Here are some first-person horror games to consider playing if you enjoyed Resident Evil Village: | GAME3A

Here are some first-person horror games to consider playing if you enjoyed Resident Evil Village:

The shift to a first-person perspective in Resident Evil Village breathed new life into the franchise and delivered a more intense and action-packed ...

Phil Hayton Oct 15, 2023
Here are some first-person horror games to consider playing if you enjoyed Resident Evil Village:

The shift to a first-person perspective in Resident Evil Village breathed new life into the franchise and delivered a more intense and action-packed experience.

For those yearning for more horror games akin to Resident Evil Village, titles like Metro Exodus and Alien Vs. Predator provide similar atmospheric and gruesome gameplay experiences.

Other games such as Doom 3 and Soma offer a slower-paced, yet truly terrifying, first-person horror experience that fans of Resident Evil Village will thoroughly enjoy.

Resident Evil Village, also known as Resident Evil 8, is the second game in the series to adopt a first-person perspective, following Resident Evil 7 in 2017. This shift proved to be exactly what the franchise required to regain its momentum. While Resident Evil 7 offered a compact and intimate horror experience, Village takes a more action-oriented approach and presents larger environments.

For those seeking more horror thrills once the credits roll, these games similar to Resident Evil Village are worth playing. They encompass a range of spine-tingling terror and action-oriented horror experiences. There is a distinct quality to the limited view and personal perspective of the first-person gameplay that truly enhances the horror in these titles.

Updated on October 12, 2023, by Jack Pierik: Perhaps you've exhausted all your options. You've completed a full playthrough of Resident Evil: Village, watched streamers and speedrunners conquer and master the game, and now you're in search of something akin to the classic Resident Evil experience. While the setting and world may vary, you'd be surprised at the similarities you can discover between Resident Evil: Village and other games. This list includes games with story-driven, first-person gameplay, mutated monsters, and a dark atmosphere, all of which are sure to provide some relief for that Resident Evil craving.

20 Metro Exodus

First-Person Horror Games To Play If You Like Resident Evil Village

  • Available on Xbox One, PS4/PS5, PC (Windows), and Xbox Series X|S.

Metro Exodus offers a highly comparable experience to Resident Evil: Village. It presents a story-driven, first-person gameplay where you combat various grotesque creatures and humanoids. However, there is one notable distinction: Resident Evil: Village does not unfold in a post-nuclear, icy wasteland like Metro Exodus.

The graphics are excellent, the story is captivating and immersive, the atmosphere is appropriately dark, and you must navigate through a mutated and monster-infested environment. With such a convergence of elements, this game is undoubtedly capable of satisfying that Resident Evil craving.

19 Alien Vs. Predator

First-Person Horror Games To Play If You Like Resident Evil

  • Available On Atari Jaguar and Atari Lynx

This first-person shooter was promoted as the primary reason to own the short-lived Atari Jaguar console. When it came to console first-person shooters, there was nothing quite like it. Similar to its sequels, Alien Vs. Predator presents three distinct gameplay styles. Each campaign allows you to assume the role of either a Space Marine, a Xenomorph, or a Predator.

The game creates an incredibly dark and eerie atmosphere, and the titular monsters remain terrifying, despite the primitive graphics. While Alien Isolation places you against a single Alien, this game challenges you to face an entire group of them.

18 Doom 3

First-Person Horror Games To Play If You Like Resident

  • Available on PC, PS1, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

More than ten years after the release of Doom 2, Doom 3 emerged seemingly out of nowhere, offering a notably slower and weightier experience compared to what most Doom fans were accustomed to.

Instead of the high-octane action, you find yourself spending a significant amount of time navigating through narrow corridors, constantly on guard for whatever may lurk around a corner or within a ventilation duct. This shift in gameplay divided fans, and the 2016 reboot of Doom returned to the series' fast-paced origins.

17 Soma

First-Person Horror Games To Play If You Like

  • Available on PC, Xbox, and PS4

Frictional Games developed this first-person survival horror experience. The name might sound familiar, as the same team was responsible for creating the Amnesia series.

While they both belong to the same genre, Soma has a stronger science-fiction element as it unfolds in a dilapidated underwater research facility. Although it may draw comparisons to BioShock due to the setting, Soma has a slower pace, and its horror stems from its eerie atmosphere.

16 Clive Barker's Undying

First-Person Horror Games To Play If You

  • Available on PC.

