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Here are some of the best weapon modifications in Remnant: From the Ashes 2:

Remnant 2 offers a plethora of weapon modifications for you to explore and enhance your builds. Some mods are more versatile, providing defensive or u...

Linda Carroll Aug 30, 2023
Here are some of the best weapon modifications in Remnant: From the Ashes 2:

Remnant 2 offers a plethora of weapon modifications for you to explore and enhance your builds. Some mods are more versatile, providing defensive or utility-focused abilities, while others effortlessly amplify your DPS, enhance your survivability, or offer helpful effects for crowd control.

In its current form, you have access to over 50 weapon modifications from which you can choose. While you will likely benefit from each selected weapon modification, due to the challenge of game balancing and player-influenced metas, there are inevitably some mods that present better choices. Continue reading to discover the top weapon modifications with the best value for your investment.

9 Energy Wall

Remnant 2 9 Best Weapon Mods

Energy Wall is a fantastic defensive weapon modification that may remind you of the Bubble Shield from Halo 3. All you need to do is aim at the ground and activate it to instantly erect a broad energy shield that lasts for 30 seconds and absorbs up to 500 damage.

The best part? You and your allies can shoot through the shield, while enemies cannot. This gives you the opportunity to target enemies or bosses when you would normally have to perform dodge rolls or seek cover. If you find yourself truly stuck against a particular boss, give this modification a try.

8 Song of Eafir

Remnant 2 9 Best Weapon

It's hard not to think of the word "overpowered" when using Song of Eafir. When you encounter a group of enemies, fire the blue projectile provided by this modification to create a zone that disorients enemies, inflicts damage to airborne foes, slows down targets, and reduces the damage of affected enemies by 15 percent.

The zone lasts for 15 seconds and the only drawback is the mod power requirement of 1,000. Considering the impressive crowd control effects and debuffs, the benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages. You can find this modification in Yaesha or craft it by bringing the right resources to Ava McCabe.

7 Blood Draw

Remnant 2 9 Best

By activating Blood Draw, you can strike up to five enemies within a 15-meter radius around you with unusually sharp chains. Enemies hit by the chains are pulled towards you, suffering 250 damage evenly distributed among the individual targets, and endure 275 bleeding damage over 15 seconds.

The mod power requirement is quite low at 450. The only thing you need to be aware of is that the weapon modification animation takes some time and momentarily immobilizes you. This can become problematic if you don't time things correctly.

6 Overflow

Remnant 2 9

Elemental damage is a great way to achieve high DPS (damage per second) early in the game. Overflow electrifies the ammunition you fire, increasing your rate of fire and reload speed by 15 percent. Additionally, the overload effect is applied to enemies hit, causing 35 shock damage every five seconds for a duration of 15 seconds.

For such a significant DPS boost, the drawback is that this modification has a power requirement of 1,250. Therefore, you need to strategically use this modification unless you have a lot of power generation available. You can find Overflow in N'Erud or craft it with Ava McCabe.

5 Hot Shot

Remnant 2

Instead of increasing reload speed or rate of fire, Hot Shot boosts your overall ranged damage by 15 percent for 20 seconds and causes burning on the enemies hit, dealing 200 fire damage over the next ten seconds.

If you want to have this modification, go to Ava McCabe. Once you're there, you can either buy the modification for 1,500 scrap or craft it if you happen to have a single Root Tangle in your possession. Given the low requirements, you can obtain this modification very early on.

4 Corrosive Rounds


If you're a big fan of critical hit chance builds, Corrosive Rounds will enhance your ammunition with the toxic effect, increasing your ranged critical hit chance by 15 percent for 20 seconds. Additionally, enemies will be inflicted with the Corroded effect, causing 100 damage over the next ten seconds.

Although the damage-over-time effect of this modification is not as good as Hot Shot, the increased critical hit chance gives a massive boost to your DPS, especially when combined with items that are related to critical hits, such as the Akari Warband or the Braided Thorns.

3 Firestorm

Apart from looking cool, Firestorm deals serious fire damage. Once deployed, enemies caught in this raging vortex will receive the burning effect for 10 seconds. And more importantly, targets at the center of the storm will suffer 75 fire damage per second.

The damage only gets better the more you upgrade the modification, so try to upgrade it as much as possible. At its maximum level, this modification deals 225 fire damage per second to enemies; such damage should be downright criminal. You can find the modification in Losomn or craft it with Ava McCabe.

2 Bore

Bore is a solid weapon modification that pairs well with builds focused on weak spot damage. Bore fires drilling projectiles that deal 80 damage upon contact and burrow into the target. Once fully embedded, an artificial weak spot is created, granting half the damage bonus of a regular weak spot.

If you're a true marksman and hit an existing weak spot of an enemy with this modification, your ranged critical hit chance will be increased by 15 percent for the next six seconds. You can find this modification in N'Erud or craft it with Ava McCabe.

1 Defrag

Defrag is a very interesting weapon modification that provides you with many possibilities but also requires a lot of situational decisions. By activating the modification, you infect your weapon with malware for the next 30 seconds, causing your ammunition to apply the Fragmented effect.

Fragmented enemies leave behind an anomaly on the ground upon death for the next 15 seconds. Picking up the anomaly increases damage dealt by 20 percent for 15 seconds. Alternatively, you can also shoot the anomaly to create a zone that deals 25 damage per second and applies Fragmented to enemies caught within it.

The only drawback is the enormous mod power requirement of 1,500. You can find Defrag in Root Earth or craft it with Ava McCabe.