Here are some of the top locations in Genshin Impact for farming Crystal Cores: | GAME3A

Here are some of the top locations in Genshin Impact for farming Crystal Cores:

Collecting Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact can be a time-consuming task, but it is essential for crafting Condensed Resin.The game provides a variet...

Gina Vivinetto Sept 27, 2023
Here are some of the top locations in Genshin Impact for farming Crystal Cores:

Collecting Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact can be a time-consuming task, but it is essential for crafting Condensed Resin.

The game provides a variety of locations where you can gather Crystal Cores, with some being easier to access while others pose more of a challenge.

To optimize the ease of collecting Crystal Cores, players are recommended to utilize specific teleport waypoints and include Sayu in their party.

For Genshin Impact players who regularly create Condensed Resin, collecting Crystal Cores can become a time-consuming task. However, not creating Condensed Resin would only exacerbate the daily resin farming, leaving players with limited alternatives. Thankfully, once players are aware of the locations to search, collecting Crystal Cores doesn't have to be as burdensome. Additionally, Genshin Impact has introduced the 'Crystalfly Trap' gear item, which aids in the Crystal Core collection process. However, it's important to note that the usage of this item is subject to a strict weekly limit.

The list below presents the top locations for collecting Crystal Cores, each offering a significant number of them with minimal effort required from players. Starting with the easiest and least demanding locations, the list progresses towards those with greater rewards but requiring a bit more effort. It is advisable for players to include the 4-star Anemo character Sayu in their party if possible, as she possesses a passive ability that prevents Crystalflies from getting scared away in her presence.

9 The Dendro Hypostasis Arena, Sumeru

Genshin Impact Top Crystal Core Farming Locations

Genshin Impact's version 3.2 update introduced the Dendro Hypostasis boss enemy to the game. To encounter this enemy, players need to teleport to the waypoint located south of Aaru Village and proceed into a nearby cave. Interestingly, for players in search of Crystal Cores, this same teleport waypoint provides an opportunity to obtain three cores with very little effort.

Genshin Impact Top Crystal Core Farming

To acquire the three Crystal Cores in this area, players should start by heading to the teleport waypoint mentioned earlier, located farthest south of Aaru Village in Sumeru. Just behind the direction the player faces upon teleporting, there will be a rock. Above this rock, three Dendro Crystalflies can be found flying. By sprinting through the Crystalflies while rapidly clicking the grab button, players should be able to easily collect all three Crystal Cores in this location.

8 Land of Lower Setekh, Sumeru

Genshin Impact Top Crystal Core

After grabbing the Crystal Cores near the Dendro Hypostasis, the next set of easily accessible cores is located nearby. Players should refer to the map and make their way to the teleport waypoint directly west of the previous waypoint. This particular waypoint does not have any significant landmarks nearby, so the simplest way to remember it is by its relation to the previous one.

Genshin Impact Top Crystal

As soon as players teleport to the waypoint, they will notice the presence of three Crystalflies, which are almost within reach. It's important to mention that if Sayu is not included in the party, these three Crystalflies will quickly scatter upon teleporting. Therefore, speed is crucial when collecting this batch. Similar to the previous set, simply running and continuously pressing the grab button should be sufficient to collect all three Crystal Cores.

7 Thalatta Submarine Canyon, Fontaine

Genshin Impact Top

The Fontaine region in Genshin Impact has introduced several new locations that make Crystal Core collection easier, and among them, the Thalatta Submarine Canyon stands out as the simplest and most rewarding. This location can be found northeast of the Court of Fontaine, situated directly in the center of the water at the top of the Genshin Impact 4.0 map.

Genshin Impact

Upon reaching the teleport waypoint situated in the middle of Thalatta Submarine Canyon, players should direct their attention downward and to their immediate right. They will immediately spot six Hydro Crystalflies swimming around a small cave. Players can swiftly swim towards them while continuously pressing the grab key to collect the Crystalflies. Furthermore, this cave also contains a substantial amount of Condensation Crystals to gather, along with the necessary power to collect them.

6 Pale Forgotten Glory Domain, Fontaine


Just across the water, to the south of Fontaine's main city, lies the local talent book domain called Pale Forgotten Glory. Players who have developed any characters introduced since the 4.0 update are probably already familiar with this domain. Teleporting to the domain and observing the surroundings will reveal the presence of three Hydro Crystalflies swimming near the entrance. Players can easily collect them by rapidly clicking the grab button while swimming towards them.

5 "A Lonely Place" in Fontaine

In the Beryl Region of Fontaine, players will come across an underground civilization belonging to the local Fontaine species known as the Melusine. This location is unlocked as part of the main world quest in Fontaine and becomes accessible relatively quickly. The teleport waypoint that will be particularly useful in the Crystal Core collection endeavor is the one leading to Merusea Village.

To initiate the Crystal Core hunt in this area, players should teleport to the Merusea Village teleport waypoint and quickly turn around. Just behind the teleport waypoint, there will be a circular purple portal. Interacting with it will transport players to "A Lonely Place." Once in the Lonely Place, players will come across several yellow plants that can be interacted with, and doing so may yield various valuable items.

Through testing, it has been observed that the yellow plants in this area can yield Crystalflies, low-rarity artifacts, and Mora. However, the drop of Crystalflies is particularly consistent, and exploring this area typically results in obtaining six or more Crystal Cores.

4 Windrise, Mondstadt

The Statue of the Seven situated in Windrise is one of the initial Statues of the Seven that players will encounter in Genshin Impact. This tree holds significance in Mondstadt's lore, and the main storyline of the game often brings players to this location quite frequently.

Luckily, there are approximately six Anemo Crystalflies that fly around this tree. However, it can sometimes be challenging to catch them all as they are at different heights.

3 Domain of Guyun, Liyue

Just off the coast of Liyue Harbor, there is the Guyun Stone Forest, which consists of a group of islands and is the location of Captain Beidou's ship. Within this area is the Domain of Guyun, which is an artifact domain where players can obtain the "Archaic Petra" and "Retracing Bolide" sets.

When teleporting to this domain, players will notice four Geo Crystalflies circling the vicinity, and by jumping off the nearby ledge, they can find another two. Collecting these Crystal Cores can be slightly challenging due to their different heights, and having Sayu in your party is highly recommended to successfully gather all of them.

2 Mt. Tianheng, Liyue

To the west of Liyue Harbor, there are two towering mountain peaks known as Mt. Tianheng. This area is an excellent spot for gathering weapon ores, and it is also home to a group of six Geo Crystalflies that can be found in a nearby cave.

Players who are looking for these Crystalflies should teleport to the Mt. Tianheng waypoint and find the group of Hilichurls located on the right side. Take note of the cave entrance slightly above them. Players can choose to either engage in combat with the Hilichurls or swiftly bypass them. However, it's important to keep in mind that the Hilichurls will continue to attack the player while they collect the Crystalflies inside the cave.

1 Dawn Winery, Mondstadt

The last location that players should visit for Crystal Core farming is Dawn Winery, along with the adjacent Statue of Seven on the map. Upon teleporting to this location, players will immediately find three Anemo Crystalflies. However, the main area of interest is Dawn Winery itself. Scattered throughout the grape fields of the winery are numerous Crystalflies, and simply running around the entire building will yield six Crystal Cores. Some Crystalflies can also be found on the winery's roof and around the nearby buildings.

Overall, this location requires the most time and effort compared to others on the list, but it also provides the highest number of Crystal Cores, totaling over 10. To maximize gains, players should first collect the Crystal Cores near the Statue of the Seven and then proceed to run through the fields of Dawn Winery, where they can easily grab the six Crystal Cores available there.

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