Clive Barker, a renowned writer and director famous for chilling narratives such as Hellraiser, has also lent his name to various video games, including Undying. While playing like a conventional shooter from its time, Undying is drenched in a horror aesthetic.

It exhibits a swifter tempo compared to titles such as Soma and Amnesia, yet falls slightly short of the velocity found in Quake or Doom. Despite its limited commercial success, this would not mark the final collaboration between the writer and the realm of video games. Clive Barker's Jericho was released in 2007.

15 Dead Island

First-Person Horror Games To Play If

  • Available on Xbox 360, PC (Windows), and PS3.

Playing this first-person horror game solo can be enjoyable, but the true attraction lies in joining an online campaign with friends. It evokes a sense of a more deliberate-paced Borderlands experience intertwined with the presence of zombies.

Initially, your encounters primarily involve engaging threats using melee weapons, gradually progressing to employing firearms. As you near the conclusion, you find yourself not only combating the undead but also contending with human adversaries. Despite the game belonging to previous gaming generations, engaging in online multiplayer sessions of Dead Island with friends continues to offer an immensely enjoyable experience.

14 System Shock 2

First-Person Horror Games To Play

  • Available on PC (Mac and Windows).

While the first System Shock holds a revered status as a classic, it is System Shock 2 that is often regarded as one of the most exceptional first-person horror games ever created. Its atmospheric science fiction backdrop, coupled with RPG elements, results in a truly distinctive and unparalleled gaming experience.

The developer Irrational Games would later create BioShock, and it is readily apparent that the DNA of that iconic 2006 shooter can be found within System Shock 2.

13 Phasmophobia

First-Person Horror Games To

  • Available on PC, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S.

This game stands out prominently from the other titles on the list. Phasmophobia is a cooperative atmospheric horror game in which you venture into a house to investigate supernatural phenomena. With each level you enter, the element of unpredictability prevails, leaving you uncertain of what to anticipate.

The dynamic gameplay of Phasmophobia renders it both endlessly enjoyable and truly terrifying. While the graphics may be modest, they contribute to the game's overall charm. Additionally, the ghosts possess the ability to comprehend player speech and react to specific words, further enhancing the immersive experience.

12 Layers Of Fear

First-Person Horror Games

  • Available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC (Windows, Linux, and Mac).

Bloober Team has achieved remarkable success in the horror genre with titles such as Observer and The Medium. The latter endeavor aimed to revive the classic gameplay style of survival horror from the PS1 era, evoking a reminiscent experience akin to older Silent Hill or Resident Evil titles.

It is fitting, therefore, that the studio's earlier titles belong to the realm of first-person horror, such as Layers of Fear and its subsequent installments. The initial release debuted in 2016, a year prior to Resident Evil 7. Similar to numerous survival horror games, Layers of Fear unfolds within a mansion, with advancement primarily achieved through puzzle-solving rather than combat.

11 The Forest

First-Person Horror

  • Available on PS4 and PC.

To an even greater extent than Dead Island and Dying Light, The Forest blends together first-person horror and survival elements. After surviving a plane crash, you find yourself on an island inhabited by peculiar mutants who have abducted your child. As you construct a shelter and delve into the island's enigma, your ultimate goal is to locate and rescue your son.

Cooperative play is also an option, yet The Forest successfully maintains its distinctiveness among other survival games. The presence of a day-and-night cycle is evident, but venturing out in the daytime does not diminish the game's inherent sense of terror.

10 Alien: Isolation


  • Available on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, PS3, and PC (Windows and Mac).

In contrast to numerous other games inspired by the Alien franchise, Alien: Isolation sets you against a single Xenomorph as the central focus of the campaign. While you encounter other adversaries, such as androids, the true standout aspect of the narrative revolves around the intense cat-and-mouse pursuit between you and the iconic creature.

The AI in Alien: Isolation exhibits an impressively dynamic nature, rendering the xenomorph an unpredictable and truly terrifying presence. The narrative unfolds by following the journey of Ellen Ripley's daughter after the events of the first Alien film, serving as a delightful treat for fans of the franchise.

9 Condemned: Criminal Origins

  • Available on Xbox 360 and PC.

This Xbox 360 launch title provided an excellent opportunity for new console owners to be immediately immersed in fear. The first-person gameplay primarily revolves around melee combat, with firearms playing a secondary role. However, it's important to note that ammunition for firearms is limited and cannot be replenished through reloading.

