on water yet.

6 The Rod In The Stone

11 Hidden Areas In Pokemon Scarlet

If you have ever been in a high-up position and noticed what appeared to be a magical glowing rod protruding from a rock, rest assured that it was not a figment of your imagination. These luminous staves are intended to be collected, and most of them can only be easily spotted from an elevated vantage point.

Maximize the upgrades for Miraidon or Koraidon by challenging and defeating the titans, and then commence your climbing expedition to locate all of the Ominous Stakes. Gathering each stake of every color will unveil an even more significant secret that remains hidden if you confine yourself to the main roads.

5 It’s Shrine Time

11 Hidden Areas In Pokemon

Nintendo games are famous for incorporating quests and minigames centered around temples and shrines. Even the older Pokemon games featured elements of this, with eerie locations such as Lavender Town and martial arts shrines devoted to Fighting-type Pokemon like Urshifu.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the shrines can be located by uncovering their corresponding Ominous Stakes and accessing the ancient temples. Gathering all the stakes grants you a chance encounter with specific Legendary Pokemon. Ensure that you have fully upgraded Koraidon or Miraidon to make your quest a bit easier.

4 Gotta Climb 'Em All

11 Hidden Areas In

You may be curious about the areas you can and cannot explore in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. While not every building can be entered, there is a new feature to discover. Towers are spread across Paldea, and each one is accessible in one way or another. If a tower cannot be climbed using the attached ladder, there is always an alternative route to reach the top.

Certain towers unlock fast-travel points, providing convenient transportation options. Moreover, each tower contains different items and supplies scattered throughout its levels. They also serve as excellent farming spots for Gimmighoul coins, especially if you aim to level up the miniature mimic Pokemon.

3 A Speedy Tower

11 Hidden Areas

Glaseado Mountain presents itself as rather perilous terrain, as one would anticipate when ascending an icy slope in the untamed wilderness. Towards the eastern side of the mountain, a tower is situated, extending towards the lower foothills of the mountain, its presence often challenging to discern.

To reach the pinnacle, you will need to execute a challenging leap, and upon successfully landing, you will be greeted by a swarm of poised Varoom, prepared to strike. Engaging in battle with determination and perseverance will bestow upon you not only a Gimmighoul but also a prized TM, rendering all your efforts truly worthwhile.

2 Into The Sea

11 Hidden

Once you have vanquished all the Titans and enhanced Miraidon or Koraidon to their fullest potential, it is advisable to retrace your steps towards the initial area. This recommendation is not solely due to the upcoming quest, but also because you might have overlooked the vast expanse of the open sea that was previously unreachable.

Embarking on a voyage across the islands surrounding Paldea is a rewarding expedition that can occupy a substantial amount of your time. There are Pokemon awaiting discovery, trainers eager for battles amidst the petite isles, and an entire rugged mountain teeming with invaluable items and TMs. As for Gimmighoul farming, it is abundant in these surroundings.

1 It Was Supposed To Be Secret


To the south of Glaseado Mountain, a moment of tranquility awaits in the form of a Pokemon Center nestled within the woodland. It serves as a pleasant retreat when the challenges become overwhelming and your provisions for a picnic have been exhausted. Venturing into the surrounding woods grants an opportunity to discover another set of ruins. However, this time they have already been staked claim to by someone else.

Apologies, Jaime, but your concealed hideout proved insufficiently clandestine to evade the detection of an item-seeking Pokémon trainer who had become disoriented in the woods. After concluding the battle with Jaime, there are still additional Gimmighoul coins to gather before continuing on your journey.