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Here are some of the best horror games available on the Wii:

The Nintendo Wii, renowned for its family-friendly games, also featured a selection of survival horror games that utilized motion controls to provide...

Linda Carroll Sept 26, 2023
Here are some of the best horror games available on the Wii:

The Nintendo Wii, renowned for its family-friendly games, also featured a selection of survival horror games that utilized motion controls to provide immersive experiences.

Escape From Bug Island, Ju-On: The Grudge, and Obscure: The Aftermath stand as exemplars among the chilling horror games accessible on the Wii platform.

The Wii rendition of Manhunt 2 is widely regarded as an exceptional means to engage with the game, as the integration of motion controls enhances the horror and spine-tingling nature of the experience.

The Nintendo Wii garnered its primary recognition through its extensive collection of family-friendly games, employing motion controls to provide innovative and distinctive experiences. By offering a multitude of titles such as Wii Sports and Super Smash Bros., the console achieved remarkable success, appealing to both casual players and dedicated gaming enthusiasts alike.

Despite the Wii's widely recognized wholesome image, it also featured a select few somber survival horror games intended for more mature audiences. Each of these titles skillfully harnessed the console's motion controls to craft immersive and chilling adventures that stood apart from anything else available at the time. If you dare to test your courage, these Wii games are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine before you even have a chance to secure the wrist strap on your Wiimote.

Updated on September 26, 2023, by Kyle Chamaillard: The Nintendo Wii emerged as one of the most renowned consoles in history, captivating a vast audience with its expansive game library. While the Wii is often associated with family-friendly experiences, it is intriguing to note the notable presence of a considerable selection of hair-raising horror games, offering an alternative avenue for players seeking a spine-chilling thrill beyond the realm of defeating Bowser. In our endeavor to provide an enhanced compilation, we have expanded this list to encompass an even greater array of the finest horror games available on the Nintendo Wii.

11 Escape From Bug Island

Best Horror Games On The Wii

If you have a penchant for campy, B-tier movies such as Sharknado or Lavalantula, there's a high likelihood that you'll find enjoyment in Escape From Bug Island. Crafted exclusively for the Wii platform, this game necessitates the utilization of motion controls to combat colossal monsters while embarking on a quest to locate other survivors. The game's eerie ambiance effectively sets the stage, though enduring the gameplay is key to fully immersing oneself in the experience.

Escape From Bug Island conceals intriguing concepts and presents distinctive settings, appealing to those who seek a challenge that may not be the most polished but possesses a certain campy charm.

10 Ju-On: The Grudge

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Ju-On, widely recognized as The Grudge in Western countries, stands as an immensely popular horror franchise that reached its zenith in the early 2000s. In commemoration of the series' 10th anniversary, development commenced on a video game exclusively for the Wii, with the original creator of the franchise assuming the role of director.

Ju-On: The Grudge deviates from the conventional survival-horror game formula and leans more towards being a walking simulator. Engaging in combat with monsters is not a concern here; instead, the genuine fear stems from navigating through a sequence of haunted locales, where jump scares lurk around every corner. Notably, the game employs the motion controls of the Wiimote to detect your reactions, gauging whether you flinch or remain composed, thereby influencing your chances of successfully surviving each area.

9 Obscure: The Aftermath

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Obscure: The Aftermath serves as the sequel to a game released in 2004, continuing the narrative two years following the events of its predecessor. Though it is regrettable that the original Obscure is not accessible on the Wii, piecing together the story should not prove overly time-consuming. In this installment, a cohort of students finds themselves embroiled in a harrowing battle for survival against a horde of mutants, while also confronting a clandestine organization masquerading as a fraternity.

While the plot of Obscure: The Aftermath may follow a somewhat predictable trajectory, and the gameplay may not offer any groundbreaking innovations, there exists one compelling reason to consider this game over other survival horror titles on the Wii – the ability to engage in cooperative play with a friend. With a roster of six playable characters, each possessing distinct abilities, you can indulge in the enjoyment of experimenting with various character combinations and embark on the game's journey as a duo, adding an extra layer of fun to your gameplay experience.

8 Manhunt 2

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Despite the Wii's abundance of original games, it also became the recipient of numerous ports from unforeseen developers, such as Rockstar. After largely overlooking the GameCube throughout its lifespan, Rockstar took notice of the Wii's popularity and ensured that a significant portion of their game catalog was made available on the platform, including the contentious title, Manhunt 2.

Manhunt 2 appears to stand in stark contrast to the overall legacy of the Wii; however, numerous individuals regard the Nintendo console version as one of the optimal methods to engage with the game. While it may represent a somewhat tamer and more censored approach to experiencing this title, the incorporation of motion controls in the Wii iteration somehow amplifies the horror and spine-chilling nature of the gameplay, further intensifying the overall experience.

7 Calling

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An underappreciated aspect of the Wiimote was its built-in speaker, which would discreetly emit various noises or sounds to heighten the sense of immersion in a game. One of the most exemplary applications of this feature can be found in the Wii-exclusive title Calling, where you are required to hold the Wiimote up to your ear like a phone to hear eerie calls emanating from ghostly entities.