The narrative of the game centers around a police officer who embarks on a pursuit of a serial killer, while simultaneously being pursued himself for a crime he did not commit. Furthermore, a sequel was released within the same gaming generation, also making its way to the PS3 platform.

8 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

  • Available on Xbox One, PS4/PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S.

Resident Evil 6 disappointed many fans due to its excessively exaggerated action sequences and set pieces. In an effort to return the series to its origins, the seventh installment adopted a first-person perspective and introduced a fresh and inexperienced protagonist.

The strategic move paid off, and Resident Evil 7 emerged as one of the most fear-inducing games of its generation. Additionally, the entire game can be experienced in virtual reality (VR). We highly recommend playing Resident Evil 7 before delving into Resident Evil Village, but if you have yet to explore it, there is no harm in experiencing it for the first time afterward.

7 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

This survival horror game from 2011 may prove overwhelming for certain players. Rather than relying on combat mechanics, players must grapple with a sanity meter that gradually diminishes when exposed to darkness for extended periods. The key to replenishing the meter lies in locating and utilizing light sources.

Combat is nonexistent, leaving you with no choice but to flee or discover alternative methods to evade the lurking monsters. The absence of any substantial means of self-defense intensifies the sense of terror even further.

6 Shadow Tower

  • Available on PlayStation 1.

This particular game deviates slightly from the others. Shadow Tower, an early FromSoftware title for the PS1, follows a similar gameplay style to those acquainted with the King's Field series. Serving as the precursor to Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, it distinguishes itself by offering a first-person perspective for players.

Admittedly, even when considering the time of its development, Shadow Tower can feel somewhat clunky. However, keen observers can discern the atmospheric elements that would later influence the renowned Dark Souls games.

5 Devotion

  • Available on PC.

Devotion leans even more towards being a walking simulator compared to the other slower-paced games on this list. However, it is not entirely devoid of challenges, as there are still numerous puzzles to solve. Players navigate through a surreal sequence of rooms that symbolize various aspects of the protagonist's life.

The game became embroiled in a significant controversy when certain segments of the audience review-bombed it, claiming that it contained offensive content related to the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. As a result, the game was removed from marketplaces for two years. However, it made a comeback in March 2021 and received positive reviews.

4 Blair Witch

  • Available on Xbox One, PC, Oculus Quest, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

Blair Witch has not enjoyed the most remarkable history within the gaming industry. Particularly noteworthy is the release of a trilogy of survival horror games shortly after the release of the legendary film.

The 2018 game performed better, capturing the essence of a Blair Witch story to a greater extent. While some criticisms were directed towards the gameplay, the horror and atmosphere successfully lived up to the reputation of the franchise. The developer, Bloober Team, is renowned for their work on games such as Observer and Layers of Fear.

3 Outlast

  • Available on Xbox One, PS4, PC (Windows, Linux, and Mac), and Nintendo Switch.

Outlast was released early in the previous gaming generation and was even offered as a free game for PS4 owners through the PS Plus subscription within the console's initial year. What better way to experience the capabilities of your new system than to be thoroughly terrified?

It emulates the style of a found-footage film, where you are unable to attack and must instead find hiding spots to evade enemies. The inability to defend yourself against these adversaries intensifies the fear factor. The game received a sequel in 2017.

2 Dying Light

  • Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Dying Light is arguably the most action-packed game on this list, which is perfectly fine with us. It also offers the option to play with up to three other friends, providing an excellent opportunity for online cooperative gameplay. However, even with multiple players, the experience of being pursued by hordes of undead remains unsettling.

After completing Dying Light, you can dive into its sequel. The development of the title faced numerous challenges but was eventually released in 2022. Dying Light 2: Stay Human did not receive as favorable a reception as its predecessor, but it still provides enjoyment for gamers keen on cooperative play with friends.

1 Fear

  • Available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

This game strikes a balance between action and horror. Even over a decade since its release, few games can match its level of intense and dynamic gunfights, and the artificial intelligence (AI) is simply remarkable.

When you're not obliterating enemies with a shotgun, you find yourself being pursued by Alma, the enigmatic little girl who appears to be the cause of the game's conflict. The main criticism of the game revolves around the repetitive environment, but the exhilarating gameplay more than compensates for this flaw. While the game hasn't received a proper re-release, it is now accessible on Xbox Series X through backward compatibility.