Only a handful of contemporary horror games can successfully replicate the dreadful sensation of a ghost's whisper echoing in your ear while simultaneous frightful occurrences unfold on the screen. Calling masterfully maintains an intense atmosphere that will keep you teetering on the edge of your seat as you traverse through forsaken hospitals and doll-infested residences. However, it must be noted that a few of its quick-time events may come across as somewhat contrived or gimmicky in nature.

6 The House Of The Dead: Overkill


The House of the Dead stands as one of the most beloved rail shooter franchises, yet it didn't make its debut on a home console until the release of this prequel on the Wii in 2009. Whether playing solo or with a companion, you will assume the roles of Special Agent G and Detective Isaac Washington as they embark on a mission to vanquish zombies and protect the world from the threat of a chemical substance known as Formula X in the Louisiana setting.

If you have a fondness for exploitation films such as Planet Terror or Machete, The House of the Dead: Overkill is an ideal selection for an amusingly eerie escapade. While it may be an exceptionally brief game, with the campaign taking approximately four hours to complete, each chapter is packed with startling moments, cheesy dialogue, and exaggerated action, enhancing its memorability and ensuring a fun-filled experience.

5 Cursed Mountain

Numerous horror games tend to unfold within familiar settings such as dilapidated hospitals or deserted towns, but Cursed Mountain takes the tension to new heights by immersing you in the treacherous world of the Himalayas for a harrowing adventure. Following the disappearance of his brother during an expedition, Eric Simmons takes on the daunting task of scaling a perilous mountain, aiming to uncover the means to break the curse that plagues the region.

The creators of Cursed Mountain dedicated significant time during the pre-production phase to researching Tibetan mythology and tales from the Himalayas. This extensive research aided them in crafting a distinctive form of survival horror, resulting in a largely impressive outcome. Even to this day, the game's setting and narrative continue to feel innovative and captivating. However, the implementation of motion controls to combat enemies often diminishes the tension that would otherwise be present in most situations.

4 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

The Silent Hill series has long been linked with Sony, but when the developers at Climax Studios first laid eyes on the Nintendo Wii, they recognized its potential to create a new game in the series that would defy all previous expectations. Although Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was eventually ported to the PSP and PS2, the original Wii version remains widely regarded as the definitive way to immerse oneself in the game's world.

Lead designer and writer Sam Barlow, who would later create the remarkable titles Her Story and Immortality, employs the Wii's motion controls in an enthralling and impactful manner. Every action you take, whether it's examining specific objects or responding to questions, is meticulously recorded in a Psych Profile that influences the narrative and even alters the appearance of enemies. As a result, each playthrough of Shattered Memories is bound to be slightly distinct from the previous ones, rendering it one of the most replayable games in the Silent Hill series.

3 Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil

The outstanding remake of the original Resident Evil eventually made its way to the Wii, alongside Resident Evil 0, as part of the Resident Evil Archives collection. This Wii port largely stays faithful to the GameCube version with minor alterations. However, the Resident Evil remake stands as one of the finest games in the series, and having an additional platform to experience it on makes revisiting the Spencer Mansion a more convenient option whenever the desire to return arises.

Surprisingly, the Wii port of Resident Evil does not offer any motion control options. This omission is probably for the best, as it would be challenging to envision how such controls would be implemented effectively. Moreover, including motion controls would likely detract from the game's charm and the horror experienced during Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield's initial journey.

2 Dead Space: Extraction

Similar to Silent Hill, you may not immediately associate the tense and gore-filled universe of Dead Space with a Nintendo console. However, the Wii ultimately emerged as one of the finest platforms for rail shooters, and Dead Space: Extraction is a enjoyable spin-off from the main series that successfully captures the horror and intense gameplay of its predecessors.

Dead Space: Extraction is set prior to the events of the original game and revolves around a group of survivors trying to escape a ship overrun by Necromorphs. Throughout ten chapters, you will assume the role of multiple characters and must utilize point-and-shoot mechanics to fend off approaching threats. If you are a fan of Dead Space's intricate lore and immersive world-building, Extraction is certainly worth exploring.

1 Resident Evil 4

It's easy to forget that Resident Evil 4 initially debuted as a GameCube exclusive before attaining worldwide popularity as one of the greatest games of all time. Since then, it has been ported to almost every conceivable gaming console and has even received a virtual reality remake. While Resident Evil 4 is available on numerous platforms, the Nintendo Wii version still stands out as one of the optimal ways to experience the game.

Resident Evil 4 fully harnesses the potential of the Wii's motion controls, enabling you to directly aim at the screen with your controller to defeat Ganados and other adversaries. This point-and-shoot functionality revitalizes the game's experience, even for those who have played it before. If you happen to possess a Wii Zapper, you can truly immerse yourself and embody the role of Leon Kennedy as he embarks on his mission to rescue the President's daughter.